Best Flooring For Mobile Home

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Engineered Hardwood And Tiles Care & Maintenance

100% Waterproof Hickory Flooring!! Mobile Home Bedroom Renovation: SMARTCORE Plank Flooring

You just need to sweep using a broom to remove dust and dirt with tile and engineered hardwood floor. However, for the case of spills, wipe using a nonabrasive cloth.

Avoid using a steam cleaner on wooden floors. Excessive heat and moisture can cause the wood to swell. Keep the window shades drawn as well to avoid wooden floors or tiles from fading due to sunlight exposure.

Remove The Trim And Floor Covering

The first step to replacing rotted flooring in a mobile home is to remove the trim and floor covering.

If its carpet you will need to remove the strips. Vinyl will usually need to be cut around the perimeter of the room and tile will need to be ripped up.

Leaks Need to Be Repaired Before Going to the Next Step

If a leak caused rotting or flooring warping and bowing you must find it and repair it before moving on to the next step.

With the floor covering removed you will be able to trace the leak better. Follow the damage. Most of the time it will be a window or roofing issue and the water is running down the wall.

Bad toilet rings and damages water supply lines are another common source of leaks in mobile homes. You can learn more about mobile home plumbing repair here.

What Are The Cheapest Ways To Redo A Mobile Home Floor

The floor space of any room significantly affects the overall look. Having a clean, new surface that harmonizes with the room’s furnishings is key. While a floor doesn’t have to cost a lot, it does need to add the right color or reflect light appropriately.

Changing all floor surfaces in a mobile home is a relatively quick way to give the home a nice makeover.

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What Type Of Flooring To Use In A Mobile Home

When installing hardwood floors in a mobile home you can choose from a variety options on the market. We looked at multiple options including vinyl planks and tile.

We ended up choosing to use 2 1/4 inch white oak hardwood flooring. I originally wanted wide plank boards but was advised that they may not last as long and may have more issues with buckling and warping over time.

The hardwood flooring that we used in our home is # 3-grade hardwood. They are cheaper than the #1 or #2 grade and I wanted the more rustic feel with the knots and holes showing.

Hiring Professional Flooring Installers

How to Choose the Best Flooring for your Modular Home

You can save a lot of time and headache by hiring a professional installer, especially for carpet and vinyl or linoleum. Ive seen commercials offering free installation if you spend a minimum amount or if you buy floor covering for so many rooms.

Carpet installation requires special tools. Without them, you cannot get the rug stretched adequately across the surface area.

Vinyl and linoleum installation are way more difficult to cut than you think .

Tiling installation in a bathroom, especially if you are tiling a shower or tub surround, should only be done by a pro. Having to replace your subflooring, walls, and studs because you didnt install tile correctly costs more than just hiring a professional from the get-go.

Im a huge advocate for DIY, but water and wiring are my two no-goes.

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Do It Yourself Option

As stated before, going with an expert to do flooring for you will save you both energy and time. However, going for a DIY installation might save you money. If you are not a seasoned vet, there are tutorials that you can follow online to achieve free installation. We recommend this option if youre operating on a tight budget.

Both vinyl and laminate flooring are the easiest options for DIY. You can install laminate floors using basic tools, and it is also easier to complete.

Something To Get You Started

If youre searching for a little more info about some of the flooring options out there, take a look at the list of articles below. First, though, check out the answer on to this question, What types of floors do you recommend for Mobile homes? Or give Ryan Denniss Top 4 Cheap Flooring Options for Mobile Homes a read.

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Installing Flooring In A Mobile Home

You have picked up the flooring option to your liking, and now its time to install it. Thats when you realize you have purchased the wrong type of flooring. Even though you can get any flooring of your choice if you hire a professional, a few materials are off-limit if you are doing it yourself.

Whichever lane you choose, here are a few things to keep in mind about installation â

Hiring Professional Flooring Installers

Although hiring a professional is expensive, it can save you a lot of time and effort, also make the installation last longer. Some stores even offer free installation for purchase over a certain amount. However, free installation does not include replacing the subfloor.

If you pick carpet, tiles, or vinyl and linoleum , hiring a professional would be the best way to go since they require special tools and expertise. For example, stretching a carpet or cutting the linoleum rolls is almost impossible without any construction experience. Installing tiles in the bathroom should always be done by a pro because otherwise, an improper installation might end up costing you more than hiring a professional in the first place.

Doing It Yourself

If you are on a budget and in no place to hire professionals, laminate floors or floating floors are ideal for you since they are comparatively easier to install. You can find laminate floors at most outlet stores for $19.99 for 21 square feet. Purchase for the entire area at once, including a 10% overage for a good match.

