Best Toilet Paper For Rv

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It Pays To Keep Your Rv Toilet Happy

RV Toilet Paper – Which One Is The Best? Do I need treatment too?

We have already covered the basic RV septic supplies that every camper should have on hand. If youre like most of us, the day that you purchased your camper was so incredibly exciting. We had upgraded from a very basic pop-up camper to a lightweight travel trailer. And the single feature that I was most excited about that our pop-up lacked? A BATHROOM!! The thought of never having to trek to another campground bathroom in the dark of night was downright thrilling.

For many reasons, the addition of a toilet and shower was beyond exciting.

Adding the bathroom to your camper, however, can most definitely also bring with it a whole new array of potential issues that could arise on the road. We all know how temperamental a house septic system can be. Well, an RV septic system is even more delicate.

With a little routine maintenance and using rv-specific supplies, you can keep your camper bathroom in tip-top shape!

Magnetic Toilet Paper Holder

Magnets are used to attach this type of holder to the wall. You may also be able to use these holders if you cannot drill into the wall. Depending on your toilet paper sizes, these holders may not hold as well as adhesive holders.

Make sure the wall is clean and free of debris before attaching a magnetic holder. Before attaching the magnets to the wall, ensure the magnets are positioned correctly.

Scott Rapid Dissolve Bath Tissue

Im pleased that I tried this Scott RV toilet paper when someone recommended it to me because it has impressed me with all its qualities. For starters, this bath tissue breaks down well in the black tank to prevent clogs. Out of all the tissue papers Ive used, I think Scott is the fastest dissolving toilet paper for RV use.

Its quite surprising that this Scott rapid dissolving bath tissue shows a good strength with its one-ply construction. Every roll comes with 231 sheets, so one roll goes a long way. For a single package, it offers four rolls to last for about a week or so.

This Scott RV toilet tissue seems to have a better quality than most Walmart RV toilet paper brands out there. It feels soft on the bum, and I never had any irritations. Best of all, the paper is very absorbent, making me use less to get cleaned.

Im happy that the Scott rapid dissolving toilet paper is sourced from sustainable forests, so I dont have to worry about creating any negative environmental impact. This camper safe toilet paper is unscented, making it more ideal for my sensitivity. Besides being safe for the septic system, Scott is also safe for the sewers.

  • Cost more dollars than regular toilet papers
  • A bit smaller than typical bathroom tissue rolls

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Types Of Rv Toilet Paper

There are different types of RV Toilet Papers on the market, and each has its benefits and drawbacks. Here is a breakdown of the most common types.


This is the standard, tried-and-true toilet paper that has been around for centuries. It is made from trees, so its biodegradable and environmentally friendly. This type of RV Toilet Paper is soft and gentle on your skin. However, it can be a bit rough on the bottom if you use too much or if youre not used to it.

Another downside to this type of RV Toilet Paper is that it can be expensive, especially if you buy the good stuff. The classic toilet paper is packed in rolls, so youll have to take a lot with you if youre going on a long trip. To use the toilet paper in rolls, youll need a dispenser.


This type of RV Toilet Paper is made from bamboo, which is a sustainable resource. It is also biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

The RV Toilet Paper made of bamboo is also soft and gentle, but it doesnt disintegrate as quickly as the classic type. However, bamboo toilet paper can be rough on your bottom because it is not as soft as other types of paper. It is also more expensive than classic toilet paper. Bamboo is sold in sheets, so you wont have to take a lot with you on your trip. You dont need a dispenser to use it .

Unbleached or Brown RV Toilet Paper

Faqs About Rv Toilet Papers

Top 10 Best RV Toilet Paper

How to dissolve toilet paper in RV?

Usually, toilet papers would break down by themselves over time but in some cases, you need to use certain aids. Vinegar should be adequate to tackle clogging caused by toilet papers and septic-rated chemical solutions for RV exist too.

Where to buy RV toilet paper?

You could purchase toilet papers for RV use in a lot of locations and since online retailers also distribute them, you dont even have to move your rig just to pick up some packs. Still, if you opt to order your toilet papers online then stick to reputable names such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart,

What is a biodegradable toilet paper?

To put it plainly, if a paper is labeled as biodegradable, its made from eco-conscious materials and possesses a relatively high dissolve rate. If you care about the environment and like to prevent clogging, you should use biodegradable toilet papers on the road.

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What Makes Rv Toilet Paper Special

If you’ve ever used commercial toilet paper in a public restroom, you know what RV toilet paper is like.

Toilet paper for RV use is going to be a rapid-dissolving brand, it’s going to be super thin, and it feels like one-ply, even if it’s not.

You’ll likely need to use more of it to avoid skin-to-skin contact when it’s not wanted .

It’s also likely to be more expensive than the regular stuff.

