Global Expedition Vehicles Safari Extreme 4×4 Rv

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Campers Like Earthroamer That You Can Take Off

Global Expedition Vehicles Safari Extreme Rig Walk Around

If you love the outdoors, you need a camper that can keep up with your adventurous lifestyle. Several travelers have found that EarthRoamer RVs are ideal for their needs. With their sturdy build and heavy-duty features, these RVs can take you anywhere on the map and still serve as a cozy home away from home.

But for one reason or another, the EarthRoamer isnt the perfect fit for everyone. Many people have started to look for alternatives that can provide the same blend of comfort and off-road performance. Although each type of heavy-duty camper is unique, there are a few stand-out models that share similar features and designs with the beloved EarthRoamer.

In the sections below, we want to break down what exactly has made the EarthRoamer so popular as well a a few different alternatives that adventurous travelers might enjoy. We have five campers to cover today, so lets get started!

The Only Limit Is Your Imagination

All Safari Extreme variants come with a kitchen, dining area, bedroom, and bathroom as standard. Despite this, the way in which each room is configured is completely up to the client. Even the materials utilized are tailored to the individual’s specific tastes and interests. Such materials include a choice of granite countertops, leather or cloth dining booth upholstery, and a choice of flooring materials.

As mentioned earlier, these vehicles are designed to make you feel like you’re still able to live a life of luxury . In the kitchen, you’ll find a one/two-burner stove, a fridge/freezer, countertops, a full-sized sink, windows, and even more storage. Furthermore, the dining area also includes a table, seating, and a Natura Opening Wall for those panoramic views that you may crave.

Once you reach the bedroom area, occupants will notice a queen-sized bed, windows, more storage, and a bunk bed . Kiddy corner to the bedroom, you’ll find the bathroom. In here, a shower , another sink, and a toilet can be found.

As you can see, the Safari Extreme is truly the epitome of capable RVing. It has everything one could ever desire and then some. While the price will likely drive most people away, it has become quite apparent that this vehicle was never intended for people on a budget. Instead, it was created for those who have money and aren’t afraid to show it off.

Global Expedition Vehicles: Safari Extreme

Now its time to explore a different type of camper. When you first look at these vehicles, they almost resemble small semi-trucks. Theyre fairly boxy, but theyre still built for camping and long-term adventuring.

Unlike the previous options, these models dont have an over-the-cab extension. Everything is contained in a simple, compact structure. The base vehicles for these campers are either a Kenworth, International, Freightliner, BAE, or Mercedes.

Although the exterior might look intimidating, the Safari Extreme is actually quite cozy once you get inside. There are a few different sizes and designs, but most of them share similar features.

Customers can enjoy raised ceilings, built-in lighting along baseboards, and lovely accents of natural wood. These campers also include a wet bath, so you can enjoy a nice refresher while youre out on the road. Theres no need to sacrifice showers when you travel in a Safari Extreme!

For more information about these heavy-duty campers, visit

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Action Mobil Atacama 7900 Expedition Vehicle

Of all the global expedition vehicles for sale in the market, this has got to be the mother of them all! The Action Mobil Atacama 7900 is a monster in every sense of the word as it devours everything that crosses its path.

It has gone above and beyond everything in the book, defied all odds and delivered everything an expedition would ever dream about.

The Atacama comes in a variety of models to suit the different requirements of its clients. Its camper units range between 3.8m and 6.5m.

But unlike most others that come in similar sizes, this one makes use of a simple equipment package and design to keep the costs manageably low.

The interior is decked with luxurious fittings reminiscent of a classy hotel lounge. Almost everything from the seats and table to the sink and refrigerator come in regular size.

This is quite an advantage to anyone who minds the miniature provisions in smaller expedition vehicles. It even has an oven and dryer for towels so you can really live it up!

Some of the convertibles that allow for this level of convenience include a fold up bath and bed. When not in use, the bath goes right above the toilet and the bed is raised up to ceiling level.

Like most expedition trucks for sale, the Atacama is a power house featuring 12 transmission speeds and 340-hp. It has a 6.9 liter engine and the four-wheel feature is permanent.

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Global Expedition Vehicles: Pangea

GXV Unimog

Speaking of Global Expedition Vehicles, theres another one thats worth mentioning here. The Pangea is similar to the Safari Extreme, but it has one extremely notable feature: This model has an extendable roof! The top of this camper can extend several feet, providing plenty of interior space. Its not a flimsy pop-out either. The walls and roof are all made with heavy-duty metal, so its just as strong whether its collapsed or expanded.

In addition, the roof is nice and flat and it comes with a set of safety rails along each edge. Its the perfect place to put a rooftop tent, a yoga mat, or even a lawn chair. You can relax inside or outside with the Pangea.

The interior is quite nice too! With the extendable roof, it almost feels like a small loft apartment. Theres a classy tile backsplash, recessed lighting, and natural wood embellishments throughout the floor plan.

