Best 50 Amp Rv Surge Protector

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The Camco 55312 Circuit Analyzer

best 50 amp surge protector for rv 2022

The CAMCO 55312 Analyzer is the 30A surge protector I use for protecting my RV. You can find it on Amazon or at most RV part stores like Camping World. This protector can detect reverse polarity, open neutrals and many other wiring issues. It is rated to withstand surges up to 2100 Joules of energy.

The 3 LED indication is easy to read and understand without having to reference a manual. Best of all the dog bone style is easy to connect and fully waterproof making it safe for outdoor use.

Installing the surge protector is extremely easy. Its totally plug and play and can be connected in seconds. CAMCO is a well-known brand in RV surge protectors and the 55312 is the surge protector I see most around RV parks.

The CAMCO 55312 Analyzer typically sells in the $75 $100 range and is a great product for the price point. It is consistently ranked in the top RV surge protectors list of various websites. There is also a 50A surge protector and analyzer available for larger RVs

The 55312 Analyzer has worked flawlessly for me, the only drawback Ive found is its overall length. It can reach the ground from a short pedestal leaving your plugs in areas with pooling water.

The Surge Guard 35530 Hardwired Surge Protector

The 35530 surge protector mounts inside the electrical compartment of your camper or trailer. Being hardwired, its always working to protect your RV from power problems.

Together with the optional LCD display 40300-10, the 35530 is so simple to use youll probably forget its even there. On the other hand you may get obsessive about checking your voltage, current and power consumption on the well laid out digital display.

Both the Surge Guard 35530 and the Surge Guard 35550 surge protectors will function with or without the optional LCD display. However, you wont regret having an indication inside your RV when a power issue does arise.

Portable Vs Permanent Surge Protector

There are two main types of surge protectors available in the market. You can either find a portable one or a permanent protector, depending on your needs.

The permanent surge features a permanent installation in your RVââ¬â¢s compartment, usually around the wheel area. This means you cannot move it around. The best thing about this type is that it is safe from all the harsh environmental conditions, including weather not stolen easily.

Also, this protector always connected to power for as long as your RV is in use. Therefore, there are minimal chances that you may forget to plug it in to keep your electronic appliances safe. However, they are not easy to install and need a pro for this.

On the other hand, portable surge protectors are very easy to install as most of them just need you to plug and play. This is why they are very popular among RV owners.

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Surge Protector Vs Electrical Management System

There are several differences between a surge protector and an electrical management system . Generally, the most basic surge protectors can protect your RV from large spikes of electrical activity.

On the other hand, an electrical management system protects your RV from a wider variety of potentially harmful electrical issues .

If an electrical management system detects any issues that can potentially lead to more significant problems for your RV and the appliances inside, it immediately shuts off power.

While most people opt for RV surge protectors because of their lower prices, we highly recommend getting yourself both an RV surge protector and an electrical management system if you can afford it.

Doing so provides your RVs electrical system and appliances with complete protection from any possible electrical defaults that your RV might come across.

Permanent Rv Surge Protector

Progressive Industries EMS

Alternatively, you could get a permanent RV surge protector. A permanent or hardwired surge protector is directly and permanently hardwired into your RV.

It is usually installed underneath your rig, in the same compartment that you typically use to access your rigs power cord. When connecting it, you place it between the power base and your campers electronics.

Here are some of the pros of a permanent RV surge protector:

  • Optional digital display inside your RV to monitor your surge protector
  • No need to worry about rain or other harsh weather conditions
  • It cannot be stolen
  • Installation is once and done
  • Usually smaller than portable units

Some of the disadvantages with these types of RV surge protectors include:

  • You often need to hire a professional to install them
  • It is challenging to remove and keep them should you sell your RV

Despite such drawbacks, permanent RV surge protectors are easily the more durable and reliable option.

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Southwire 34950 Rv Surge Guard

Southwires 34950 RV Surge Guard is an excellent choice for a person who wants a portable RV surge protector. Itll do an adequate job making sure your electronic devices are protected from surges when connected to a power pedestal.

You can also expect this unit to protect against other faults like open ground, open neutral, low voltage, high voltage, reverse polarity, and others. Southwire did a great job accounting for almost everything when building this surge protector.

Its design features are rather intriguing, too, such as its bright LCD digital display. This ensures a user can read the necessary information clearly and without difficulty. Keeping track of your power situation has never been easier.

This product has a reputation for being easy to use as well. Multiple buyers stated they were delighted by the devices using process and felt it was much better than their prior models. This type of praise is always a relief to see for me, considering I tend to struggle with these tasks.

I was delighted to see this model has a 128-second reset time delay, which protects your AC compressor. This benefit becomes a massive relief as AC repairs should be avoided at all costs due to their extravagant price.