But it’s heralded to be quick-dissolving, so there is the promise that you won’t get a clog if you use it.

That’s fine and all.

But there are other ways to avoid a clog while still enjoying the comfort of other types of toilet papers. The good kinds!

Camco Toilet Tissue For Rv Bathroom 4 Rolls White

It also resists clogging, meaning you wont have to worry about anything slowing you down on your next road trip. Plus, it features ultra-soft paper thats embossed with beautiful flowers perfect for bringing a touch of nature into your bathroom.Best of all, this tissue dissolves quickly and easily in blackwater tanks, so theres no need to worry about any messy cleanup. Give your RV the luxury it deserves with Camcos Toilet Tissue for RV Bathroom.


  • designed for trailer, motorhome, and marine sanitation systems
  • contains no dyes or perfumes
  • fast dissolving
  • easily breaks down in a blackwater tank
  • ultra-soft paper

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The 10 Best Rv Toilet Papers In 2022

by Peter Wade is reader supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

RVers could indeed use an assortment of household products on recreational vehicles but some may cause annoying issues and toilet paper is a prime example. If you use toilet papers designed for residential applications in your rig, the odds of your toilet getting clogged would likely increase by several times. Hence, in the case that you want to answer the call of nature in comfort and keep your plumbing clear while traveling, its important that you stock up on purpose-design RV toilet papers.

Feeling overwhelmed by the number of toilet papers for RV on the market and cannot decide which one to get? Then by taking a good look at this article, you would be able to grab the best RV toilet paper.


Softest Rv Toilet Tissue

Can I Use Regular Toilet Paper in My RV?

Aside from being quick to dissolve, you also have to make sure that your chosen tissue paper is soft and gentle on your skin. It should pass the RV toilet paper test in terms of softness. You would not want to use a rough and textured toilet paper, especially when you are on the road as it can only cause inconvenience.

Fortunately, we have also compiled some of RV toilet paper options in terms of softness. Some of them are the following:

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How To Use The Rv Toilet

The RV toilets are mostly of the manual type. The user has to pull a lever to release the water and flush the waste away. There are variations of this type, but that is the basic idea.

Some RV toilets have an electric pump which works automatically when you press a button. This is more like what you would find in a home bathroom. Again, there are variations, but that is the general idea.

The way the toilet works is that you put the waste into the bowl, add water if needed, and then use the lever to release the water and flush it away. The electric pump type usually has a sensor that detects when there is waste in the bowl and will automatically release the water.

There are also composting toilets for RV. These work by having a small container inside of them that collects the solid waste. When it is full, you take it out and dump it into a compost pile.

The most important thing to remember is that you should never put anything other than human waste and toilet paper in the RV toilet. If you do, it will likely cause a blockage and require expensive repairs.

When using the RV toilet, always make sure the black water tank is closed. If its not closed, wastewater will flow out of the tank and onto the ground. Before you sit down on the seat, put some toilet paper on top of it to avoid getting wet. Then, do your business as usual. When youre finished, use more toilet paper to wipe yourself off before standing up. Make sure to flush afterwards !

Seventh Generation White Toilet Paper

Best Recycled Septic-Safe Toilet Paper

This Seventh Generation toilet paper comes from 100 percent recycled paper with a minimum of 50 percent post-consumer recycled paper, which is great for the planet and your eco-friendly ideals. This paper is ideal for slow flow toilets like the ones in RVs and boats.

It is a 2-ply tissue, designed to be soft and strong. And best of all, the wrapper is recyclable as is the delivery box it comes in. This is truly a green product. The whiteness is achieved without any chemicals or bleach, and it contains zero dyes and fragrances.

As the company claims, If every household in the U.S. replaced one 24-pack of 240-sheet virgin fiber toilet paper with this product, we could help save over 4,900,000 trees.


  • Ideal for boats and campers.
  • Contains no chemicals or dyes.
  • Dissolves quickly.

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Choose Your Rv Tp Wisely

Like picking suitable quality fuel for your motorhome, selecting the best RV toilet paper can either make or break your camping trip. With the wrong selection of paper, you wont be going anywhere! And emptying your tank could be a nightmare. Choose wisely, and youll have a much more enjoyable RV journey.

Even with the best toilet paper, RV toilet clogs happen occasionally. Learn how to solve the problem here:RV Nightmare: How to Unclog RV Toilet

Why You Should Trust Us

Best RV Toilet Paper of 2021 â Read Before Flushing!

You should trust our team because we are real and full time RVers that always go caravanning and camping in our recreational vehicles. Our reviewers are also consumers themselves, so they are firsthand users of these RV toilet papers. That said we are real users of recreational vehicle grade tissue papers.

Our team is also composed of seasoned reviewers of recreational vehicle gears and products that our readers can trust and rely on when choosing us when shopping around for RV and marine products.