This model has a standard living room, kitchen, and bedroom, but it also includes a bathroom and even space for a small washer and dryer. Its a very impressive setup that travelers will love. You can learn more about this model at

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Bliss Mobil Expedition Vehicles

Looking for theultimate luxury RV to take you through the Apocalypse and beyond? Bliss Mobil expedition vehicles are your best bet.

This global traveler is designed to fit virtually any type of truck. It comes in form of a removable, container-sized home fit for four adults or two adults and two kids.

The standard model has a full size double bed and a u-shape couch that transforms into a double bed when night comes. Alternatively, you could opt for the four-bed model which sports a double bed and two singles.

With a separate bathroom and toilet and a fully equipped kitchen, its all you need in your home away from home!

The Terra Wind Amphibious Rv

One of the biggest issues that RV enthusiasts face is so much ambition yet so little space to execute. There is only so much you can fit in most motorhomes and try as we may to claim they are a home away from home, we always miss home.

This might not be the case for the Terra Wind amphibious RV because the one thing it has in plenty is space. Not only that, but this amazing motorhome can drive through water as comfortably as any marine vessel!

It features a complete transformation system that converts it into a real motorhome boat. This is done by use of bronze propellers. The front of it looks like a modern cockpit complete with a navigation system.

It also has GPS and a docking system for your computer. This ensures that you never stray into uncharted waters in the course of the expedition but stay on track.

Its speed on land is a comfortable 80 km/h while on water it goes at 7 knots. It has a powerful 330-hp caterpillar engine that has almost 1000lbs of torque. Considering its length and weight, such power is definitely needed to haul the massive luxury home.

Step inside the Terra Wind and you will for a moment forget where you are. It is luxuriously lined in choice fabric and classy fittings.

It has a plush carpet, marble countertops, teak furniture and leather seating. To top it all up, it fits a 42-inch wide TV screen so you wont have to miss any NFL games.

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American Safari Jxl Conversion

Not all 4×4 campers rise from van-oriented roots. The American Safari JXL Conversion instead relies on an American iconthe four-door version of the Jeep Wranglerto provide an incredible combination of camping capability and off-road prowess.

Keen eyes will notice the JXL Conversion is longer than a standard Wrangler , with the additional stretch used to house the vehicle’s pop-up camper top that conceals not just a split-level sleeping area but also a dining table and small kitchen area to complement your cook stove. It also boosts cargo space by 50 percent, which means even when you’re not loaded up for the trail head, the JXL Conversion remains useful in day-to-day life.

Hunter Rmv Predator 66

Extreme RV by Global Expedition Vehicles, the perfect offroad camper

This RV takes the design of the Army vehicle, similar to the one used in Afghanistan. It is equipped with a 6.6-liter diesel engine and can cover up to 800 miles. You can get at with $179k. If you love the military look, you can use this vehicle for your recreational trips.

Inside this van, you will meet a queen-size bed, a dining space, a dry bathroom, and a kitchen with a cooktop and microwave. The water-purification system guarantees you healthy. With the 300W solar array, you will not worry about power no matter how deep you are from the towns.

Having an all-wheel RV is very crucial if you want to have an easy sail as you explore different terrain during this winter. You have multiple vehicles to choose from both offering different added advantages.

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Storyteller Overland Goes Global With Purchase Of Industry

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. and SPRINGFIELD, Mo., Jan. 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Two great adventure vehicle manufacturers with solid reputations for success in delivering innovation, quality, and excellent customer experiences to the rapidly growing overlanding community are now coming together in a merger designed to create a powerful leader in the adventure travel world.

Storyteller Overland, which has in short order established itself as the insurgent leader in the Class-B RV Adventure Van space, announced Wednesday that it has acquired Global Expedition Vehicles, LLC – the world’s leading manufacturer of expedition vehicles and bespoke Adventure Trucks.

“We are confident that Storyteller Overland has the vision and expertise to build on the legacy of standard-setting, premium quality, boutique-style expedition vehicles that GXV has been synonymous with for 17 years,” said Rene’ Van Pelt, co-founder and owner of Global Expedition Vehicles along with her husband, Mike Van Pelt. “The rugged Adventure Trucks that we build are a natural progression, the next step up for Storyteller customers in the line of overlanding vehicles. This merger will allow both companies to grow and expand in a collaborative production of the Adventure Truck Series together.”

Awesome Expedition Vehicles You Need To See

Home | 11 Awesome Expedition Vehicles You Need To See!

The world is full of adventure just waiting for the right explorer to venture out and have a great time. Many are the times when our dream destinations are simply beyond reach as they involve wading through murk and all form of unfriendly terrain. What if there was a way around it?

Fortunately, there are a number of options in the form of expedition RV vehicles. These automobiles ensure that no obstacle can stand in your way of having a good time outdoors. They chew through all types of terrain and deliver you to your destination in utmost comfort.

Most importantly, they are equipped with all of the features you need to live off the grid. This means you dont have to cut your expedition short for any reason on the planet as these expedition vehicles are a complete home away from home.

