Class C Rv Insurance Cost

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What Is The Cost Of Motorhome Insurance

RV Buying Guide: RV Insurance

Motorhome insurance rates vary based on several factors, including the class of the motorhome youre insuring. For example, campervan insurance cost is less than insurance for a Class A diesel pusher.

Youll also pay less to insure a motorhome youll be using for the summer months at campgrounds in your home state than you will for a motorhome youll be living and traveling in full time.

As with auto insurance, your age and driving record will factor in, as will the options you choose to add to your coverage.

But heres the surprise: in most cases, youll pay less for motorhome insurance than you will for regular auto insurance. Again, this is dependent on the coverage you choose, how youll use the rig, and the motorhome youre insuring as well as a few other factors. But many people think that motorhome insurance costs are likely to be astronomical, and thats generally not the case.

According to the National Automobile Dealers Association , the average insurance premium for a gas-powered Class A motorhome is around $1,000-$1,300 annually, based on 140 days of use per year. However, for a Class A diesel pusher , depending on age/value, options, and frequency of use can cost $2,000 or more annually.

Class A diesel pushers are among the most expensive RVs to buy and to insure.

Class B RVs, also known as camper vans, are generally the least expensive motorhomes to insure.

How Much Is Rv Insurance

An RV is an investment. Whether used part-time or full-time, the same principles that apply to insure your permanent home and passenger vehicle apply to an RV insurance policy.

Choosing the right insurance to cover your home on wheels from theft, damage, and contents protection requires careful consideration.

Common Types Of Rv Insurance

Common types of insurance you could purchase for your Class C motorhome include the following. There are other insurance categories like medical and umbrella coverage which might be worth discussing with your insurance agent, but these are the most common.

Class C RV set up in a campsite. Photo by P. Dent

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Where Can I Get Motorhome Coverage

Not all insurance companies offer recreational vehicle insurance or cover them in the same way. Its best to contact your isure broker to discuss how owning a recreational vehicle might affect your insurance. Be sure to ask if recreational vehicles are covered under a standalone policy or can be added to or bundled with your existing insurance policy.

How Much Does Class C Motorhome Insurance Cost

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With Progressive, your class C motorhome insurance can cost as little as $125 per year.* When you get an insurance quote for your cabover motorhome, you’ll automatically be given every discount you qualify for. For example, you’ll get a discount if you have more than one policy with us, as well as being the original owner of your RV. Take a look at the full list of RV insurance discounts you could be eligible for.

Learn more about the average cost of RV insurance.

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Type Age And Condition

Motorhomes are generally more expensive to insure than travel trailers. Unlike travel trailers that are “pulled” by another vehicle, motorhomes are driven and therefor require liability coverage. Additionally, state-of-the art motorhomes will usually cost more to replace than most trailers, pop-up campers, truck campers, and fifth wheels.


A new, luxurious motorhome will cost more to insure than an older utility trailer simply because of the comparative resale value.

The largest type of RV, the class A motorhome, typically costs more for RV insurance than the smaller class C motorhome and class B camper van.

How Can I Get The Cheapest Rv Insurance

If your motorhome is paid in full, and you don’t mind paying out of pocket if your RV is damaged, choosing a liability-only policy can be an effective cost-cutting measure. If you’re insuring a travel trailer or require physical damage coverages for your motorhome, consider increasing your comprehensive and collisions deductibles in order to decrease the cost of your policy.

To help you save even more on RV insurance, Progressive offers tons of discounts such as:

  • Multi-policy: Save when you combine RV insurance with a Progressive home, auto, renters, motorcycle, or boat policy.
  • Responsible driver: No accidents or violations in the past three years? We’ll add a discount to your policy.
  • Original owner: If you’re the original owner of your motorhome or travel trailer, we’ll apply a discount if you carry comprehensive and collision coverage on your policy.
  • Claim-free renewal: No at-fault claims results in another discount at the time of your policy renewal.

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Why Buy Rv Insurance

Because an RV is a vehicle, it makes sense that an insurance policy covering comprehensive and collision incidents would apply. But because an RV is also a temporary or even permanent home, RV insurance runs a bit deeper than a standard vehicle policy.

RV insurance is basically a blending of elements from both a vehicle and a homeowners insurance policy, resulting in a complete, specialized coverage package.

In addition to the basics, choosing from different options and levels of coverage are what makes RV insurance a smart move for complete protection. Some specialized RV coverage options include:

  • Total loss replacement
  • Personal property replacement
  • Emergency insurance coverage providing food, lodging, and alternate transportation should your RV break down while on the road.

The RV lifestyle is all about hitting the open road and the up-close-and-personal experience of enjoying the great outdoors. However, having the peace of mind that your RV, personal contents, and pocketbook are all protected in case of an incident or accident while on the road is priceless.

