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Best Rv Satellite Dish

DISH at Home and in the RV

Dimensions: 18 x 19 x 13Weight: 10 lbs.

Dimensions: 18 x 19 x 13Weight: 10 lbs.

When it comes to satellite TV for RVs, the versatile VQ Series antennas from KING make great choices. These are domed antennas, which means the satellite receiver dish is protected by a rounded cover. This allows them to be used while driving, unlike the Winegard SK dishes.

The KING VQ antennas feature automatic satellite tracking for a crystal-clear picture, and they support up to two TVs if you just cant decide on what to watch. Another key selling point of the KING VQ is portability. You can take them camping or tailgating with no problemtheyll fit perfectly in the back of a pickup truck.

The domed design does come with a disadvantage: it prevents the dish from catching an HD signal with DIRECTV. HD still works with the DISH version, though, making this hands down the best DISH antenna for RV owners.

Excellent App For Traveling In Our Rv

Camping in State Parks it is often very hit and miss trying to get tailgater to work with all the trees. Purchased the app on Thursday for this weekend in Georgia …….. and it turned out to be the best $4.99 I have ever spent !! 100% every time. I have tried other apps in the past and many show every satellite in the sky which i found incredibly confusing. This app shows JUST Dish which was perfect for us. No hesitation recommending it

How Can I Get Dish In My Rv

Youll need a few things to get started with satellite TV. Even if youre already a DISH customer with an existing dish receiver, youll still need a DISH mobile receiver thats compatible with the satellite antenna. Heres everything you need.

DISH Receiver

Acquiring a DISH mobile receiver is the first step you need to take before you install satellite TV in your RV. There are multiple DISH mobile receiver models to choose from. But the most recommended is the DISH Wally HD Receiver.

Out of all the DISH mobile receiver models, the DISH Wally HD receiver is the best one because it allows you to create custom entertainment and enjoy built-in apps. Its designed for the mobile lifestyle, as its the most adaptable.

Be aware that there may be receiver upgrade fees applied when you first get the Wally. Its common to have upfront fees when you first start a service or upgrade a package. If you order the equipment online, youll get free shipping.

Key Features
  • Crystal-clear HD TV quality
  • Channel Search Features
  • Gives you flexibility by operating it from 200 feet away through walls and other cabinetry with the RF remote
  • Its the smallest DISH mobile receiver
  • Connect to Wi-Fi and enjoy apps like Netflix, Weather Channel, and more
  • Bluetooth capability through the use of a Bluetooth adapter

DISH Satellite Antenna

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How Does The Pay As You Go Work

Pay-as-you-go gives you the flexibility to connect and disconnect service whenever you want. As a DISH customer, the pay-as-you-go option puts you in charge of your TV package and how you want it to fit your mobile lifestyle.

When you set up pay-as-you-go, youre only responsible for the months you use the service. DISH Network will bill you for packages in advance on a month-to-month basis in 30-day increments.

And if youre already an existing customer, youre in luck. Youll only have to pay $7 per month for each additional TV.

Dish For My Rv: Is It Worth It

The Best RV Dishes [2022 Edition]

Whether you like to keep up with the news, watch some sports, or enjoy a family movie night here and there, having access to television entertainment in your RV can be nice. That said, depending on where you like to travel and what you like to watch, it can also be a bit challenging. This is where DISH For My RV can come into play.

DISH For My RV is an awesome service that provides satellite TV to your RV in a way that makes perfect sense. That said, this service isnt for everyone.

Read on to learn more about DISH For My RV so you can decide if its the best choice for you.

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How To Get Dish Satellite Tv On Your Rv

If youre a fan of DISH satellite TV, were happy to tell you that DISH makes it easy to bring your TV programming with you in your RV.

The satellite TV provider offers DISH Outdoors, which gives you a choice between four different DISH satellite antennas and Wally HD receiver bundles. Then you pick your DISH TV packageor you can add DISH Outdoors to your existing accountand call to activate.

The DISH satellite antenna and Wally receiver bundles start at $379 for all your equipment, but DISH requires you to call to get an exact price. Heres a look at some of the differences between each bundle.

Dish Outdoors Vs Directv Is Not Much Of A Contest

For RVers, our clear pick in the satellite-on-the-go service battle is easy. DISH Outdoors wins almost every time. Heres the one glaring fact that makes it the better choice in almost every situation: DirecTV requires you to sign up for a 2-year contract. And, obviously, you pay for every month of those 2 years whether you fire up the RV or not. With DISHs pay-as-you-go plan, you only pay when you use the service. This might not mean much to full-time RVers, but its a game changer for any occasional road warrior, whos likely to save multiple hundreds of dollars over the course of a 2-year period.

