Mobile Dentistry For Nursing Homes

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Where Compassion Meets Integrity

Geisinger: Mobile Dental Services Unit

We never intended to create a massive corporate endeavor. On the contrary- we noticed there was a huge need for nursing home residents to receive frequent dental visits without waiting months on a list. We love that we are able to provide multiple facilities within our 40-mile radius with trustworthy, attentive and understanding dentistry.

What Is Mobile Dentistry

Mobile dental services can help you receive good care from a dentist in the comfort of your own home! It allows a dentist to visit you in your own home if your health warrants it. That way, you can receive oral care without ever having to leave your house.

Mobile dental care is suitable for elderly patients and homebound patients. Besides, it can help people with other problems, like anxiety, and health conditions. Furthermore, it helps brings the latest innovation in the field of dentistry to your home.

Compassionate Dental Care For Elderly Patients

LifeCycle Dental provides individualized, travelling care for residents in long-term care and assisted-living facilities so they can maintain the function and health of their mouths. We do everything we can to make the lives of the residents as well as their families easier and simpler by coming to them. You can learn more about what makes our services special below.

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Compassion Convenience And Comfort

Aside from the ease of access, receiving at-home treatment can be beneficial. Not only are you at the comfort of your home, but you also return to your tasks soon after. Besides, the patients are more confident when they receive treatment where they feel safe and secure.

Furthermore, visiting clinics is a hassle for people with busy schedules. Mobile dental services are convenient as they come to you at your time and place of choice.

What Is Nursing Home Dentistry And Assisted Living Dentistry


Nursing Home Dentistry refers to dental care that we provide in a nursing home, assisted living facility, or other skilled nursing facility. One of the most common services we provide to our patients in nursing homes include making new dentures, adjusting dentures, and denture repairs. If a patient has a sore spot from a denture, or if they feel that their bite is off, we can adjust it.

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Mobile Dentistry Services For Corporations

Save Money and Bring Mobile Dental Care to your Workplace

Sick days and productivity losses from workers coming to work in poor health are two of the biggest money losses any business faces. Knowing this, it’s important that all companies put their employees’ health as a high priority. Healthy and happy employees mean greater productivity for you, and good health starts in the mouth.

A recent study found that 252.2 million work hours were lost in 2017 for non-cosmetic visits to the dentist. Cut down on the travel time and wait for your employees, and schedule the mobile dental services professionals.

Let us take care of your employees, and watch your productivity soar.

Mobile Dentistry for Nursing Homes and Senior Communities

Who Are Qualified To Receive Mobile Dentistry Services

In-home dental care is a good choice for people who cannot travel far and still want to go to the dentist. If you are wondering whether you qualify for in-home dental service, it is best to ask your service provider.

They will be able to provide the dental services you need in-house, and then monitor your dental health at home. Generally, patients suffering from one or more of the following chronic conditions are eligible for in-home dental services:

In-house dental services may be provided by a dentist, dental hygienist, or an assistant. The person who provides the service depends on the needs of the patient and their care plan.

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Why Is Dental Care Important To Seniors

Optimal oral health plays a key role in maintaining a balanced diet, the ability to communicate, and overall wellness. The role of a mobile dentist includes identifying and addressing the unarticulated needs of your loved one, before they are obvious to you or other caregivers. Rest confidently in a team with unique experience and commitment to serving individuals with special needs, such as advanced dementia.

Partner with a mobile dentist that has a 97% satisfaction approval rate, with 80% of facilities requesting our services for over three years in a row. There are no extra costs charged to your facility. Contact a customer care manager today for more information.

Superior Dental Care For The Elderly

Doorstep Healthcare Offers Mobile Dental Services

Golden Age Dental Care has proudly been providing comprehensive mobile dentistry services in California since 1988. In that time, we have become Southern Californias most trusted mobile dental clinic.

We are passionate about helping people maintain their dental health for utmost wellbeing in their golden years. We understand the challenges seniors may face when it comes to attending dental appointments, and we assist by coming to you, providing compassionate care that is second to none regardless of your mobility issues, other health conditions, or special needs. Whether you reside in your own home, a retirement community, or in a nursing home, we offer solutions that work so that you can easily maintain your oral health for the rest of your life.

We provide a range of services including:

  • Routine Cleaning

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What Do Mobile Dentists Do

Its incredible to know that mobile dentists can perform the usual routine procedures that are usually done on a regular dental clinic. With the help of technology advancement, using a portable setup and equipment, extractions, digital x-rays, denture fittings, deep cleanings, and root canals are just some of the procedures that can be done. There are also many other procedures that are routinely done for outpatients.

Tooth Fairy Mobile Dental Services

Your #1 Mobile Dental Service in Florida

Tooth Fairy Mobile Dental Service is the leading mobile dental service in Florida, providing on-site dental care to patients in assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and private homes. Tooth Fairy Mobile Dental Service offers comprehensive on-site dental procedures from routine examination, x-rays, cleanings, denture fabrication and repair, fillings, crown and bridge, extractions, and mini-implants.