The products automatic power restoration was another nice touch. It gets rid of a potential hassle and makes the entire device more user-friendly. Southwire seems to really know what a rig owner would want when buying a surge protector for airstreams or motorhomes.

How Much Is Best 50 Amp Surge Protector For Rv

Best 50 Amp Surge Protector For Rv come in a variety of designs and pricing ranges. Its difficult to predict product costs nowadays.Because the price range is so wide, you don’t know how much something costs. For example, a pair of pants can range from $20 to $200 depending on where you buy them. Similarly, additional goods like as best 50 amp surge protector for rv.

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Why You Should Periodically Replace Your Rv Surge Protectors

Surge protectors work by absorbing excess voltage into a metal oxide varistor so your electronics dont take the hit. Since the protective MOVs job is to absorb additional energy instead of passing spikes of current to your valuable electronics, it absorbs electrical damage over time and once its done, theres no more protection provided for your electronics.

Max Surge Rating / Joules

Portable RV Surge Protector EMS PT30X1 30 & 50 Amp Review

Surge protectors should be rated for a max load. A Joule is a unit of energy, in the same way as a Calorie is.

In this case, most surge protectors will be listed in Joules as its the common unit of energy used for this measurement.

RV surge protectors can be rated for a wide range of max surge protections.

At a basic level, the higher the number of Joules a surge protector is rated for, the more energy it can handle without being overwhelmed.

If a surge protector is hit with an amount of energy greater than its max rating it may fail.

Commonly a max rating of 1,000 2,000 Joules may be found on a wide range of surge protectors for the home.

In RV surge protectors, ranges may go as high as 4,000 Joules or more in some cases.

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How To Choose The Best Rated 50 Amp Rv Surge Protector

Nowadays, most manufacturers ensure to include a LED display in their surge protectors to help with monitoring. They do this by cautioning and indicating to you if there are any dangers with your power system. They indicate all the issues that occur due to wiring faults beforehand.

Hence, your surge protector needs to have an easy to read, bright LED display for easy operation and monitoring. This will help you avoid any catastrophes. All the lights on the display have different meanings, so be sure to familiarize yourself with all that information.

  • Rating of Joules

Generally, joules determine how much surge suppression a surge protector can handle or how much it can protect your RV from electronic damages. If your surge protector has a high joules rating, then this means it will protect your RV together with its components more.

Moreover, in case overheating occurs, a higher joules rating will perform at maximum compared to that with a lower joules rating. Besides, if you always experience frequent power surges in your RV, then it goes without saying that you will need a surge protector that has a higher joule rating.

  • Ease of Installation

You should get a surge protector that does not undergo complicated steps and procedures for installation. If you are a DIY lover, you would want to settle for an easy tool to set up without needing help from a third party. For example, the plug n play design is the easiest to install.

  • Type of Appliances in your RV

Southwire Surge Guard 44380/44390

The 44280/44290 is a quality RV surge protector option if you are looking to protect your RV without having to break the bank.

This portable model from Southwire is a lightweight product that includes a rain-proof cover and weather-resistant housing, which allow it to withstand harsh weather conditions.

The device has been UL certified to meet third party durability and safety standards. It can monitor and protect your RV against various electrical problems, continually analyzing your power supplys quality and detecting potential issues before they cause costly damage. And the best part is that it has a very reasonable price tag.

Also, the Southwire Surge Guard 44280/44290 has indicator lights that alert you in the event of reverse ground, open ground, reverse polarity, open neutral, and open circuit issues.

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Technology Research 44750 Surge Guard

  • Suitable for many RV applications
  • Designed for outdoor use for its weatherproof components and construction
  • All-season surge guard
  • Ideal for pop-ups, campers, mobile homes and recreational vehicles
  • Protects against faulty power supply
  • No low voltage protection

The 44750surge guard is one of the most durable products in the same category. The model continues to impress users for its reliability and top performance. It can last for years and provide you with the best value for your investment.

The surge protector is also from one of the most trusted brands around when it comes to surge guards because of its high innovation and commitment.

They offer only the best products for RV owners looking to get a product that can work efficiently and correctly in providing their rigs with full protection from reverse polarity, open ground and open neutral.

When there are ground faults, it would be dangerous for our rig if we dont have a surge guard like the 44750. It has the ability of shutting off the power automatically when it detects any ground faults. That is a smart feature that should be one of the most important factors to consider when buying a surge guard for the RV or camper.

The Technology Research 44750 is ideal for recreational vehicles, pop-ups and campers. It is built to withstand changing weather conditions and adverse outdoor elements.

It is guaranteed to last long, providing you with RV protection to prevent damage to your appliances, devices and electronics.

Why Surge Protectors Matter

50 Amp Power Watchdog Bluetooth Smart RV Surge Protector

Surge protectors and, even better, EMS style devices arent necessary all the time.

