How To Tow Car Behind Rv

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Do You Need Special Insurance

How to Tow a Vehicle behind an RV with a Blue Ox Tow Bar

You don’t necessarily need special insurance, you just need to have the correct coverage for car and motorhome. Consider what cover is provided by your policies, as your motorhome policy should provide third party insurance for a towed car whilst it is attached to the motorhome. Any damage that occurs to the car itself whilst being towed should be covered by the car policy, if you have comprehensive cover.

If you are planning on taking your motorhome abroad and towing a car, you need to make sure that the car insurance provides foreign use, and is covered for the length of time you plan to be abroad. Watch out for added premiums, as some private car insurance policies only provide a limited number of days per trip, so we would recommend you arrange for anything longer than this to be added to your policy.

We would also recommend that before you head off on your adventure, to check with your insurance company that you’re fine to do so and covered on all bases. Just in case!

Can You Tow A Minivan Behind An Rv

If the minivan is made for towing flat or 4 wheels down then yes, you can tow it behind your RV. The problem comes in where many minivan manufacturers have designed their more recent models to keep them from being towed flat.

One such example is the post-2005 Honda minivans. You really should talk to a dealer or read the owners manual thoroughly before trying to tow your minivan. Here is a list of about 5 minivans that can be towed easily behind your RV:

  • 1. pre- 2005 Hondas.
  • 2. Chrysler Town and Country .
  • 3. 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan.
  • 4. pre-2009 Taurus X.
  • 5. Ford Flex.

Does Towing A Car Behind An Rv Put Miles On It

There is some good news and some bad news. In most cases, the odometer on your vehicle is electronically operated. That means that if you tow your vehicle with the ignition off, you will not add miles to the balance already showing on the odometer.

If the odometer is not electronically controlled, then the bad news is yes, it will add mileage to your balance. So if you start out at 23,000 miles on the meter, and you tow your vehicle 7,000 miles you should have a reading of 30,000.

If you have an electronically controlled odometer, you may not get mileage on your total but your tires and other tire parts may get some wear and tear. You will be shortening the lifespan of your tires even though it has little to no weight in the vehicle.

The best thing to do is contact a trusted car repairman or dealership and ask them. They will have the most accurate information and the best ways to avoid piling up unwanted mileage.

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Why Would You Tow With A Motorhome

A substantial motorhome is a brilliant base for a holiday, but its not exactly a nifty choice for daytime excursions, especially if youre heading for winding, Cornish country lanes or steep seaside slopes.

Large vehicles can be challenging to park and reverse, not to mention carrying relatively high fuel costs. Towing a car behind your motorhome means you have the option of roaming wherever you want, without the hassle of packing up and driving a large vehicle.

On the other end of the scale, you might have a small campervan that is no longer big enough for your familys needs.

Being crammed inside in chilly evenings or during rainy weather is no joke. Towing a small caravan means you have extra space while youre away, but you can still enjoy the comfort and fun of a campervan throughout the day.

You might also want to tow a trailer with a boat, canoes, bikes, or a fold-up trailer caravan. Towing can make your trip more enjoyable and save the cost and hassle of hiring equipment or vehicles at your destination.

Make sure that any items you tow with your motorhome are suitably covered by motorhome insurance or a supplemental policy.

Why Should You Leave The Car At Home

What Are The Best Cars to Tow Behind RV and Motorhome?

If you have a fifth-wheel rig or a pop-up camper, you already have a vehicle, so its a non-issue. But you may think its overkill if you stay put at your site. And if youve brought bikes, you could easily get to the campground store for the necessities. It also depends on where youre at and the road situation.

If youre camping in a smaller campground, you may not have enough room for two vehicles. The site might not even allow it. If youre up in the mountains, you may not feel comfortable towing a car. Then, theres parking. If you have a Class A motorhome, youre well-acquainted with this issue. Adding an extra 14-plus feet isnt going to make it any easier, especially if youre new to RVing.

Youll also save money by not renting or buying a trailer. You probably can find some better uses for that cash. You might find that not having a toad is more freeing than bringing it along. You can just pick up and go without bothering with getting the car hooked up and ready to go. And if youre planning on driving through urban areas, having a trailer will make it even more stressful.

Many campgrounds also have bicycles or scooters you rent for a few hours or the entire length of your stay. And theres always Lyft or Uber if you need a ride into town. It comes down to weighing the pros and cons to decide if towing a car is worth it. Remember, there are no rules. In a worst-case scenario, you could rent one locally and save yourself the trouble.

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Cary The Car On A Trailer The Flatbed Method Of Towing

You can use another trailer that will have its own tires and will hold the car on top of it. With method your car wont be hitting on road at all and thus you will be relived of issues that come with four wheel towing. This method however will mean you spend Substantial amount as compared to tow bar towing.

