Mobile Home Axles For Sale

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Easier Ways To Get It Done

Mobile Home Tires and Axles On Trailers

Lubrication is simple work but may require a little patience. Open the oil cap, spin it around to get them to face down and then let the oil flow out. You want to be sure it all drains so leave it there a whole day or night and come back to it.

That seems like a long time, right? Well, make it go a little faster by pointing a hair dryer on high setting at the hub. You could also point a heat gun but a hair dryer could be more easily accessible.

The hole the oil goes into is small and putting in the oil may take a while. You can make it easier by using a thumb pump. Plugs can come loose and leave you leaking oil but you can fix this by using a high temperature gasket sealant on the threads. They wont come loose or leak and you get to enjoy better service from your trailer. Make sure you use the recommended oil.

Another odd but effective way to speed things up is to warm the oil in a microwave for a few seconds. Place the oil container in the microwave for a short time. Be careful not to overdo it. Look at the nozzle of the oil container. If it is tapered you can just cut a small part of the tip to leave you with a small hole, instead of looking for a thumb pump.

Try as much as possible to replace oil in warm weather. It is recommended that you check and change the oil at least twice a year or as the need arises.

Are The Axles Worth Money If In Usable Condition

In fact, the axles are worth the money. If you want to sell these, this is a good idea because you can get the price while effective. Or if it so happens that you have decided not to move your home anymore, then naturally, you will no longer need them.

Find someone who needs it. Remember, buyers will always want to buy axles that are in working condition. So you can sell it when it is usable, otherwise, it will become useless as a result of being unused.

How Worth Is The Mobile Home Axle Replacement

Mobile home axles need to be replaced by a particular field and it is better to replace them when you notice any problem that is hindering your work. However, in the beginning, remove the wheel and remove the old axle. However, be careful when removing it so that the foundation of your home is not damaged. Now complete the setup of the new axle.

With the exception of the wheel, the double axle weighs about 300 pounds. Also, everything attached to it weighs around 2,000-2,500 pounds. Therefore double axle replacement can be somewhat time-consuming and expensive.

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How Worthy Are The Mobile Home Axles On Trailers

Mobile home axles for trailers were indeed banned for several years. Any previously constructed axles were considered valid until they exceeded the width. The axles werent regarded as worthy of a trailer, but there are exceptions.

This is because various opportunists are using this axle on both new and old trailers. Although this process is thought to be completely disposable, it has notRevived, which is not valid.

Trailers With Mobile Home Axles

(2) Mobile home axles in Udall, KS

Here, at the Trailer Parts Superstore, we often get calls from frustrated customers who have found out that their trailer has been outfitted with a suspension salvaged from a mobile home transport. A little history: when mobile homes were first being introduced, some of the builders asked the Dexter Axle Co. to develop a low cost suspension system for limited use only for the transport of the mobile homes of the day. Dexter developed a suspension that was accepted and was in wide use during the heyday of the mobile home. This system was not approved by DOT, but approved by HUD . It was called the MHA and was supposed to be disposable. Unfortunately, opportunists would salvage these suspensions and re-use them on old trailers and even new trailers.

This suspension consisted of an axle with drum brakes and springs. Even though the axle could be rated at 6000lb, the spindle, bearings and hub de-rated it to 4500 lb. The brake assembly backing plates were welded to the spindle and they could be rebuilt but not replaced. Brake rebuild parts can still be ordered directly from Dexter. The springs were a low quality mono-leaf and can be replaced with a 25.25 double eye leaf spring.

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Flat Deck Tri Axle Trailer For Sale In South Africa

What is Flat Deck Tri Axle Trailer?

A tri-axle vehicle is a truck, tractor, or trailer with three axles grouped together at the rear. Tri-axle vehicles are primarily used to haul heavy loads. The multiple axles and wheels allow for better weight displacement and stability.