For full-time RVers, insurance coverage has got your back with even more customized options:

  • Liability in the event of accidents in the RV, at the campsite, towing expenses/damage.
  • Stolen personal items not covered under a standard homeowners policy.
  • Comprehensive coverage for theft, vandalism, or fire.
  • Storage expenses.

What Factors Affect Rv Insurance Cost

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RV insurance rates differ according to many factors. Read through the list below and make notes of your specific information before calling for quotes.


Is your RV a motorhome, a travel trailer, a pop-up? The value of your camper and whether you drive it or tow it affects the final cost.


Most insurance agents will ask how old your camper is and base condition or value of it for replacement purposes on that number.

The issue is that many vintage campers are valuable, and you may want better replacement coverage than theyre willing to offer.

I had this happen to me, and heres a tip to help you out.

My motorhome was 29 years old when I began shopping for insurance. The agent said I could get $5,000 in replacement value, which was a scary number for someone going full-time and who had put money into a full refurbishment.

On his suggestion, I paid for an independent RV appraisal, which cost me $200, but the final value came in at $15,500.

With the appraisal in hand, my agent could provide me with a policy more realistic in terms of making me whole in the case of a total loss.


Many recreational-vehicle insurance companies base rates off of 140 days or less of travel per year.

If you plan to go full-time, youll exceed this number.

The likelihood of an accident or filing a claim is higher the more miles you travel, so your rates will rise.




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Class C Motorhome Insurance

With its distinctive cab-over bunk, the Class C motorhome is an icon and the star in many RV adventures. Class C motorhomes look like nothing else on the market, and are built on a commercial cut-away van chassis and come with all the amenities of any motorhome, so theres sure to be one that suits you.

The Type Of Rv Coverage You Buy

The type of coverage you buy is perhaps your most significant variable when purchasing insurance on an RV, and the one that offers you the most choice. When you decide what kind of coverage you need, you have plenty of options, including:

  • Bodily injury and property damage liability insurance
  • Comprehensive and collision coverage
  • Total loss replacement

Which insurance you get comes down to what you need for your situation and budget. Some people dont feel they need to cover the potential replacement cost of their RV, while others need everything down to custom equipment.

Keep in mind that if youre financing your RV with a loan you may need higher coverages that cost more. Paying cash can be a great cost reduction for RV insurance.

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Additional Factors That Influence Your Rv Insurance Rates

There are more factors that can affect how much your RV insurance can cost. These include:

  • Your RV driving experience: The more experience you have as an RV driver, the less risky you are to insure.
  • Your driving records: Insurance companies consider your driving records when calculating the cost of your RV insurance, and award cheaper premiums to those with clean, accident-free histories.
  • Your future mileage: RV drivers who travel farther distances are considered riskier to insure than those who don’t.
  • Your claims history: Like many other policies, your claims history also influences the cost of your RV insurance.
  • An independent insurance agent can help explain all the factors that could potentially influence the cost of your RV insurance in depth.

    How Much You Drive


    The more you drive, the more likely you are to file a claim. Its similar to factors like your driving experience and past accidents. The more time your RV spends on the road, the more likely it is to have a problem.

    Time spent driving is part of why people who use their RVs full time have higher RV insurance rates. If you spend more time in your RV, youre more likely to need more than just your standard RV policy.

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    Common Discounts That Can Help You Save Big On Rv Insurance

    It’s always helpful to know all the discounts that exist on the coverage you’re shopping for. RV insurance comes with several discounts of its own. Check out some common examples below:

    • Good driver discount: A clean driving history with no traffic violations or accidents can help cut your RV insurance costs.
    • Military or professional: You can save money on your RV insurance premiums if you’re a service member, healthcare worker, government employee, or teacher.
    • Homeowner discount: Some insurance companies reward RV owners just for owning a traditional home along with their RV.
    • Paid-in-full discount: Opting to pay your premium in full and up front can save you not only time and paperwork, but also money on your coverage.
    • Storage discount: Your insurance company may cut you a break on your coverage costs if you store your RV in a carport or garage when not in use.
    • Safety features discount: Installing safety features like anti-theft devices and airbags can help you reduce the cost of your coverage as well.

    An independent insurance agent can help scout out any and all applicable RV insurance discounts that you qualify for to help you save the most money possible.

    Save on RV Insurance

    Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

    Three Categories Of Rv Insurance Coverage

    RV and travel trailer insurance costs can vary greatly. There are three basic categories of RV insurance coverage, and what differentiates each category is the how and when the RV is moving:

    RVs & Motorhomes: They are the motorized recreational vehicles that can be driven to your destination and come in three classifications:

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    What Makes Class C Rv Insurance Different

    Because insurance rates are different for every different Class of RV, insurance companies need to have ways of telling apart the three different types.

    Rather than just using size, though, insurance companies have several different categories that they use to assess RVs, allowing them to determine what kind of insurance each specific RV needs.

    These are a few of the ways that insurance companies classify Class C RVs, according to Trusted Choice.