Installing Vinyl Tile In Manufactured Homes

How to repair a rotted mobile home floor Single Wide Mobile Home video 1

Different brands of luxury vinyl tile vary slightly on installation. In general, there are three approaches for DIY or expert installation:

  • Stone-like tiles are fitted with or without grout into various patterns.
  • Woodgrain planks adhere to the subfloor after you remove an adhesive strip on the back.
  • Locking tiles snap together without glue or adhesive.
  • Most installations are completed with just a few tools: chalk-line, rubber mallet, pencil, and a tape measure.

    According to product experts at Ferma Flooring, luxury vinyl flooring installation begins with underlayment:

    A protective or noise-reducing barrier, underlayment goes on top of the subfloor before the flooring material is installed. . . The type of underlayment used will vary depending on what type of flooring is being installed.

    Heres their list of acceptable subfloors from Ferma Flooring:

    • CDX Underlayment Grade Plywood
    • Underlayment grade particleboard
    • OSB
    • Concrete Slab

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    Removing Your Old Floor Covering

    You may or may not have to remove your homes flooring before you lay new flooring down. You can install floating laminate flooring right over carpeting. Some vinyl tile brands can be installed on top of sheet vinyl, too.

    If you have to replace or repair your manufactured homes subfloor you will need to remove the current floor covering.

    Removing carpet, linoleum, or vinyl sheet flooring from a factory-built home can be difficult.

    Manufactured homes are built from the ground up so carpeting and sheet flooring is laid down in a single sheet before walls are built. You cant just rip it out. Sheet flooring is often glued as well so you can expect a good wrestling match.

    You will have to cut the carpeting or vinyl around the perimeter of the room and dig out as much as you can from under the wall.

    Heres an image showing the carpet left under a cabinet in a manufactured home:

    How To Replace Subflooring In A Mobile Home

    You will probably need to replace subflooring in a mobile home eventually, especially if its an older home or you have encountered a leak. The subflooring is not your carpet or vinyl, were talking about the wood under that.

    In this article, you will learn the step-by-step process of replacing the subfloor in a mobile home. We have videos and images that will give you the visual information you need and, of course, in-depth descriptions and instructions on how to replace your subfloor.

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    Mistake : Ignoring Leveling

    A bumpy floor is a product of trying to install a new flooring option without leveling the subfloor. Changes in the height should never exceed 1.2 mm over 0.25 mm or 3 mm over 2 mm.

    There are two ways of leveling the surface:

  • either you do some radical changes on the subfloor or
  • simply pour a leveling material on top of the floor to achieve and even the surface without altering the subfloor.
  • The Selection Is Easy

    How To Select The Best Flooring For Your Mobile Home

    Basic Components has the products available to help deliver the look you want for flooring or other mobile home parts. Having been around since 1986, we offer mobile home flooring that comes in either vinyl composition or luxury vinyl tile and enhances the look of your home. Our adhesives, caulks and sealants also help for any flooring or roofing jobs or to address those mobile home parts. Contact us today at or fill out our online form.

    Contact BCI

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    Durability Of The Flooring

    Just like stick-built homes, manufactured homes also experience a lot of traffic. The last thing you want is to install a flooring that wears down almost immediately. For this reason, you need to focus on the durability of your flooring material. Here, we recommend tiles or stone as opposed to linoleum.

    Accord Ventilation Abfrwh410 Floor Register 4 X 10 White

    • Durable welded steel construction floor register for AC, heat & HVAC systems
    • Multi-angled rolled fins spread air evenly through your home
    • Listed product sizes refer to the duct opening measurements, not the floor register itself
    • Easy drop in floor vent installation no tools necessary
    • Opposed blade damper for easy air flow adjustment

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    What Is The Subfloor In A Mobile Home

    For many years, mobile homes have been constructed with sub-flooring made of particle board which is made from sawdust and glue that essentially acts like a sponge when it gets wet. Even the least amount of dampness causes bowing, warping, rot, and soft spots.

    Even in newer homes, where particle board wasnt used, flooring can become warped or softened due to a small leak or routine encounters with water.

    Most newer homes now use a higher grade plywood or OSB because it can withstand water better. Still, if you have a soft spot or bowing in any area its best to replace the subflooring in a mobile home quickly before it causes further damage.

    Hopefully, this article will give you enough information to replace flooring in a mobile home yourself.

    Of course, if you have any questions feel free to add them in the comments and Ill do my best to help.