Flat Deck Tri Axle Trailer For Sale In South Africa

Find new & used flat decks for sale on South Africas leading trailer marketplace with the largest selection of flat decks for sale.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a tri axle?

A tri-axle vehicle is a truck, tractor, or trailer with three axles grouped together at the rear. Tri-axle vehicles are primarily used to haul heavy loads. The multiple axles and wheels allow for better weight displacement and stability.

What is a flat deck?

The flat deck refers to the area of the truck or trailer that the goods are loaded onto its a large uniformly flat area which items can be placed on and secured. Trailers can be heavy or light, and can be semitrailers or full trailers.

What is the most common type of flatbed trailer?

In addition to the dry van, the standard flatbed trailer is an incredibly common type of trailer. Although they come in several different sizes the 48-foot flatbed trailer is the most frequently used.

Whats the difference between a step deck and a drop deck?

Is a deck over trailer better?

What is a flatbed trailer?

What is the point of a step deck trailer?

Is Stepdeck better than flatbed?

How tall can you load a flatbed?

Things To Check As You Use Your Mobile Home To Ensure Safety

Youve conducted all your maintenance and everything is looking good for the next year or so unless you move it often. An opportunity to use it may come your way and the excitement to bring out the contraption will definitely be something to look forward to, especially after diligently fixing it. You will literally be enjoying the work of your hands.

Before you dive in, it is important that you conduct a few checks. Just like you would check your car for tire pressure, oil level, fuel level, proper positioning of the mirror and any other thing you deem important, a mobile home requires the same due diligence before use. Here are a few of the important ones.

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Mobile Home Axles For Sale

Mobile Home Axles For Sale – Easy Pass North Carolina First Privately Run Toll Lanes. Sale Included Securities Maturing June Yielding Charlotte State Most Populous City Home Bank America Corp Duke Energy Biggest Electric Utility Surrounding Mecklenburg Iredell Counties.

Mobile Home Axles Trailer Camper Parts Ebay. Trailer Sales Parts Service Rentals Hub Should Allow Convert Many Mobile Home Axles Just Measure Make Sure Your Spindle.

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Mobile Home Axles With Brakes

Repurposed 1950’s Mobile Home Axle for Frontier Sawmill Trailer Pt 2
  • Ad id:203220554056588
  • Price:$377.00

Selling Mobile Home Axles With Brakes for $377, without brakes, just regular ones for $277 each, have several weight classes. Tires On Wheels, $97 each. Springs, come with some of the axles and are already mounted. Make me a reasonable offer on any of these items for sale and they are yours. Call or text Joe at for availability, sizes, photos, or any questions. For some reason I can not download any photos here, but if you text me I can send them to you. Thanks and have a great day !!!

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Why You Should Replace Your Axle

The biggest reason for a replacement is safety. Axles are built to carry heavy loads, but imagine this piece of equipment falling apart when ferrying something heavy and costly. It can cause injury and irreversible damage to property and even human beings that could be in the way.

Damage to items may be costly and injuries to people may require a hospital visit, which costs money too. It is definitely safer and cheaper to replace it.

Using it when it is faulty causes a lot of instability. Negotiating simple corners can cause further damage to the axle and possibly the load as well.

Here At Dl Parts We Are Your Trailer Axle Headquarters

With well over 100 Axle variations IN STOCK in capacities from 2000lb to 10000lb in stock, we can fix you up with the axle you need!

In Spring Suspension Axles we stock many lengths in 2,000lb , 3,500lb , 5,200lb , 7,000lb , 8,000lb & 10,000lb , & can order in 12,000 & 16,000lb Axles.

In Torsion Axles we stock 2,200lb , 3,500lb , 6,000lb , 7,000lb , 8,000lb & can order them in in 10,000lb , 12,000lb weight capacities.

If a stock axle length will not fit for your repair, or manufacture of your trailer we can Order it in. Custom length, Custom Options! To your specs!

