Average Price Of Single Wide Mobile Home

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Why Are Mobile Homes Less Expensive Than Traditional Homes

The Real cost of Remodeling a Single Wide Mobile Home

The average cost of a mobile home is much less than a traditional home, mainly because the mobile home construction costs a third less than a traditional home. The costs involved include:

Land or Plots

The cost of leasing, building, or buying land will depend on what state youre in and what the required size is. Having a plot in a mobile home park might be the most cost-effective option since most parks have a ready-made foundation and utility connections, but they may be limited in terms of customization, gardening, or privacy.


Luckily, most prices of mobile homes include free delivery. However, delivery inclusion is usually limited to a certain distance from the manufacturers factory, so you should ask your manufacturer whether there are any delivery fees.


When buying a home, potential home owners will have to pay a lot for extra rooms or bathrooms, as well as the overall architecture of a home. When you purchase a mobile home, the rooms and space are limited, but the structure can withstand a lot of weather and be transportable. Needless to say, a bigger and more modern design will cost more than a basic mobile home, but its still much cheaper than a traditional home.

Utility Hookups

If you have a private plot outside a mobile home park, contracting a professional to connect your utilities might run up your costs. Consider parking your mobile home in a park where utility hookups are included.


How To Finance A Mobile Home

For some obtaining a way to finance their new home is the only way to make the acquisition financially viable. While its not exactly easy to finance a traditional home, it can be even harder if its a mobile home. Even though mobile homes have made great leaps regarding quality and standards, especially thanks to the HUD code, the process of buying and financing hasnt changed much. It means that buying and selling a mobile home shares more similarities with buying and selling a car.

Factors that make it difficult to finance a mobile home

  • It is a single-wide.
  • Not owning the property the home is on.
  • The probability of the home being moved.

Although obtaining financing might be harder, its not impossible, and there are a few options available to you. For some types of financing, a mobile home will immediately be disqualified if it meets one of the points just mentioned. Lets look at the options so that you know what could apply to you.

Land And Community Costs:

When you purchase a mobile home, youve paid for the physical structure and, sometimes, covered the cost of moving and installation, but what isnt included in this price is the cost of renting or owning the land on which youll place it.

Your manufactured home will need a home site on which to rest, and youll need to factor in the cost of purchasing or leasing that land. If you can afford the upfront cost and land is relatively inexpensive where you live, purchasing a lot can be a good investment that saves you money in the long term, but leasing a lot is also a good option for many homebuyers.

If you want to purchase your own home site, costs will vary widely with local land values and regulations. The average cost of land in the U.S. is $3,020 per acre, but there is considerable variation among states. State and local zoning laws often establish certain areas where manufactured homes are allowed, and they may also establish a minimum lot size for a manufactured home, so be sure to familiarize yourself with these laws before buying land.

Leasing your lot is also an option, and if youll be placing your new home in a mobile home park, youll typically need to lease a lot . Youll pay a monthly lot rent, which can vary widely anywhere from $400-$800 per month depending on the region. Some landlords will roll utilities into the lot rent, so make sure to ask the property manager exactly what is included in the lot rent.

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Double Wide Mobile Home

This one is mostly used by families of average size. They come with pretty good room combinations. Usually, a double wide home has a width and length of 20-42 ft and 42-90 ft. That means youre getting a wide space of around 2000 square ft. Its much bigger than a single wide.

Unlike a single wide, which has one section, double wides have two sections before it gets assembled. Typically a double wide offers 3 bedrooms, 2 to 3 bathrooms, kitchens, dining room, living room, and a washing room. Double-wide homes in Georgia can cost anything from $75,000 up to $90,000.

New Home Price around $75,000

Used Home Price around $20,000 to $50,000

Florida Manufactured Homes: Are They Worth The Price

Single Wide Bestsellers

Mobile homes built after June 15, 1976, to meet updated federal building requirements are manufactured homes. They are manufactured in factories and put on trailer chassis to be moved. These houses are occasionally erected on mobile home parks or leased land. Alternatively, manufactured house owners can seat their structures on land they own or are under contract to purchase.

In terms of style and materials, current manufactured homes are unlike their ancestors. Although single- and double-wide trailers are still available, most modern builds feature expansive layouts, numerous sitting and bedroom areas, attics, porches, and other features. They’re also designed to far higher safety standards and guidelines than their predecessors.

Also, modern manufactured homes are constructed with more environmentally friendly materials, boast energy-efficient equipment, and might be equipped to be permanently anchored to foundations.

With the skyrocketing prices for traditional homes, many Americans consider manufactured homes an affordable entry point into homeownership.

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Single Wide Mobile Home

These are the most common kind of mobile home we often see. This kind of mobile home can house a small family. Single wides are also popular among young people. Since its the smallest version of the mobile home, it has less space and will cost much less than larger mobile homes.