This kind of method is not popular though as it needs more expenses and also you need to maintain that extra trailer. Also you need extra efforts in putting the vehicle up there and to move it down. Altogether a tough job to do every time you need to move the car on top of it and down. With extra trailer you also need that extra space for storage at home. All in all this doesnt look to be a good practical way to tow your car behind a motorhome and thus not so popular among Rvers.

Benefits Of Dolly Towing Behind An Rv

A dolly trailer lifts the front wheels of your toad off the ground and secures them to the trailer.

Since most modern vehicles are front-wheel drive, towing on a dolly keeps the driveshaft from moving during transport. In addition, when the driveshaft is stationary, it prevents wear on the parts and wont add mileage to the odometer.

Another benefit of using an RV tow dolly is if you buy one with the correct ratings, you can reuse it for many different types of vehicles if you change toads in the future.

On the downside, youll need to purchase a tow dolly for RV. With the average cost around $2,000, its more expensive than the kit for flat towing.

You can find a new dolly as low as $1,200, but some reach $4,000+ in price. Many RVers choose to save money by purchasing a used dolly found through local online marketplace ads.

Another pitfall of a tow dolly is that you cannot use it for rear-wheel-drive vehicles, and it can be challenging to back up with it attached.

Lastly, finding a place on your campsite to store it may be a problem, and certain states require you to plate and register a tow dolly which is an added expense.

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Towing An Rv Vs Being Towed By An Rv

You may decide to go with a totally different set-up, like a truck and travel trailer, tent trailer, pop-up, or fifth wheel. In all of those camping options, you dont need a dinghy. Your truck or towing vehicle is available whenever you need it. I believe this is one of the main advantages of trailers and fifth wheels.

One other option mentioned above is putting a small vehicle like a Fiat 500, Mitsubishi Mirage, Mini Cooper, or motorcycle inside the tow hauler area of a motorhome. Admittedly, most toy haulers are fifth wheels. But there are a few Class A motorhomes like the 40 Newmar Canyon Star that come with toy hauler space in the back.

On the other hand, if your need for a second vehicle would be satisfied with a motorcycle. Just add a motorcycle rack to the back of any motorhome to satisfy the need.

It takes longer to set up a car on a tow dolly.

Pro Tips For Towing A Car Behind An Rv

How to Flat Tow Behind an RV

Motorhomes are a great way for you to travel the country, but without having to sacrifice luxury or comfort. Motorhomes arent great for driving on residential streets or finding parking spots. Many people choose to tow their cars behind motorhomes. A motorhome with a trailer allows you to travel more, do errands and visit a restaurant. Lets see if towing a car might be the right choice for you.

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So What Vehicles Can Be Towed

Technically, every vehicle has the ability to be towed behind a motorhome. The only limiting factor is the weight capacity of your RV and the towing method being used. Generally, towing works best with small compact or regular sized sedans, however it is possible to attach SUVs or even trucks when using the proper equipment. With that being said, there are three major towing mechanisms used by RV enthusiasts. Lets look at the pros and cons of Tow Bars, Flatbed or Enclosed trailers, and Tow Dollies.

Basic Towing Law Issues

When towing you are automatically restricted to a maximum speed of 50mph on single carriageways and 60mph on dual carriageways and motorways, except where a lower general speed limit applies. Also you are not permitted in the outside lane of a motorway where there are three lanes or more.

The Road Vehicles Regulations limits you to towing an unbraked trailer with a MAM not exceeding 750kg or half the kerbweight of the towing vehicle, whichever is less. Where a trailer is fitted with brakes, even if the trailer does not exceed 750kg, those brakes must work properly.

Vehicle manufacturers also quote towing limits and these are normally given in the vehicle handbook. If only one towing limit is given assume it is for a braked trailer. The best way to check the braked trailer limit for a motorhome is to inspect the weight plate on the vehicle. The weight plate, which usually also carries the vehicle’s Vehicle Identification Number , is normally located under the bonnet or on one of the door pillars.

For coachbuilt motorhomes be sure to use the convertor’s plate in case the original specified loadings as indicated on the base vehicle manufacturer’s plate have been amended. The top figure on the plate is the vehicle’s Gross Vehicle Weight and the second figure down is the gross train weight . The GTW is the maximum combined weight of towing vehicle and trailer that is permitted. The difference between the GTW and GVW is your towing limit when the vehicle is fully loaded.

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Benefits Of Flat Trailer Towing Behind An Rv

The final method to bring a toad along on your RV trip is to tow your vehicle using a flat trailer.

You drive your toad up onto the trailer and secure it for transport.

Putting the entire toad up off the ground prevents the wear and tear on the tires and drive train that occurs with flat or dolly towing. This style of towing also stops the odometer from turning and adding mileage to your vehicle.