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Worth To Be Shortened

It is possible to reduce it, but there are some things you need to do. If you want to shorten a trailer axle, you need to find the required length from the center of the axis. You may know that axles carry most of the weight on the outside of the axis.

While it is possible to minimize it, you need to be consistent. However, it should not be too small, otherwise, it will fail to gain weight.

Maintenance Is The Thing To Do

(2) Mobile home axles in Udall, KS

Looking at the bigger picture, regular maintenance is crucial for any mechanical equipment. It reduces the chance of accidents, improves performance and saves a lot of money and time. It also ensures that you get the most out of the money you spent buying parts and every other accessory required.

Regularly taking a look at your mobile home axles will keep your equipment running for much longer. Collect as much information as you can on proper maintenance and determine when to make changes. This will have you prepared for those times you need to carry out some maintenance tasks without compromising on the quality and accuracy of the final result.

You can be an expert too and seeing your equipment running smoothly after carefully working on it evokes such pride and confidence. Be sure to stay in touch with like-minded individuals who can give you tips and pointers to keep your equipment in good shape. And most importantly, remember to check if your axles need replacement.

What did we miss? What experience do you have with mobile home axles? Feel free to share!

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Long Term Tightness Isnt Healthy

You want to loosen the castle nut just a little, about a quarter turn, once everything is in place. This is because the bearings mustnt be too tight or they will stop working before their time. Nobody wants premature failure, especially on something as useful as this.

It will also make it difficult for the wheel to rotate, which defeats the whole purpose of having bearings in the first place. Rocking the wheel at this point shouldnt give you the sound of a moving hub. You should barely hear or feel it move if it is tight enough. Put the cotter pin back, bend it like it was and replace the dust cap. Repeat this same process for the other wheel as well.

This whole process could take about two to three hours depending on your speed and how careful you are when handling the parts. It may seem tedious at first, but you will definitely be glad you learnt how to do it when it has to be done while you are far away from home and your mechanic. You can ask your mechanic to have a look at it before you use it just in case you arent confident about your skills yet or you simply prefer to have them do it.

Regular maintenance goes a long way in preserving a mobile home axle, but it will get to that point of no return at some point. A time will come when you will have to let it go and that can be a difficult decision to make. It may be a long way off taking into account it may even last more than six years but it will come. How then, do you know its time to get a replacement?

Trailer Lights & Wiring

We’ve selected trailer light manufacturers known for quality and reliability such as Optronics, Bargman and Peterson. Traditional incandescent, LED trailer lighting and new Glow lights. We carry wiring from single conductor to complete trailer wiring harnesses and all the connectors, plugs and brackets for repairing or manufacturing trailers.

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What Is A Mobile Home Rated For Which Is Worthwhile

Axles are usually rated from 1000 to 10000 based on different capacities. You have to manage it at this rate. Can you go from this to load power? Yes, you can, but you shouldnt because its dangerous in most cases.

Exceeding the maximum speed of the trailer can make it challenging to handle and doing this while on the road can axle. So always keep the speed within the recommended ratings.

Alternative Remedies To Replacement

Converting Mobile home axles to 8 lug!!

If the only problem identified is rust and there isnt evidence to show that the rust has eaten deep into the axle, a good option would be to paint over the rust. It may have already started flaking and this looks horrible and makes you look bad in the process, so it definitely needs fixing.

Take out the wheels and undo the U bolts. If the bolts are too rusted, you can simply cut them off using an angle grinder b. Youll need to replace them, but they arent expensive so that shouldnt worry you. Take the axle out, grind it back using the angle grinder again but with a suitable brush or disc.

Prime it and then paint. Finish off with a spray of tectyl. This will give it another 10 years or so and tectyl keeps rust away even longer.

When replacing the bolts, go for galvanized ones instead of zinc and spray them with tectyl too. You should replace hubs and bearings too if they are overly rusted so as to keep the machinery operating smoothly for several more years.

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