Metal Steps For Mobile Home

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Installing the Metal Roofing – Mobile Home Roof Project

There is a lot to building and buying mobile home steps so its important that you continue research .

When I searched Google for information about building outdoor steps there were over 35,600,000 results. The following seemed to be the most informative as they included photos or videos and explained the process in simple terms:

Pressure Treated Wooden Steps With Metal Framing

The steps are pine and have been treated so that they can handle the seasons and have the strength to support you as you go in and out of your home. Holding the steps in place is a cross-braced metal frame. This step style comes in various sizes so it is an economical choice whether it is a big or small help needed. The pressure treated wooden steps come with a hand rail, so there is no need to purchase them separately.

How To Build Steps For A Mobile Home Can You Build Your Own

Yes! Building steps would rate as one of the easier DIY home construction projects to take on. If you have a bit of experience working with power tools and carpentry/concrete pouring, you should be fine.

There are plenty of guides available online that you can follow to build your own small flight of steps or stairs. The cheapest and easiest DIY stairs to make would be wooden steps, with concrete being the hardest.

The good news is that you can find separate metal or wooden balustrades that you can attach to your steps if this is a bit beyond your skills.

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Getting Steps For Your Mobile Home

Generally, there are two ways to get a set of steps for your mobile home:

1. Buying premade mobile home steps

  • Premade mobile home steps are available from any reliable mobile home parts supplier. They come in a variety of designs, can be made from any of the major materials listed in this article and are designed for easy installation.

2. Going the DIY route and building your own

  • DIY mobile home steps are often easier to build than you might expect if you use materials like wood or metal. Many DIY steps tutorials are available online, and with a little time and building know-how, you can save some money and have a satisfying home improvement project. However, if you go the DIY route, its especially important to be familiar with your local building standards first.

Overall, steps are one of the most important mobile home upgrades and shouldnt be overlooked. For more critical info on manufactured home siding, skirting, foundations, and more, take a look at our Living in a Mobile Home section.

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Metal Mobile Home Steps

Metal Deck Kit Steps

Metal is an affordable and convenient option for mobile home steps. Steps like the one above may not be ideal for permanent needs but for low-cost and temporary steps metal may be a good choice. These are ideal for RV use as they are foldable and lightweight.

The metal step example above has a large landing or platform at the top of the steps. This is a great design for mobile home steps.

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Best Siding Overall For Mobile Homes: Trulog

Once you compare the different siding options on the market for mobile homes, TruLog stands out as a clear choice for high-quality metal siding. TruLog siding is energy efficient and weather resistant, and it has a Class 4 Impact Rating and Class A Fire Rating thats the highest fire safety rating available for building materials!

In addition, the steel core features a galvanized alloy that ensures long-lasting color consistency, so theres no need to repaint TruLog siding the way you may need to with faded wood or vinyl.With a wide variety of styles and colors available, TruLog can really step up the aesthetic value of a mobile home. From smooth lap to wood-look siding that features creative wood grain patterns, TruLog offers a range of design possibilities. Contact TruLog today to explore the excellent metal siding options that look great on mobile homes.

TruLog Product Catalog

Mobile Home Steps Or Stairs

While we usually use the terms steps and stairs interchangeably, there is a difference between the two. Steps typically involve three or fewer risers, whereas stairs have four or more. Understanding the height of your raised back door, front door, or side entrance will help determine whether you should be looking for mobile home steps or stairs. However, youll need to know what a riser is to understand this difference more clearly. Lets look at the basic terms used when discussing steps or stairs.

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Metal Brings Instant Modern Upgrade To Exterior

Siding is one of the easiest remodeling projects that has the greatest impact. A simple swap in siding can do wonders for an outdated or basic mobile home design. The key is to choose a durable siding with modern features and fresh, long-lasting styles.

On top of being very easy to install, metal siding is a particularly good choice for mobile homes because of its enhanced strength and weather resistance. Wood and vinyl can begin to deteriorate and show signs of damage, like peeling, warping, chipping, mold growth, and moisture damage, which can become a serious eyesore and require costly maintenance.

Installing metal siding on mobile homes is a great way to avoid and prevent the type of damage that is common with wood and vinyl. Metal is simply longer lasting, moisture resistant, and better equipped to handle the everyday exposure to the elements. This means the mobile home is better protected and maintains a more attractive appearance, adding to its overall value.

Best Mobile Home Steps

Step-by-step how to DIY Install Metal Skirting on a Mobile home or building

Mobile home steps are readily available and suited to every need! These steps are essential to help you go in and out of your home efficiently and safely.

The basic parts for a set of mobile home steps are similar to a regular set of steps. You can even build them yourself. Read on to find out all you need to know to make the correct choice. Also, find five recommended mobile home steps.