Single Wide Mobile Home For Sale In Georgia

A single wides typical width and length are 10-16 ft and 42-90 ft. That means they offer space between 600-1300 square ft.

The most common models come with 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 1 living room, and a dine-in kitchen. Some of the bigger models may have 2 toilets. Since single wides offer less space, there is less room for customization. This type of mobile home is difficult to finance as well. A single-wide mobile home in Georgia can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $40,000.

New Home Price Around $40,000

Used Home Price Around $10,000 to $25,000

Financing A New Mobile Home

When buying a mobile home, there are more financing options available to buyers with less-

than-perfect credit than when you are looking for a traditional mortgage. Plus, since

manufactured homes come with a much smaller price tag than a site-built home, its usually

easier to secure financing since the loan will be for a lower amount than if you were applying

for a mortgage to buy a site-built home.

Do you need help getting financing for a new mobile home? Home Nation offers great

lending programs that can fit anyones needs, including FHA, USDA, and VA loans!

Mobile homes offer every benefit of a site-built house and more with their lower cost, highly

customizable designs, and the flexibility in choosing your location, a manufactured home

might be perfect for you.

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What Is A Tiny Home

A lot of people assume all prefab homes or motor homes are tiny homes. This isnt the case. A tiny home is simply a home that is under certain square footage. Mobile homes and prefab homes are usually considered small homes, not tiny homes.

Tiny homes come in two types. Tiny houses on wheels and tiny houses on foundations. So, tiny houses on foundations work like any other house while tiny houses on wheels work like a motorhome.

A Mobile Home Can Be A Great Low Cost Alternative To A Traditional House And In A Place Like Georgia You Cant Go Wrong With A Mobile Home So What Does It Cost To Buy A Mobile Home In Georgia In 2022

Palm Harbor Homes “Sunrise III” Florida 2022 Double Wide Manufactured Home Tour, Price Shown

More and more people are choosing mobile homes as their living space in recent times. According to a 2021 report by Manufacturing Housing Institute, about 22 million Americans lived in manufactured homes. And why not? They offer minimalist living at an affordable cost.

If youre thinking about getting a mobile home, its a big decision. You should study the recent cost and all the important factors before taking the next step. Because getting your mobile home at the right price and in good condition will affect your financial well-being.

Mobile homes these days come with spacious layouts, covered porches, and attics. All of them are substantially cheaper compared to their traditional counterpart, with the same features. The average cost of a traditional house in Georgia is around $311,832. While the average cost of a mobile home in Georgia is around $112,000. Which is lower than the average cost of mobile homes in other states of the U.S.

In this article, youll get the latest pricing idea for mobile homes in Georgia so that you can get your new mobile home at the best price.

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How Much Does A Mobile Home Cost

Have you ever dreamed of having a place by the beach or a house in the mountains? You can turn this into reality without breaking the bank if you opt to have a mobile home. Mobile homes, also known as manufactured houses, are considered to be cheaper alternatives to traditional houses. If you are considering owning one, knowinghow much does a mobile home cost is a good starting point.

Is It More Difficult To Purchase A Manufactured Home

Purchasing a factory-built house can sometimes be more complicated than purchasing a traditional house this is often the case when you need to work with contractors and city inspectors to ensure your home is up to standard.

Even though manufactured homes fulfill the same functions as stick-built homes, most only come with 30-year manufacturer warranties, making them tough to finance. Most lenders are accustomed to properties with no ‘shelf life’ or when they are constructed.

The credit score criteria for purchasing a manufactured home are often more significant than for purchasing a regular home. As a result, not every lender is willing to finance manufactured homes. Those who do may require buyers to meet more stringent qualifications. Also, when assessing a borrower’s DTI for loan approval, most lenders predict costlier interest rates and homeowners’ insurance premiums, leading to lower loan amounts.

Also, some lenders opt to finance double-wides or larger mobile houses only, thus leaving out buyers of smaller units.

If you’re looking for a manufactured house, look for outside HUD labels and an internal HUD plate. These documents confirm that the structure was built according to HUD specifications and offer its year, serial number, make, and all required for loan approval.

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Existing Manufactured Home Costs

Existing manufactured homes are listed online alongside single-family homes. Prices vary by size, model, and location, but in general manufactured homes are substantially more affordable than single-family homes.

Since there isn’t a national database for existing manufactured home sales, we analyzed over 450 recent home sales on Redfin to see how the existing manufactured and single-family prices homes compare. All properties had 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and less than 2 acres of land sales and were sold during the same time period in 2022 in the same area south of Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas.

On average, 3 bedroom/2 bathroom existing manufactured homes sold for $195,876 while comparable single-family homes sold for $307,166. Manufactured homes sold in this area were newer, came with more land, and sold for $111,290 less than single-family homes.