At Tooth Fairy Mobile Dental Services, we offer quality dental care for patients in the comfort of their own homes. Our experienced and compassionate dentists strive to provide excellent dentistry with the latest dental technology for patients unable to attend a dental office.

If you are looking for mobile dental services in South Florida, contact us at 1-855-757-6453 or request an appointment online and our team will be happy to assist you.

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Ease Of Compassionate Dental Care

For many patients, the idea to get dental treatment at their doorstep is most welcome. It can be a great relief for many people and give them more freedom than they had before. The team brings all equipment necessary for treating you without having to leave home. This means no more sitting in dentists chairs for hours on end. It also reduces the stress level of patients who are anxious about dental procedures and pain.

Mobile Dentist For Nursing Homes

USC dentistry and social work provide mobile dental clinic for homeless ...

Maintaining oral health through optimum dental care is crucial for your overall physical health. As such, maintaining your dental health with regular care from a dentist throughout life is an important aspect of a holistic approach to your ongoing wellbeing into older age.

Welcome to Golden Age Dental Care: your premium provider of mobile dental services in Southern California. We are the most innovative, compassionate, and caring mobile dentist for seniors and we pride ourselves on our unique approach to unparalleled dental care for the elderly.

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What Our Patients Say About Us

Dental services for older adults in their own facilities

We are extremely happy with the service provided and would refer them to anyone who needs a dentist our case elderly mother 101 years young. Thank you again Tooth Fairy Mobile.

As the administrator of a memory care building, I was hesitant to allow another mobile dentist in due to past experiences in other buildings with dentists being a disaster. The Tooth Fairy Dentist has been in our building for over a year and I am extremely satisfied with the performance. The Tooth Fairy Dentist comes promptly each month to see our residents. Families of residents are are also very happy with the convenience and quality of care. It is MUCH easier than transporting residence to dental appointments.

My mother was referred to the Tooth Fairy by her nurse from Hospice. The dentist and technician arrived timely, provided an examination and X-rays in the privacy of her home. While somewhat costly, this group provides a much-needed service when patient mobility is an issue. I also found them honest in their recommendations for follow-up care.

I was impressed with the time spent by the dentist listening to our concerns and answering our questions.

My father lost his denture while in the hospital was not able to eat and was losing weight. The dentist was able to see him within 24 hours of my call to the office and made him a new denture that fits like a glove thank you for your help and your service.

What Exactly Are Mobile Dentists

A mobile dentist could be an individual dentist or a team of dental professionals that have a moving office. They specialize in providing dental care in the privacy and comfort. When people have some restraints in being mobile but still need dental care services, then a mobile dentist can come to them. This is common and convenient for nursing homes, retirement communities, assisted living facilities and rehabilitation centers. There are also patients that are homebound usually those elderly and disabled can also take advantage of a complete mobile dentistry service.

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We Travel To Our Patients To Provide Quality Compassionate Dental Care

HomeCare Dentists started in 1993 and has now grown to serve many areas of Southern California including Orange County, San Diego County, Riverside and San Bernadino Counties, and the South Bay of Los Angeles. We accomplish this by bringing the dental equipment into their homes and dental treatment is done at the bedside in their rooms.

People that benefit from our services usually have ailments such as Alzheimers, dementia, stroke, Parkinsons, agoraphobia, or patients that are bed-bound for various reasons. Our Mission is to provide quality, compassionate dental care to the homebound in the comfort of their home as well as educate the patients and those that care for them on the importance of good oral health and how it effects the patients overall wellbeing.

Our services include much more than cleanings, though. We are able to perform most services that a regular fixed office can including composites, crowns, bridges, partials, dentures, relines, denture adjustments and extractions, including taking x-rays. We have state of the art mobile equipment that includes a compressor, portable digital x-ray machine and intra-oral camera. With our software, we are able to take digital x-rays and photographic images, maximizing the communication with the patient, caregiver and responsible party . You can find out more by calling .

Locations and Patients We Frequently Visit

  • Independent, Assisted, and Memory Care Living Facilities
  • Board and Care Homes

When To Be Seen And Whats Needed

CityStream: Mobile Dental Care

All high care residents are seen by our visiting dentist 12 monthly, any low care resident who are immobile will also be seen. Low care residents can be seen by at our Dental clinic in Ashmore. For emergencies, our Dentist will visit the facility, prior to residents being seen by our dentist the following information must be completed and sent to our dental clinic: Residents name, problem, Medicare & Pension number and a completed Medical/Dental History Form prior to a resident being seen by our dentist.

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Hygienists Require A Dentists Supervision

Mobile dentistry is immeasurably rewarding, but it is a field wrought with unique challenges, the foremost being gaining access to nursing home or assisted care facilities. Where dental hygienists are concerned, some states dont allow hygiene services unless a dentist is present or a dentist has performed an exam first. Currently, 35 states allow dental hygienists to initiate treatment after using an accepted protocol to assess patient need. Some states provide hygienists with permits to render care under the sponsorship of a dentist but without the dentist there to supervise them. Obtaining a permit may require working a preset number of hours under a dentists direct supervision.3 As such, when pursuing mobile dentistry, it is invaluable for hygienists to establish a working relationship with a local dentist.

