Garden Tub For Mobile Home

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How To Clean A Mobile Home Bathtub

How To Remove a Garden Tub in a Mobile Home

The following cleaning products and recipes will help clean your bathtub. These will work great if the bathtub is just stained and grimy but hasnt turned yellow due to oxidation.

Many products on the market today have decent whitening properties. Try to avoid using abrasive cleaners like AJAX. Instead look for products that offer a degreaser ingredient, like Purple Power . Spot test all chemicals first.

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    Better Bath Tub Surrounds

    Mobile Home Garden Tub With 3 Piece Surround

    Better Bath tub surrounds are designed to fit over the tub lip for easy installation! Designed with the look of tile and has a built-in soap shelf. Available in two finishes: matte and glossy

    three-piece abs kits

    400200 White Standard Gauge 3-PC 27×54

    400210 White Standard Permalux 3-PC 27×54

    400280 White Standard Gauge 3-PC 40×54

    400290 White Standard Gauge 3-PC 40×60

    400295 White Permalux 3-PC 40×60

    400230 White Standard Gauge 3-PC 30×60

    400235 White Standard Permalux 3-PC 30×60

    one-piece ABS kits

    400215 White Standard Gauge 1-PC 27×54

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    Styles: Grecian Rectangular Tub Oval Island Tub Corner Tubs Tub And Shower Combinations Island Tubs

    Tubs for the mobile home manufactured or modular home and RV

    General Supply offers Garden Tubs in sizes of 40in. x 54in., 40in, x 60in, and 48in. x 60in. Featured across is our most popular size. A 40in x 54in. garden tub constructed on Heavy Duty ABS Material that offers a 5 year limited warranty. These tubs are available in White or Almond. General Supply also offers an attractive selection of corner tubs as well for Manufactured Homes and Mobile Homes

    The Grecian Rectangular tub measures 42×60 and is available in both almond and white. Permalux finish is also available in white. This drop in rectangular tub will add beauty and function to any bathroom. If you wish, this tub can be ordered with a whirlpool as well. Be sure to ask your General Supply sales rep for more details.

    The 4563 Series Oval island tub measures 44x 62 and includes a head rest. This unit is available in white ABS or Permalux finish. In addition a whirlpool can be added to this tub for special order. For more information on the 44x 62 oval island tub, be sure to contact your general supply sales representative.

    Corner tubs from Better Bath® measure 54 x 54 and are available in right hand or center drain styles. These tubs are offered in White Heavy Duty ABS or Permalux finish. They come standard with a front apron but a drop in without apron is available. In addition, a whirlpool can be added to these tubs. Call General Supply today for more information on these attractive corner tubs.

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    Remove A Garden Tub And Shower In Mobile Home

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    Buying A New Mobile Home Bathtub

    If a liner doesnt appeal to you the last option is to buy a new bathtub for your mobile home and replace it.

    Mobile home bathtubs are usually smaller than the tubs you can buy at Lowes or Home Depot. Unless you are prepared to remove a wall in your mobile home, youll need to order from a mobile home supply store. We always recommend buying from your local mobile home parts store, especially for bulky items since the shipping costs too much. Learn more about mobile home bathtubs in our Mobile Home Bathroom Guide here.

    Mobile Home Parts Store has a bathtub for $279 here. Shipping is additional.

    Mobile Home Bathroom Supplies

    • black abs 1 1/2″P-trap with union … black abs 1 1/2″P-trap with union …
  • 1 1/2″slip joint metal nut … 1 1/2″slip joint metal nut …
  • 1 1/2″rubber slip joint washers 5 … 1 1/2″rubber slip joint washers 5 pk …
  • chrome 3 3/8″tub & shower valve … chrome 3 3/8″tub & shower valve …
  • 32″x 32″ White ABS Shower Base … 32″x 32″ White ABS Shower Base …
  • 32 x 32 x 6 Almond … 32 x 32 x 6 Almond Fiberglass Shower Base …
  • 32″ x 32″ x 6″ White … 32″ x 32″ x 6″ White Fiberglass Shower Base …
  • 32″x 32″bone fiberglass shower base … 32″x 32″bone fiberglass shower base …
  • 33″x 32″white fiberglass shower base … 33″x 32″white fiberglass shower base …
  • 60″ x 42″ bone garden tub … 60″ x 42″ bone garden tub …
  • 54″ x 42″ Bone Fiberglass Garden … 54″ x 42″ Bone Fiberglass Garden Tub …
  • 54″ x 42″ White Fiberglass Garden … 54″ x 42″ White Fiberglass Garden Tub …
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    How Do I Choose The Best Mobile Home Bathtub

    The typical mobile home features a standard bathtub, but if yours needs to be replaced, you have the luxury of choosing a new one from a large selection. Before you pick a new mobile home bathtub, consider whether you want the typical kind, or a deep garden tub for soaking. You should also make sure that the tub you are purchasing will fit properly, which means that measuring the space is essential in choosing the best mobile home bathtub. Also, consider the material, keeping in mind that most tubs are made of either plastic or fiberglass.