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Wait Are They Mobile Home Steps Or Stairs

There is a difference between steps and stairs but we usually use one word to describe both.

Technically, steps have three or less risers and stairs have four or more. Of course, youll need to know what a riser is to understand this difference. Below are the basic terms used when talking about steps or stairs:

Types Of Materials For Mobile Home Steps And Railings

Many material options exist for building a great set of mobile home steps. The most popular are:

  • Wood: The classic option for manufactured homes, and the most frequently used. Wood is cost-effective, particularly options like pressure-treated pine. However, it requires more frequent maintenance and cleaning than other materials to protect it from rot and insects.
  • Concrete: Concrete is tough, resilient and good-looking. Its disadvantages are that its very heavy, not easily movable and requires some maintenance to prevent cracking and shifting as it settles.
  • Plastic: Plastic materials like polyethylene and PVC make for rugged, lightweight and inexpensive mobile home steps. However, some homeowners dont like their aesthetic, and they can be extremely slippery in wet conditions. Plastic and wood components are often paired together.
  • Metal: Metal is another solid choice for steps, thanks to its high durability and relative cost-effectiveness. Disadvantages of metal include vulnerability to rust, although choosing aluminum steps can mitigate this.
  • Fiberglass: Fiberglass is a tough and attractive material used for all kinds of automotive and industrial building, and its also a great material option for manufactured home steps. Fiberglass steps will usually have a wooden frame inside, with a rugged fiberglass exterior. However, fiberglass typically costs more than other materials, along with being heavy and hard to move.

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Wood Mobile Home Steps

Wood has always been the most popular material for building mobile home steps. You can find affordable options everywhere. It is also easy to work with using standard tools. Select specialized wood for outdoor spaces to ensure longevity and stability. Look for pressure-treated pine, moisture-resistant cedar, insect-repelling redwood, or composite materials.

You will often find fiberglass in boats and RVs. It pops up anytime a lightweight and durable material is necessary. Fiberglass is easy to maintain. Wood requires constant upkeep, while fiberglass shrugs off the elements. You can build a wooden frame and cover it with fiberglass for protection.

Components Of Mobile Home Stairs And Steps

Mobile Home Stairs Stainless Steel Railing Spiral Stairs

As with most projects, understanding the terminology for the components, tools, and installation will always put you in a better position to save money, make the right decision, and ensure you get the job done right. This information will also help as you read through the rest of this guide as we will often refer to these components.

  • Post The upright rigid post material that is the structural basis for the railing system on the mobile home stairs. They are usually at the top and bottom of the stairs at a minimum whenever there are 4 or more steps. On larger stairs, it may be necessary to add additional posts in between the top and bottom for added support and a result of code rules.
  • Top Rail and Bottom Rail These two pieces extend in between the posts and are used to hold the balusters in place. The height of the top rail, the distance the bottom rail is from the tread, and the overall distance between the bottom and top rail are all held to strict standards via local codes.
  • Balusters These are the components of mobile home steps that align vertically along the rails. Local code will require that they not be more than 4-6 apart in most cases.
  • Railing Cap The cap is placed along the top of the top rail. It is not a requirement necessarily, but it is used to offer a more finished look. Some local codes may require it depending on the building material used.

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We Carry A Full Line Of Aluminum Stairs For All Your Home Office Job Site Or Business Needs

Fortress OSHA Steps are easily portable or can be left in place as needed. Perfect for the jobsite or used for office trailer stairs and other applications.

Pathway HD Stairs are completely code compliant to meet your ADA compliance needs. They are made of durable aluminum construction and are perfect for most business stair needs. They are part of the Pathway HD ADA Ramp Access System.

Pathway 3G Adjustable Steps can be free-standing , attach to most existing decks, or are made to integrate in with the pathway 3G handicap ramp system.

  • 3-4 Steps use from 23 to 34 inches
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  • Optional rear support legs for free standing.
  • ADA, IBC & OSHA Compliance Aluminum Stairs
  • Available from 18″ to 60″ high
  • Office Metal Stairs for your business.

Leading Az Step Manufacturer

Are your manufactured steps safe and in good condition?

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Custom Steps For Manufactured Homes

Custom Steps For Motorhomes, RVs and Travel Trailers

Discount Steps can build high quality steps that are customized to fit the specifications of your manufactured home. Call today to learn more!

Need customized steps for your luxury motorhome or travel trailer? Call now to see how Discount Steps can help.

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Be Knowledgeable Before You Decide To Make The Big Purchase

And, thats all you need to know when it comes to premade steps for mobile homes. Remember to try and find examples of what other people have done online before you make up your mind, there is always a wealth of interesting and exciting ideas, tips, and tricks that might surprise you. You might also want to tackle this as part of a larger mobile home exterior remodel. Weve got a whole series to help you with this type of project.