DISH has clearly invested in RVers via their DISH Outdoors program, which directly services RVers, tailgaters and other TV-on-the-go watchers. DirecTV doesnt even sell mobile dishes directly, requiring RVers to go through a third party to buy equipment, but still requiring you to buy service through DirecTV. For us, this is clunky, and along with complicating purchase and setup, can also lead to confusion on who to call when service isnt working for any reason. Equipment problem? Call the manufacturer. Service problem? Call DirecTV. But whos to know whats causing the problem?

Here, pricing is another example of DISHs investment in RVers, as they offer that tiny $5/month upgrade fee if you already have DISH service at home.

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Cellular Hotspots And Wi

We mentioned backing up your main way of connecting to the internet, but the cost of doubling up on a BGAN plan and satellite antenna is probably overwhelming just to think about.

Some more cost effective ways to double up on your internet connection options are cellular hotspots and Wi-Fi extenders. Both work great for both part-time and full-time motor home enthusiasts, so dont overlook them.

Cellular hotspots and Wi-Fi for RVs

View on Winegard

Data effective 2/16/2022. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.* List prices of $99.90 and $389.00 . Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product. utilizes paid Amazon links.

The downside to using a cellular hotspot is that youre limited to the coverage area of the provider you buy a SIM card from. Right now, the company with the best cell phone coverage is Verizon. So thats your best bet for getting a signal in the middle of the desert.

Youll also need a SIM card thats compatible with your hotspot device, plus a data plan to get your devices online. You might be able to add this onto an existing plan, or you can check out some of the best prepaid cell phone plans and shop around.

Portable Antennas For Rvs

Setting up DISH in your RV

If you opt for a portable satellite TV antenna, youll need to set your equipment up on a tripod each time you make camp. Portable antennas can take an hour or more to set up and get working, which can be frustrating depending on where you are. Youll need to set up the tripod, level it, attach the antenna, and then manually adjust it to the right angle to get a signal .

Since the antenna will be left outside day and night, youll also need to secure the antenna to your RV with a long chain and a padlock to prevent theft. Portable antennas are great for people who want satellite TV in several different vehicles, such as a truck for tailgating parties and a fifth wheel when theyre going camping with the family.

A lot of portable antennas can be mounted to the roof with a roof mount kit. So, if you dont want to mount it now but you might want to in the future, get an antenna that has the option of being mounted or portable.

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What Are My Preferred Camping Activities

What do you do while camping? If you find yourself spending most of your time away from the camperwhether its sightseeing or spending time outside hiking, stargazing, and sitting around the fireyou may not actually get much use out of a TV service. In these cases, movies that you keep in the RV for rainy days might be a better option.

Do You Want Dish At Home And On

DISH offers all of the best programming for the best price! Combine home service with Pay-As-You-Go service and SAVE! Take some time to look through the programming line ups to find the package that suits your needs.You must activate your home service prior to adding Pay-As-You-Go so be sure to call and order home service first. In the meantime, you can place your order for an additional mobile receiver from us. In addition to the best base programming packages, DISH also offers a wide range of premium, á la cart, pay-per-view, and HD programming.* You’ll pay for your home subscription and in addition, you will pay just $7 more for the months you want it on-the-go. Right now you can get promotional prices on programming for as low as $19.99 per month! DISH is also offering FREE Premium Channels for 3 months , FREE Installation in up to 6 rooms and FREE HD for 24 months. Click Here for more information on DISH For Your Home

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King Dish Tailgater Pro Satellite Tv Antenna With Dish Wally Hd Receiver


Features of the King Dish Tailgater Pro Satellite TV Antenna with Dish Wally HD Receiver

NO CONTRACT: Ideal with DISH Pay As You Go HD programming.

PORTABLE: The DISH Tailgater Pro from KING is a quality satellite TV antenna for people who are constantly on the move. It is portable, lightweight, and made for use in vehicles and while camping.

TV ANYWHERE: With this DISH Wally receiver, you can use your DISH subscription from any location within the contiguous United States. To enable your portable RV satellite dish to access the DISH network wherever you are, just give DISH a call before you leave. You can extend your current subscription or just pay for the months you actually use.

AUTO LOCKING: By automatically locking onto the signal, this clever satellite antenna eliminates the need to guess while installing your RV satellite system. Please note that a DISH satellite receiver is also included. All you need to do is point the Tailgater satellite dish at the sky and follow the on-screen instructions.

Do I Have Access To The Internet While Camping DirecTV SWM SL5S Portable Satellite RV Dish Kit Camping ...

The final question to ask yourself is whether you have access to a decent internet connection while camping. If you already pay for an unlimited data cellular hotspot, you can use that to stream entertainment. Meanwhile, those who stay in RV parks that offer free Wi-Fi can likely use that connection for streaming. In both instances, satellite TV could be rendered unnecessary.