    The tubs that come with most mobile homes are rectangular and have a rather average depth. The bottom of the standard mobile home bathtub usually measures 17 inches by 43 inches . If you do not plan to use the tub much for baths, and just want the traditional type, this should be fine. On the other hand, those who enjoy frequent baths often prefer a garden tub, which is also known as a soaking tub. This type of tub is deeper and wider than average, and is often oval instead of rectangular.

    Luckily We Dont Have To Live With Yellow Bathtubs In Mobile Homes Anymore

    Corner Garden Tubs For Mobile Homes / Mobile Home Bathtub Replacement ...

    Yellowing bathtubs are a common problem in mobile homes. Fortunately, you dont have to live with it forever. If cleaning the tub with a high-powered cleaner doesnt work try the hydrogen peroxide cream mentioned above. Refinishing or painting the tub is the next step. You can do the painting yourself and have a new bathtub for less than $50.

    Have you had success cleaning or using peroxide on a yellow bathtub? How about painting a tub with Rustoleum? Wed love to hear about your experience.

    As always, thank you for reading Mobile Home Living.

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    Should You Repair Or Replace Your Mobile Home Bath Tub

    Most bathtubs in mobile homes are plastic. When plastic cracks or breaks, it cannot be permanently repaired like fiberglass can. If the crack isnt too bad, the best you can do is temporarily fix it by using one of two methods.The first method is to purchase an epoxy repair kit. The most significant advantage of the epoxy kit is that the repair isnt as noticeable because the color somewhat matches the tub. The disadvantage is that it works best only on small cracks because any movement on big breaks can cause the crack to reappear.

    The second method to repair a cracked plastic bathtub is to apply a piece of quick fix tub repair tape to seal the crack. The advantage of the tape is that it will move with the tub so the crack will not reappear . The disadvantage is that it looks somewhat abnormal, but it does work!

    If youve decided to replace your bathtub, contact Kitsap Mobile Home Outfitters in Bremerton Washington today. We have a wide selection of bathtubs designed for mobile homes.

    Learn More

    Kitsap Mobile Home Outfitters in Bremerton Washington has a wide selection of mobile home bathtubs and manufactured home bathtubs in stock. Call us today to see what’s available for pick up and ask about our delivery options.

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    Mobile Home Bathtubs And Surrounds

    When you want to freshen up your bathroom by replacing your mobile home bathtub, we have the mobile home tubs and surrounds you need to make your project come to life. Everyone approaches a remodel project with different needs and budgets which is why we offer a wide selection of mobile home bathtubs and surrounds. Whether you want the ease and economy of ABS Plastic, the clean look and durability of fiberglass, or the luxury of simulated tile or stone, we have what you need to make your remodel vision a reality. If you have questions about mobile home tub surrounds or any other bathtub products, dont hesitate to reach out to our team today.

    Painting Yellowed Bathtubs In Mobile Homes

    How To Remove Tub & Surround From Mobile Home

    If cleaning and soaking the bathtub with hydrogen peroxide cream doesnt work the next step is painting or refinishing. This will always give the bathtub a new look. The Rustoleum tub and tile refinishing kit are one of the most popular products on the market. It has 3.7 stars out of 5 with over 2100 reviews.

    The Rustoleum kit includes a two-part epoxy paint that you mix together and apply. The company claims their product works best on ceramic tile, acrylic, cast iron, steel, porcelain, and fiberglass but many have reported success on ABS.

    Jeff and Felicia French gave their garden tub a whole new look with Rustoleum Tile and Tub Refinishing Kit. You can see the rest of their fabulous farmhouse styled 1997 Buccaneer single wide here.

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    What Causes Yellow Bathtubs In Mobile Homes

    ABS bathtubs tend to yellow more than other materials. The yellowing occurs to the entire tub, turning it into a uniform mustard mud yellow. Fortunately, there are several ways to handle the yellow mobile home bathtubs but its important to know what causes the yellowing of the tubs before you begin.

    Polymers Solutions Incorporated, a materials science research & innovations company, states that UV exposure is always the first suspect whenever a plastic turns yellow over time because the ultra-violet spectrum of light doesnt play well with most polymers. There are light stabilizers that can be added to the plastic during production but it can increases cost significantly.

    Retrofixes, a blog about vintage computer and gaming equipment which turns yellow over time as well, claim it isnt the ABS plastic itself that turns yellow but the bromine added to it. Bromine is added to act as a fire retardant. ABS, or the bromine in it, turn yellow because of the interaction with oxygen and light. The plastic oxidizes and turns into a darker color of itself.

    Over time, those chemicals react to the plastics basic polymers and turn yellow. Sunlight and Heat accelerate this process.-Retrofixes

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