Existing manufactured homes vs single-family homes

23 22

Based on 350 single-family home and 111 existing manufactured home sales recorded on Redfin in the same search area in the six month period ending on June 7, 2022. All homes were 3 bed, 2 bath on less than 2 acres.

The good news is, all of the most popular home loan options work for manufactured homes, though the borrower criteria varies based on program:

Types Of Mobile Homes

Best wayne frier mobile homes albany ga

Knowing the cost of different types of mobile homes isnt very helpful if you dont know the size of each type. After all, most people dont know the difference between a single-wide and a double-wide by looking.

So check out this briefing of the three types of mobile homes so you can find out which one is right for your family. Shopping without keywords is difficult, so find out which one you want to look for.

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What Is A Motorhome

A motorhome is a recreational vehicle that is designed to transport families like a car but also designed to live in like a house. It doesnt have a foundation but rather can be placed on concrete pads anytime.

Motorhomes have built-in water and electric systems while mobile homes need to be hooked up to separate systems. They need a foundation to operate and arent nearly as mobile as motorhomes.

How Much Does It Cost To Move A Double

Moving a double-wide mobile home, on the other hand, will cost you between $10,000 and $13,000. However, this is just for a distance of 50 miles or less. If you spend more than that, you will incur extra charges. It takes two journeys or two cars to transport a double-wide since the home has to be dismantled before it can be moved.

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Property Taxes On Mobile Homes

Renting land or a lot for your mobile home does not give you full ownership or control of the land.

On a positive note, if you opt to rent a lot in a mobile home park, you dont own the property, which means you can avoid paying property taxes. That will be the responsibility of the individual who fully owns the land.

However, when renting a lot or deciding to move into a mobile home community, it is essential to understand that strict regulations may be in place.

While the regulations are typically only designed to benefit the tenant and the overall community, they are still something that specific individuals may not want to participate in.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire Mobile Home Movers

SINGLE WIDE MOBILE HOME FLIP! Pre-Renovation Walk Through of Our Newest Investment | LHR

Shorter routes are expected to cost less than $5,000, while larger journeys will be significantly more expensive.Mobile home movers charge between $2,000 and $5,000 on average to just relocate a trailer, while long distance transfers can cost anywhere from $13,000 to $25,000 on average.If you require setup, you could expect to pay more than the national average moving price of $7,000 at the very least.

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Considerations Before You Buy A Mobile Or Manufactured Home

  • Purchasing a mobile or manufactured home differs from buying a site-built home. The type of ownership is different too. A manufactured home is considered private property as opposed to the real estate classification of the traditionally built home. You will have a title, but not the deed.
  • You cant get a traditional mortgage. You can get financing, however, as described above, like conventional loans and loans through several government agencies.
  • Value depreciation vs. increase in value. Real estate is likely to increase in value over time, but manufactured homes typically depreciate in value like a lot of private property . This is good news if youre shopping for an inexpensive used manufactured home as you can get a good deal. And, if you already own one, as long as you maintain it well, its not likely to lose a lot of value. The smaller footprint can also mean less maintenance cost.
  • Home inspection is much simpler. While inspecting a traditionally built home can take several steps, dozens of hours, a lot of paperwork and the involvement of several inspectors, you can expect a much more simplified inspection. Typically, theyre inspected for any issues with the roof, the plumbing, the heat and the electricity.

Not All Mobile Home Parks Are Dreadful

Mobile home neighborhoods have a horrible image of being unappealing places to live. However, as previously said, many mobile home communities include amenities such as swimming pools, clubhouses, and basketball and tennis courts, among others. Some are even posher than traditional housing neighborhoods, allowing residents to enjoy serious luxury for far less.

For example, Paradise Cove Mobile Home Park allows its residents to enjoy the beautiful California beach without forking out $10 million for a traditional home.

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What Is A Mobile Home

Mobile homes are homes that can be moved when required to. They may be built at a separate location and simply assembled or delivered to their intended plot, which is usually done to reduce the prices of mobile homes.

There are different kinds of mobile homes that are often interchanged in conversation, but here are the basic differences:

Manufactured Homes

Manufactured homes are HUD-approved buildings that are prefabricated and constructed off-site. Theyre mobile only in the sense that theyre meant to be moved to the desired plot of the owner, not to travel in or be moved on a regular basis.

Buyers have the option to request a site-build home with materials of their choice as well, but it will cost a bit more.

Modular Homes

These are very similar to manufactured homes, with the key difference being theyre transported in sections and assembled on-site. This usually doesnt affect the mobile home price.

Mobile Homes

Mobile homes was the term used for trailer homes with wheels during the 1970s, much like high-end RVs. This is the most common term used when describing the manufactured homes of today.

Park Homes

This is another outdated term for RVs parked in mobile home parks that were mainly used as vacation homes. Many homeowners used to sell their real estate properties to purchase a parked home to travel from place to place.

DID YOU KNOW: The most popular types of mobile homes are manufactured homes.

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