Once you become comfortable with towing a trailer, youll find its much easier to back up versus the other two toad-towing methods. A flat trailer also gives you the ability to bring along a golf cart, motorcycle, ATV, kayaks, or small boat if the trailer is large enough.

The big disadvantage of using a flat trailer to tow a toad is the size and the need for yearly registration and plating.

Many campground RV sites will not have space to fit your trailer, the tow vehicle, and a camper.

Some RV parks forbid flat trailers, and others may require you to store them offsite during your stay. Therefore, its best to call the campground directly to inquire about their rules on tow trailers to avoid an unpleasant surprise.

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What Are The Best Cars to Tow Behind RV and Motorhome?

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Judi Fulsom

Monday 20th of June 2022

Hi, we have a 2016 Leprechaun and tow our 2012 chevy sonic. We have towed for several years just fine but this last trip our wiring harness began tearing and splitting. We originally had the wiring harness dangle below the tow bar but eventually the weight would pull it out of the socket. We then started towing with the wiring harness on top of the tow bar so as not put weight on the plug at the socket. As I mentioned, this past trip our wiring harness split and tore and eventually affected out tail lights on the car. Is there a right or wrong way to place the wiring harness? I feel having it above the towbar caused the damage, my husband thinks it should be above, please help us figure this out.

Dan Williams

Saturday 18th of September 2021

We are newbies and purchased 2012 Thor Class C Chateau. We want to flat tow a vehicle and are looking for assistance. We have thought about the 2020 Kia Soul GT with DCT, the Chevy Equinox, or go to an older Jeep like a 2016 Wrangler since they are so expensive. If you have any insight or maybe another suggestion that would be better we would appreciate your input.

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Renting Options For Towing Your Vehicle

Many in the RV community dont always need to tow a vehicle with them. Motorhome enthusiasts drive to their vacation destination and enjoy the campgrounds they stay at. Big resorts have golf carts you can rent on location to help them get from the campsite to all of the fun activities within the property.

What Towbars Can Be Used On A Motorhome

At Witter, we sell a range of Towbars that are suitable for use on motorhomes. Our range of towbars consists of:

Fixed Flange: The towball is bolted onto a faceplate and is permanently attached to your vehicle. This is ideal for serious towing, compatible with accessories and usually the cheapest option.

Detachable Flange: Robust and versatile like the fixed flange, the detachable flange comes with the added benefit of being able to remove the towbar when you are not using it.

Fixed Swan Neck: With a sleeker design, the fixed swan neck is more pleasing to the eye. It is compatible with AL-KO stabilisers, however, you cannot tow and carry bikes at the same time.

Detachable Swan Neck: With the same visual appeal as the fixed swan neck, you are also able to remove this when you are not towing. But, you can’t tow and carry bikes at the same time.

Retractable Towbar: When not in use, it can be folded away out of sight in a matter of seconds. Offering the same advantages as a detachable towbar.

Check out our range of towbars today and see what works for your motorhome.

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Towing A Car Behind Your Rv

Invest in a towing solution that works for your RV and your vehicle. Many RV owners forget that because they have an RV doesnt mean it can tow anything. Look at the weight guidelines for your RV, the vehicles weight, and use the right solution to tow safely.

Be aware of the length towing a car behind your RV adds. When you turn, merge into traffic, and stop that added length will need you to react differently. You may not be used to the difference. Practice towing your vehicle behind you before hitting the road for your next trip.

Most Popular Flat Tow Vehicles

BEST WAY To Tow A Car Behind An RV or Motorhome

Everyone has their favorite car. Even RV owners have their top lists of cars they like to own. They also have a list of those cars they like to tow behind their RVs. While you can tow just about any car behind your rig with the right equipment, not all make the most popular list.

Some cars make the list because they are lightweight, others do because they can go off-road and so on. Here is a list of 5 cars that make the most popular list for a variety of reasons:

  • Chevy Spark – weighs in at about 2,400 pounds and gets great fuel economy. Those features make it one of the popular vehicles to tow behind an RV.
  • Jeep Wrangler – its 4 wheel drive and off-road capability provide its owners with a very good vacation option. This off-road ability makes this vehicle a popular car to tow.
  • Ford Fusion – a very safe mid-size car that gets about 42 miles to the gallon. That makes it very appealing when you want to tour the area without breaking camp.
  • Buick Regal GS – its sporting look doesnt sacrifice comfort which makes this an attractive vehicle to have behind your RV. It is also designed to be towed behind your rig.
  • Toyota Corolla – it has been a family favorite for over 50 years now. It is a very reliable car to have along when you go on your next RV vacation. That peace of mind makes your fun better.

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