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There Are Tons Of Options To Outfit Your Rig

Once clients have sorted out their financing situation, they can then get to the fun part: Customization. Starting with the front, you can have yourself a heavy-duty bumper that is equipped with both off-road-ready lighting and an extremely capable winch . If the lighting is not up to par with your expectations, you can also add a driver-controlled spotlight and additional lighting up top.

As you continue to work your way down the side of the vehicle, you’ll be able to start fitting storage facilities and electrical units to your home away from home. This is accomplished by cutting compartments into various areas around the outside of the lodging area. Inside some of these cubbies, you’ll find a 3000-watt generator and a heating system . Additionally, solar panels and a satellite dish can be placed anywhere on the rig that you wish.

At the back, you’ll have the choice of fitting even more storage, an exterior shower, and a hitch. Bike racks can then be fitted into the rear hitch. Or, if there still isn’t enough room, you could also tow along an off-road trailer if you wanted to.

Forest River Windjammer Arctic Wolf Package

Safari Extreme Exterior Photo Gallery

At 35 feet long and 11 feet tall, the Windjammer is pretty big as RV trailers go, so once you reach your destination youll want to stay put for awhile. The Arctic Wolf winter package has got enough to keep you cozy if you decide to stick it out in a cold climate, including a floor-ducted furnace and thick, floor-to-ceiling insulation to keep you warm. Heated holding tanks prevent freezing and heavy-duty ventilation to fend off condensation. There are several models and options, but buyers can start by thinking about writing a $60,000 check and see how that feels.

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Global Expedition Vehicles Safari Extreme Road Test

Globetrotter: Exploring the Earth, Roads Are Optional

Your typical RV is taken for weekend regional trips as well as longer vacations, traveling between RV parks and campgrounds. Dry camping is possible to some extent, but the energy and water demands of the typical RV have their limitations. That’s fine for most RV owners, who consider themselves “travelers.” But what about those who would like to get off the beaten path to see and experience areas not attainable by the typical RV? These people are true “explorers” and they need a vehicle capable of transporting them to these areas and providing suitable living accommodations at the same time. This opens up a whole new class of RV, called Expedition Vehicles.

Expedition Vehicles are a major departure from your basic RV. They are designed to be able to traverse terrain that is inaccessible for most RVs and need to be durable enough to hold up under the stress of driving over punishing terrain not suitable for most vehicles. Expedition vehicles generally don’t utilize campgrounds either, so they need to be self-sufficient to a greater degree than other RVs. These requirements dictate a whole new way of thinking when designing and building expedition vehicles.

The leader in this field is Global Expedition Vehicles. GXV produces a wide range of vehicles that can be customized for your specific travel style.

Think Green

Chassis Options

Safari Extreme


Interior and Amenities

Trending Pages

This Custom Rv Is The Ultimate Safari Vehicle

If you have the money, you can contact Global Expedition Vehicles and have them supply you with one of their Safari Extreme models.

Driving out in the wilderness can be both enjoyable and daunting. First, you must ensure that the vehicle you are taking is capable enough to handle the terrain that you will be traversing. Additionally, food, tools, sleeping arrangements, navigation, and in-field automotive repairs are among the many things you’ll have to consider if you are to perform this task safely.

Thankfully, if you have questions about how to go about this, there is a large community of people to turn to. If you go to any safari/overlanding blog, website, or social media page, tons of people will be more than happy to give you pointers on how you can turn your car into a safari-style overlanding rig. Suspension upgrades, rooftop tents, portable grills, portable storage containers, and light bars are probably some of the most common types of equipment/modifications that people will suggest to you.

But what if these “minor” changes don’t really seem to be enough for you? Sure, anybody can put some BF Goodrich All-Terrains on their Toyota Camry and call it a day, but that doesn’t quite sit right with you. Well, if you have the money, you can contact Global Expedition Vehicles and have them supply you with one of their Safari Extreme models.

Let’s take a look at what is possibly the king of all overlanding vehicles.

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Ecoroamer 44 Expedition Vehicle

At one point or another you must have thought of clever ways to survive the Apocalypse. If the Ecoroamer expedition vehicles were not on your list then here are a hundred and one reasons to consider.

Size is everything on this beast of an off-roader. Right from the 46-inch tires to the construction type engine, you are sure this vehicle can handle anything. Once you step inside however, you might forget it is even a vehicle.

It comes fitted with all the necessities as well as luxuries of modern life. Water is the most basic human survival tool.

Sure enough, the water-purifier on the EcoRoamer was designed by NASA and is top-notch. It has an inbuilt Wi-Fi system accessible from a mile away.

As the name suggests, this vehicle has the planets best interests at heart. The amazing interior is surprisingly made from all recycled material.

The power source for a majority of its auxiliary functions is solar-based. The engine operates on bio-diesel. But in case that is not available, it can also use Dino juice to run just as well.

It has two massive tanks each of which can handle as much fuel as 130 gallons. Furthermore, it is extremely energy efficient. This translates to an ability to travel for about 750 miles without the need to refuel.

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