    Note that these will vary slightly from insurance company to insurance company, but these are some of the more common and generalizable ways that insurance companies classify Class C RVs.

    What Are The Different Types Of Travel Vehicles

    How Much RVing Mexico Cost After 11 Months + 8,000 Miles!

    Before understanding what type of insurance may be required on your travel vehicle, its helpful to know what category it falls under. Recreational vehicles are arranged by class. Class A, class B, and class C vans all differ by size and utility. The type of motor vehicle insurance you will need, as well as the cost, depends on the type of travel vehicle you own or plan to buy.

    Class AClass BClass C

    For more information on different types of RVs, visit our specialty van information page to see a

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    Benefits Of Rv Insurance In Ontario

    Are you driving a motorhome or are you towing? Do you live in it all year round? What about coverage inside the RV, or what if someone trips and breaks their leg while visiting your RV? Since your RV is more than just your vehicle, you need a policy that covers more than just typical car insurance. Consider the following:

    • You store things in your travel trailer that you wouldnt keep in your car, including jewelry, a computer, television, outdoor camping gear or video camera.
    • When parking your RV at a campsite, youre liable for other peoples safety around your vehicle.
    • If you have an accident while travelling, youll need a place to stay while the RV is in for repairs.

    Without an Ontario RV insurance policy, none of these will have coverage in the event of a loss.

    How Much Does Rv Insurance Cost Average Rv Insurance Rates In 2022

    Save an Average of $321* A Year on RV Insurance

    So you just bought a new RV and now youre wondering

    How much is RV insurance?

    The cost of recreational vehicle insurance varies wildly based on where you live, what youre insuring, which company you choose, and more.

    This guide shares everything you need to know about RV insurance costs in laymans terms.

    Lets dive in!

    Note: Some of the links in this article are affiliate links. This doesnt cost you any more than normal. Read our disclaimer for more info.

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    Get A Free Rv Insurance Quote And Protect Your Vehicle And Investment

    A motorhome is a significant investment, and you should make sure that your home away from home is protected just like your regular home. Nobody likes paying motorhome insurance costs, but you’ll be glad to have good coverage in case of an accident, injury, or act of nature. At Lazydays, we have more than 30 years of experience with RV insurance, and we can help you get the coverage you need while minimizing your RV insurance cost. We’re equipped to handle a variety of insurance needs, such as umbrella policies, renewals, and policy changes as well as medical emergency insurance, vacation liability coverage, and even roadside assistance. Contact us today to get a free quote on an RV insurance policy that fits your needs!

    Different Types Of Coverage

    A business approach to buying a motorhome

    Now that weve gone over all of the ways that Class C RVs are different from other types of RVsat least in the eyes of insurance companieswe can start looking at the different coverage options that are available when youre selecting your RV insurance policy.

    This is a very important thing to understand thoroughly, as the type of coverage that you choose will be the sole deciding factor in how well-protected you are in the event of an accident.

    Similarly to car insurance, the different types of coverage for Class C RVs vary based on the extent to which you are covered, as well as the situations that you are covered in.

    Choosing which is best for you is mostly dependent on how frequently and for what purpose you use your RV.

    If youre someone who takes one short trip per year in your RV, then it may not be worth it to go for the more extensive coverage plans.

    However, if you use your RV every month for long trips, or live in it full time, youll want to make sure that youre covered in every single possible situation.

    So, with that being said, lets take a look at the different coverage options that exist for insuring your Class C RV.

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    Customizing Your Rv Insurance

    There is a wide range of additional protection you can add-on to your policy, including collision and comprehensive protection. This will give you protection for loss or damage because of fire, lightning, and weather damage. According to, here are some specializations your RV insurance could include:

    What Type Of Coverage Do You Need For A Motorhome In Ontario

    If you own a class A, B or C motorhome in Ontario, the legal requirements for insuring it are the same as for your car. You must have third-party liability insurance. Direct compensation property damage coverage for reimbursement is paid through your insurer for damage caused by an insured motorist.

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    The Best Comprehensive Guide

    Find an AgentTLTR: This article explores what RV insurance is, how much RV insurance costs, and offers some tips that you can use to lower your rates.

    Whether its a planned family picnic or a spontaneous trip with a close friend, theres perhaps no better way to get to your destination than recreational vehicles . Ever since their first iteration back in 1915, RVs have been the vehicle of choice for groups and individuals planning a long-distance journey on the road.

    Perhaps thats why this range of vehicles is still in such high demand. According to a survey by the RV Industry Association , 11.2 million households own an RV in 2021.

    Its safe to say that the demand for RVs will most likely continue increasing as the years roll by. But RVs, just like any other vehicles, are vulnerable to damage and accidents.

    So, covering your RV with the right insurance is a must if you want to financially protect it from any unexpected out-of-pocket costs in the event of an accident.

    Before we get into the cost of RV insurance, lets first understand the basics!

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