    Flooring Choices For Mobile Home

    EXTREME Durability Test: SMARTCORE Flooring – Mobile Home Remodel #28
  • Nancy Gramm on Dec 01, 2015One of my favorite floors was a black and white vinyl we put in the kitchen of a lake house we owned. Wanting the look of an old diner, we used Armstrong commercial vinyl in a checkerboard design, though I’ve seen the squares laid in many interesting ways. At less than $1 per square foot , it was an inexpensive choice, especially with the hub laying the floor. In the same house, we also used slate-look ceramic tiles in the entry, which I also liked, but for low cost and ease of installation, the vinyl wins hands down. Good luck to you. I think you’re headed in a good direction.
  • Johnchip on Dec 01, 2015@Nancy Gramm I did that in a kitchen and thankfully laid it out first. Took it up immediately as it looked harsh, made the room seem smaller and dictated the entire color scheme of the room and accessories, Went and refinished he old wood with a nice pattern soft color stains, looked great and cost only the rental equipment and some stains and sealer.
  • Destinys Digitals on Jul 31, 2022

    I’m thinking about using those tiles but using a floor paint and stenciling them and sealing them with a polycrylic.. I don’t like cookie cutter anything.. need to add my personal touch to everything in our home.

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    Carpet Care & Maintenance

    Expect your new carpets to start accumulating dirt over time. You should, therefore, vacuum them at least once per week. Be careful with vacuuming since too much of it can damage the carpet tiles.

    Clean the carpet daily if you have pets, kids, or many guests in your mobile home. Keep in mind that you might be forced to move some furniture while cleaning the carpet.

    Installing Hardwood Floors In A Mobile Home

    Installing hardwood floors in a mobile home is one of the best flooring options for manufactured homes. There are multiple options for mobile home flooring but I love the look and feel of hardwood to create a rustic farmhouse feel.

    There are often a lot of questions about what type of flooring you can lay in a mobile home. We wanted to upgrade our home and after talking with a hardwood flooring company, we chose to install hardwood floors in our home.

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    Identify Your Likes And Dislikes

    What is the single best floor for a mobile home? Of course, this is a tricky question, and we wont be able to give you a simple answer.

    First off, consider that best is subjective. Suppose you think that the best floor ever is the one thats easiest to clean. On the other hand, somebody elses idea of an ideal floor is one that looks like real tile but doesnt freeze their feet on cold mornings. Thus, your own priorities and preferences will inform what you think is the best kind of floor for your home.

    The Real Truth About Mobile Homes And Flooring

    How To Replace Subflooring In A Mobile Home

    Flooring is the foundation of good interior design and protection from water and weather. Its also one of the quickest ways to update your home . And while you absolutely can install tile in a mobile or manufactured home, there are a few things you need to know when it comes to choosing flooring options for mobile homes.

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    Mistake : Never Acclimating Your Wood Flooring

    If you have ever installed hardwood flooring only to notice a series of wells and shrinks within months of installation you probably already did this mistake.

    To acclimate your wood is to lay the planks in the room so that they can adjust to the environment before installation.

    The recommended acclimation period is two weeks.

    How To Choose The Right Flooring For A Mobile Home

    May 13, 2021 | 4min read | BuildDirect

    TAGS Flooring

    Are you interested in finding the right flooring for a mobile home? Youve come to the right place. When it comes to mobile home flooring, theres no need to think small or simple. Give those floors the time and attention they deserve.

    Here are some tips for choosing the best flooring for a mobile home:

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    Measure Your Subfloor Thickness

    Next, you will need to measure your subfloor. Most subfloors are either 3/4 or 5/8 thick.

    You will use the measurement to set your circular saw to the proper height. One of the most tedious parts of replacing subflooring in mobile homes is the removal of the original sub-flooring.

    After you set your saw you will carefully cut only the subfloor. Use caution so you dont cut a joist. Heres a video showing how to use a circular saw to cut out subflooring in a mobile home:

    Choosing The Best Mobile Home Flooring For You

    mobile home vinyl plank flooring part 1

    One of the most integral aspects of any mobile home deals with the particular flooring thats selected for a residence. Different needs and preferences will factor in that ultimate mobile home flooring choice, so its wise to make sure that the available options are considered during the decision-making process.

    Whether undertaking the work of flooring on your own or using a professional to handle the job, having the proper items for any mobile home parts to perform the work is vital. At the very least, it ensures that the right steps are taken, which can help extend the lifespan of your flooring.

    Below are the choices at your disposal when it comes to mobile home flooring:

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    Should You Choose Linoleum Or Vinyl

    Vinyl has lower maintenance than linoleum and is great for the do-it-yourself crowd because its easy to install. Vinyl flooring is also more budget-friendly than linoleum but it has a shorter lifespan. Linoleum can last 20-40 years while vinyl tends to have a 10-20 year lifespan.

    Linoleum has many benefits but you must apply a sealant over it to give it a full water resistance. Vinyl doesnt need any additional sealants.

    The water resistance and cost makes vinyl tile an ideal material for mobile home flooring.

    In addition to better vinyl, theres been a good deal of advancement in the adhesives industry. Glues are stronger and last longer than ever. Together, the advancements in vinyl and adhesives have created a vinyl tile that is easy to install, long-lasting, and durable. Keep in mind, you cannot compare the box of tile at your local dollar store to the more expensive vinyl tile at your flooring center. Flooring tends to be a get what you pay for product.

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