We also have considered the top factors to check on when choosing an RV toilet paper. Some of those include the biodegradability, safety for septic tanks and safety on the skin. These are some of the things to look for when choosing the right toilet paper for our recreational vehicle.

With us, you can be sure that we have carefully picked and reviewed the best products in the category so that you can make a wiser decision especially when looking to buy in bulk.

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Thetford Rv/ Marine Toilet Tissue

Another Thetford product on our list, the Thetford RV/Marine Toilet Tissue, isnt a product many RV owners end up regretting buying. It has everything you could want an RV toilet paper to have, and it comes at a low price.

For instance, this toilet paper was able to dissolve fast enough that it passed the toilet paper shake test: you put a ply into a jug of water and see how long it takes for the piece of toilet paper to dissolve.

If it takes 2 to 3 minutes, the product is considered septic tank safe, and thats precisely what this product from Thetford was able to accomplish. With this in mind, you can safely use this in your RV and not have to worry about clogs forming.

Aside from being septic tank safe, this toilet papers also considered extremely durable and soft on the skin. Both of these qualities are a must in any top-notch RV toilet paper. A product without them will for sure get on your nerves, and youll be looking to buy a different one very soon.

The number of sheets per roll isnt too shabby either as 350 sheets is a respectable number thatll make one roll last a long time. And since it can be used in many different applications, youll never run out reasons for having this toilet paper around.

Valterra Q23630 Softness 2

Coming in a four pack, the Valterra q23630 Softness 2-Ply Toilet Tissue is one of the most comfortable products on this list. In fact, its overall softness was constantly praised throughout the customer reviews to the point that people were calling it unmatched.

This level of softness will ensure you dont feel any discomfort while using this toilet paper and given the various almost sandpapery toilet papers out there this products top-tier softness is a welcomed addition and makes it a must-consider for RV owners.

Other than its top-tier level of softness, this particular item has also been certified as both septic tank and RV safe therefore, it wont cause any clogging issues like so many other models tend to do in this marketplace.

In doing so, it has an efficient dissolve rate which wont leave any toilet paper residue in your RVs plumbing system. This feature has been proven through numerous test done by the manufacturer and the customer reviews that praise this quality.

And its not just a strictly RV toilet paper you can easily use for many other purposes such as on your boat or wiping up spills when you in are in a bind. Honestly, this product is one of the most versatile toilet papers on the market today.

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Grentay Rvtp Rv Toilet Paper

The Grentay RVTP stands out from its competitors by being a comfortable, biodegradable toilet paper. Buyers wont often see those two descriptors describing a camper bathroom tissue, as most eco-friendly options are rough.

However, this product manages to beat the stereotype. Its one of the softest RV toilet paper products available for campers. I couldnt believe its gentleness compared to other biodegradable options Ive used previously.

I was also pleased by the versatility of this RV friendly toilet paper. It has proven to be an acceptable choice in various settings, including campers and boats. Therefore, I should have no trouble finding multiple uses for this product in my life.

The versatility only increases when considering its ability to fit most bath tissue dispensers. Its another reason why this product has become a favorite among many communities. Honestly, its challenging to find a buyer whos displeased with its overall performance.

Buyers dont have to worry about additives with this option. Grentay was smart enough to avoid using perfumes, bleach, or dyes when crafting it. So anyone with severe allergies isnt concerned about this toilet paper causing issues.

This toilet paper offers rather impressive durability, as well. Its 4-ply construction wont tear easily during use and still provides a reasonable dissolve rate for RV plumbing systems. Its an ideal balance for what any rig owner wants in RV toilet paper to use in their campers.

Is It Ok To Use Regular Toilet Paper In An Rv

RV Toilet Paper Challenge: comparing 11 brands

Categories RV

For every RV owner, one common question that tends to pop up is whether it is OK to use regular toilet paper in an RV or not. I tried to find an answer to it by conducting some experiments myself and seeing what RV veterans have to say on the topic.

So, is it OK to use regular toilet paper in an RV?

Yes, its OK to use regular toilet paper in an RV as long as you stick to specific brands and their products that are known to dissolve quickly. Specifically, look for the Bio-degradable and Septic Safe labels.

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Is Camco Rv Toilet Paper Worth It

While Camco makes a terrific RV toilet paper that does a great job, youll be flushing money down the toilet. Several cheaper options are more readily available, like Charmin Soft. You can easily find this at your local big-box retailer, which will most likely have an ample supply.

If youre anything like us, youd rather spend your money on other RV items or adventures. As long as you test your toilet paper to make sure its safe, dont waste money for a label stamped on the packaging.

Camcos RV Toilet Paper does a great job but comes with a premium price. Would you pay a higher price for toilet paper? Or do you prefer to use toilet paper thats cheaper?

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