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Dish Satellite Tv Antennas For Rv

DISH caters to tailgaters, outdoor enthusiasts, and RV owners, and it shows when you start looking at equipment. All DISH satellite antennas are fully automatic, so you wont need to worry about manually pointing them in the right direction to pick up satellite signals.

Some satellite TV antennas support only one TV, while others work with two or more TVs. If you have an antenna that supports multiple TVs, remember that youll need to get a Wally to connect each TV you have in your RV.

Most satellite antennas work only while the RV is parked . If you want in-motion TV for your passengers, youll have to spring for a top-of-the-line model like the Winegard RoadTrip T4, which costs five times as much as the standard DISH Playmaker.

Number Of Receivers Supported

If RVing is a family tradition, you can make your kids or relatives more comfortable with life on the road by grabbing a satellite TV antenna that supports more than one receiver.

This means your teenage daughter can DVR her favorite show in her room while mom and dad watch the news in the living area.

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Whats Better For Rv Cable: Dish Tv Or Directv

Living the RV life doesnt mean you have to sacrifice watching your favorite shows and sporting events. With satellite TV from DISH or DIRECTV, you can get hundreds of channels and watch your favorite teams play. But when comparing DISH vs DIRECTV for RV cable, which provider is the best?

Lets take a look at the pros and cons of each service individually. Then well decide the verdict on which is better for RV cable.

Find The Lightweight And Portable Satellite Antenna Thats Right For You

Installation of Dish Playmaker and Wally receiver on Roadtrek Simplicity B Motorhome


Our smallest portable satellite antenna, so you can take it with you on any adventure.


Great for RV-ing with its roof-mountable, weatherproof and lightweight build.


Compact, lightweight and lets you watch different channels on two TVs.


Lets you watch different channels on two TVs and comes with a built-in security handle.

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Service When And Where You Want It For Only As Long As You Want It

The Tailgater Pro is a spectacular piece of hardware, but its only as good as the service its connected to. Fortunately, DISH Outdoors service shines, too.

First, its hard to sign up for anything these days without signing your life away. Not so with todays DISH pay-as-you-go rate plans. When I heard that their DISH Outdoors service plans dont lock you into long-term agreements, I was skeptical. But we tested it, and it works as advertised. You only pay when you need the service. And depending how you set it up when you activate, you might not even have to call to cancel. This is another fantastic departure from satellite service of years past.

If you already have DISH service, things get even better. Currently, DISH offers a $5/month fee to add DISH Outdoors to your current service. That means you pay almost nothing extra to have service both at home and on the go.

Directv Satellite Tv Antennas

DIRECTV doesnt directly sell satellite TV antennas for RVs, which makes it a little more difficult to get set up. Youll have to get a custom quote from an equipment manufacturer and then pick your DIRECTV plan from the ones offered by the equipment company. Youll also need to arrange for installation with a professional installer.

Youll be choosing between antennas made by a few satellite dish equipment manufacturers. They all offer slightly different DIRECTV channels in packages sold under the same names, which makes the comparisons trickier.

These companies partner with DIRECTV to offer satellite TV equipment for RVs, trucks, boats, and other recreational vehicles.

*Data as of 5/7/21. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change. price as of 5/7/21 10:15 MST. See full disclaimer.

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Where Do I Like To Camp

Where you camp can also help you make the best decision for you. Do you camp in RV parks that offer cable access at every site? If so, satellite service is overkill. Do you park in heavily wooded areas where a satellite wont work? If so, the service would be a waste of money. Meanwhile, those who camp in open areas without cable access might get a lot of use out of DISH For My RV.

Domed Antennas Or Open Antennas

Dish for RV:
  • Domed antennas are satellite dishes with round covers over them. The advantage of a domed antenna is that it can be used while driving, since the cover protects it from wind and other interferences. The disadvantage is that they arent compatible with DIRECTVs HD signal. HD signals from DISH Network still work, though. If youre planning to use your dish on a moving RV, it might be worth choosing DISH as a provider for this reason.
  • Open antennas: An open antenna is the traditional saucer-shaped satellite dish youre probably used to seeing. These work with any type of signal, so DIRECTV fans can use them to watch in HD with no problem. They arent resistant to the elements, though, so youll have to stow them away before driving.

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Best Satellite Tv Providers For Rv

There are two major satellite tv providers in the United States – DISH and DIRECTV. Both have great offerings and packages for the RVer who wants to take their favorite TV programming on the road with them while camping in their RVs. Satellite TV is a great option for RV owners because unlike cable, you can access satellite signals from wherever you take your RV, allowing you to watch all your favorite channels even away from home.

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