Knowledge of ones state laws is a must. In the state of Florida, for instance, once the dentist has performed the exam, the hygienist can go in and clean the patients teeth over the next 18 months before another exam is required. Mobile hygienists are beginning to advocate for standardized laws allowing direct access to LTCFs so they can best serve a growing population in dire need of their services. While education and awareness pave the way for positive change, it will take passionate, energetic, and committed hygienists to make it happen. In the meantime, it helps to know how to get ones foot in the door.

Our Team Comes To Your Loved One

We are part of the medical/dental care team for each facility we serve. This means that we are available to you for all your loved ones needs in the privacy of their own room. We bring state-of-the-art mobile dental equipment into the facility along with everything we need to provide any type of dental procedure needed. You will have peace of mind knowing that you dont have to deal with all the challenges in taking them out to a private dental appointment.

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Serving All Of North Texas

Our team serves within a 40-mile radius from our home office. We are most interested in being available to your loved one quickly. This is crucial when someone has an emergency. The facilities and families we serve have peace of mind knowing we visit several times month. Our 40-mile travel radius eliminates patients having to wait for care.

Mobile Dentistry On The Rise

Gum Care

Treating LTCF patients in a dental office can be problematic. Many residents are nonambulatory, and wheelchairs dont fit well in the treatment area. It is not easy, or always possible, to transfer the patient from their wheelchair to the dental chair. Elderly patients who have lost the ability to bear weight on their legs require large Hoyer lifts to transfer them. Visits to a dental office might require the assistance of a trained aide, adding cost and complexity to the situation. Patients with Alzheimers might act out, shout, or cause a public disturbance if they perceive they are being rushed or coerced into treatment. Many of these obstacles are mitigated when patients are treated by trained professionals in comfortable, familiar surroundings, as is the case with mobile dentistry.

Like physical health, the oral health of seniors tends to decline over time if not properly attended to. Dentists and hygienists can provide care to reduce oral bacteria that can result in local and systemic infections, chronic diseases, and needless pain and suffering. Through regular dental visits, dental professionals improve the quality of life for seniors who may not otherwise receive treatment.

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Cons Of Mobile Dental Clinics

If there are lots of benefits, there are also unconvinced people and raises questions about these mobile dental clinics. The primary worry and issues that are in raise is the sanitation of clinic supplies, but thats really not a con since it is guaranteed that all tools and pieces of equipment being used are sterile thinking that mobile dentists primary clients are elderly who have sensitive health. Another thing is keeping their patients records confidential, authorities are still thoroughly checking that concern but shouldnt be a big deal if you want a dental service and cant go to the dentist.

What Are Mobile Dental Clinics

When we say mobile, we might be thinking about a running container van or truck. Now a mobile dental clinic can totally look different depending on the company. Some clinics have offices and receptionists working in, no matter how the mobile office is set up, you can still have the assurance that their objective is to bring a dentist to your doorstep and aid into your dental healthcare needs.

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Full Service Mobile Dentistry

All the Capabilities, but in a Portable and mobile Setting

Our mobile and portable dental equipment is easily transportable and operated by well-trained dental health care professionals. These unique teams give us the capability of providing full dental exams and dental hygiene services. Test out our mobile dentist and you’ll be surprised by what we can do when we bring the dentist to you!

Our mobile dentistry services capabilities include:

What Our Nursing Home Clients Say

Helping you prepare for your visit to Community Dental Services

There are not enough stars to express how wonderfully professional and caring all the staff are in this clinic, thanks so much Dr Gaz you are amazing

I have just had my first home visit from the Dentaltech team. Dr. Gaj and Samantha attended to my much overdue dental needs. How I wish I knew about Dentaltech a few years ago when I first became bedb… …Read More

I was very fearful of going to the dentist, but thankfully that fear is no longer there.I would like to thank all the team in Dentaltech, i am delighted with the dentures they fit perfectly, you made… …Read More

I had a broken denture and the Dentaltech team on last Saturday, August 28, 2021, repaired the denture in a fantastic way ! Im over the moon of happiness when I got my denture back late Saturda… …Read More

I have just had my first home visit from the Dentaltech team. Dr. Gaj and Samantha attended to my much overdue dental needs. How I wish I knew about Dentaltech a few years ago when I first became bedb… …Read More

There are not enough stars to express how wonderfully professional and caring all the staff are in this clinic, thanks so much Dr Gaz you are amazing

I have just had my first home visit from the Dentaltech team. Dr. Gaj and Samantha attended to my much overdue dental needs. How I wish I knew about Dentaltech a few years ago when I first became bedb… …Read More

Thank you so much Dental Tech Group! Its the first time in my life that I am not ashamed of having dentures.

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