What Else To Consider

how to installation folding stairscas | how to install attic ladder | diy ladder steps
  • Design: You will be able to choose from a wide variety of designs and styles when you set out. However, this can be limited a lot by what type of steps you choose. Wooden and metal steps usually have the best variety with ornate balustrades whereas fiberglass, plastic, and concrete will be plainer.
  • How it fits in:You should consider how to fit the steps in with the rest of your home. In most cases, your steps will be at the same height as the homes skirting. One solution is to use a material similar to, or the same material as, the skirting material on the sides of the steps or at least pick steps that match it.
  • Accessibility:If you look for it, youll be able to find steps with accessibility features like extra secure handrails, shorter rises with longer runners or even a wheelchair ramp. If you have someone in your home, or that often visits your home, with special needs, this might be worth looking into.
  • Landing:You will be able to choose between steps with either a small landing or that transition straight from your door to the steps. Steps with a short landing might be a bit safer to use and a bit more accessible.

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Park Model And Camper Steps

*Discounts available when ordered in quantities of 5 or more.
⢠Dont Forget– When measuring the height of the steps Allow 1-2″ for frost heave in colder climate areas.
Econo Porch by Stromberg provides the stability of the ground it rests on. The rise is comfortable for grandma as well as the grand kids. This steel step comes fully assembled, simply unfold the step and attach 6 lock open braces for stability. 300 lb weight capacity. 2 Steps. 27″ wide by 16″ deep landing platform. 27″ wide by 9″ deep steps. 7″ rise, total platform height of 21″.
Steps – EHS-102-R $351.82
Econo Porch by Stromberg provides the stability of the ground it rests on. The rise is comfortable for grandma as well as the grandkids. This steel step comes fully assembled, simply unfold the step and attach 6 lock open braces for stability. 300 lb weight capacity. 3 Steps. 27″ wide by 16″ deep landing platform. 27″ wide by 9″ deep steps. 7″ rise, total platform height of 28″.
Steps – EHS-103-R $407.92
Camco’s RV Folding Metal Step Stool is perfect for all those little jobs around the RV. It opens to 11-1/2″ tall. Its lightweight aluminum construction supports up to 200 lbs.

Increased Interest In Mobile Homes

Cost-effectiveness has become a priority for many individuals and families in the U.S. Steep inflation, seemingly endless backups in the supply chain, and a turbulent housing market that has seen rent and property prices soar, has made people start looking for alternatives to help alleviate some of their financial pressures.

Mobile homes have consistently been an affordable solution for homeownership, yet they havent always been the most favorable choice. Now, thats changing, as people are beginning to realize that mobile homes offer an abundance of advantages that go far beyond pocketbook savings.

A smaller living space often translates to much lower energy bills and less money spent on home repairs and upkeep, not to mention a smaller carbon footprint overall. Modern material swaps like durable metal siding instead of flimsy vinyl give mobile homes the opportunity to increase in value even more with longer-lasting exteriors that look stylish and require very little maintenance.

People are also opting for mobile homes over traditional residences to cash in on the flexibility that the lifestyle offers. With more people working remotely or simply choosing to move around and experience new cities mobile homes provide a fresh interpretation of homeownership, one that doesnt tie a person down to one place.

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Should You Choose The Omni Step Or Dual Step

If you have a mobile office or trailer that you move frequently, the Omni Step is the best solution because it can adjust to accommodate many different threshold heights. For example, if the threshold height is not exactly 28 or 35, the Omni is a better choice. If the office or trailer doesnt move often, the Dual Step is the perfect access product.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Mobile Home Steps

Looking for custom Industrial mobile straight with landing stairs ...

Since most mobile homes are raised, many of them leveled atop cinder blocks, stairs will be a necessity. An attractive set of mobile home steps, especially if a porch or deck is added, can add to the value of a mobile home. There are different styles and sizes, as well as different materials from which mobile home steps can be made.

Sizes vary according to the overall height of the staircase required as well as the number of risers and height and depth of each one. Width will vary as well. Some mobile home steps will have the last, or top step, just in front of the door, while others have a landing at the top.

Another important thing to consider is railings. Handrails are an important addition to prevent accidental falls and other injuries. They may even be required in many areas as part of the building code. Some styles of steps come complete with handrails while others do not. Others offer handrails as an addition and may include pre-drilled holes in the design to help simplify installation.

There are also stair templates available from home improvement centers. Templates are frequently wooden. Supports, hardware, and planks for risers can be added to complete the stairway. Look for treated wood to prevent mold, mildew, termites, or other problems that can lead to decay. Wooden mobile home steps can also be purchased or built by a contractor.

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