In a perfect world with perfect wiring, perfect transformers on the power lines, zero storms, and mice that dont chew on wires an RV surge protector might not be necessary.

However, with many of todays RV campground operating on aging electrical utilities, power surges and power drops do happen.

Maybe the guy who used the power pedestal before you messed it up. Whatever the case, a surge protector can save you from blowing out wiring, starting a fire, or damaging appliances in your RV.

Because surge protectors are more sensitive and, in the case of EMS units, intelligent than the breakers at the pedestal they can save you precious milliseconds when the power jumps.

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How Do I Secure My Rv Surge Protector/guard

Most RV surge protectors/guards like the ones in this review will come with a security bracket you can use to lock the RV surge guard to something so no one walks away with it.

In this picture, you can see the lock is connected to the security bracket and then to a long cable I use to secure the RV surge protector to either the power pedestal or the RV.

Most of the time Im able to secure the lock directly to the pedestal without having to use the cable.

We dont stay in RV parks very often so I havent invested in a better chain but if we do start camping with hookups more Ill definitely get something beefier than the small wire cable shown in the picture above.

Hughes Power Watch Dog 50 Amp Surge Protector Pwd50

  • 4800 Joules Of Advanced Surge Protection
  • Wirelessly Monitor Voltage And Current Draw On Your Smartphone
  • Complete LED Park Power Diagnostics With Wireless Fault Alerts
  • Set Custom Alert Thresholds
  • Replaceable Surge Or Spike Unit â Should You Get Hit By A Large Spike

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Top Rv Surge Protector Brands

We understand that electricity issues are complicated, and when you do not want to spend too much time being overwhelmed with too much information, your safest bet is to grab the best RV surge protector by a major brand. In this case, the choice is easy, as these four brands below clearly stand out with well-rounded, thoughtfully designed products that are consistently mentioned in countless RV surge protector reviews.

Of course, which is the best RV surge protector for you depends on your specific electrical consumption and budget, however, in general, you can hardly go wrong with a highly rated model from Progressive Industries, Surge Guard, Camco and Southwire.

What Is The Progressive Industries Ssp

RV Surge Protector
  • PEACE OF MIND – UL Certified and Canadian Approved, Lifetime Warranty
  • SURGE PROTECTION – 5-Mode / 1650J / 45,000A. Ratings: 50A / 120V/240V / 12,000W. Operating Temperatures: minus 40C to…

The Progressive Industries SSP-50XL is a 50 amp surge protector. It provides five-mode protection to defend your RVs electrical system against a range of electrical issues. These include things like incorrect wiring of the power pedestal, power surges, and reversals in polarity.

This surge protector safeguards against power spikes up to 45,000A. It also includes three LED indicators to provide diagnostic information. The weather-resistant design and protective cover make it perfect for RVing.

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Trc Surge Guard 44260 30

If you want a long-lasting surge protection for RV, look no further than Trcs Surge Guard 44260 Entry Level Portable 30-Amp Surge Protector. This unit has earned a reputation for lasting a lot longer than most of its counterparts.

Its durability comes from the weather-resistant design, which makes it ideal for outdoor use. The unit wont have any issues dealing with any weather situation that comes its way. A buyer can rely on this device being a long-term investment rather than a short-term one.

I was shocked to read how well it performed in those circumstances within these RV surge protector 30-amp reviews. You can attribute these results to features, such as its 6500A max spike current and 2,100 joules suppression rating.

The 6500A max spike current ensures this unit can detect a fault within the power supply instantly. It will offer quick results that are ideal if it deals with potential issues when connecting to a campgrounds energy source.

Meanwhile, a 2,100 joules surge suppression rating ensures the unit can protect your RV and devices against power surge. Its a reliable and robust unit thats more than capable of meeting a rig owners needs when dealing with faulty electrical management systems.

Camco Analyzer 55312 Circuit Analyzer Dogbone

  • Provides electrical protection for our RV appliances and sensitive electronics
  • Comes with easy to read diagnostic LEDs
  • Up to 2000 joules surge protection
  • Easy plugging and unplugging with handles
  • Can indicate any wiring issue
  • Plastic components do not keep up well

The Camco surge protector is one of the best offerings from CAMCO because it is reliable and made of quality components. This Circuit Analyzer Dogbone is durable that it can deal with the changing outdoor conditions, too.

One of its unique features is that it can offer the RV electrical protection that we need. It can shield our electronics and appliances from damaging power surges, which is common when were in a camping ground. It can provide surge protection for our electronics that also include laptops, ovens and refrigerators. You can count on it when it comes to protecting your valuable investment.

It is also designed and built with easy to read and understand LEDs for diagnostics. The diagnostic LEDs can offer us with information about faults when were connecting an electrical cord to a power source or pedestal.

This model is also built for offering up to 2000 joules protection. You can also use it easier with the built-in handles that allow for easy plugging and unplugging.

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