Mobile Home Siding Replacement Cost

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Top Mobile Home Siding Choices

How to Replace Damaged Vinyl Siding | Ask This Old House

Top mobile home siding choices mirror a lot of the popular siding choices available for all homes today. Gone are the days of asbestos, fiberglass, and steel siding on new mobile homes.

Just about any new home you want offers vinyl as an option and most of them will also offer a more durable, fiber board style siding as well. The siding used on new homes are all rot and termite resistant and retain their colors for a long time.

If you are replacing siding on your old mobile home, you will find the sky is the limit for choices, just go to your favorite home improvement store or talk to your favorite siding contractor. There are a few things you want to be aware of if you are replacing old siding, which we will cover below. First, lets see choices available for old and new mobile homes.

Vinyl Siding Vs Other Siding Materials

Use our siding cost estimator to get an in-depth comparison of 13 different types of house siding. When vinyl was first introduced to the market, it didnt earn immediate favor among homeowners because of poor quality production processes that resulted in shifts in the color and overall low-quality. A lot has changed since then, and now homeowners can install vinyl siding with confidence. US Census Bureau statistics show it has been the top exterior finish for homes since 1995.

Vinyl siding will always feature on the lower end of the siding costs spectrum. The most common vinyl panels cost between $0.70 to $3/SF and have a standard length of 12 feet. Different options available for the exterior siding for your home are:

Vinyl Siding vs. Other Materials

Siding Material

Mobile Home Simple Exterior Wall Construction

Lets first understand the basic construction of a mobile homes exterior walls. Inside your next investment mobile home youll find likely find classic mobile home paneling or modern drywall covered with paint or wallpaper. Under this layer of drywall or paneling you will find the wall studs, insulation, and electric wiring. On the opposite sides of the wall studs will typically be a layer of durable clear/colored plastic that acts as a water barrier should any water get past the exterior siding of the home. The final layer and exterior of a mobile home is the siding material itself.

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New Siding Creates A Barrier From Noise Wind And Animals

Another benefit of new siding is protection from noise. Noisy neighbors can be bothersome but new siding, when coupled with new insulation and windows, can drastically reduce noise levels in your home. This is an especially important benefit for homes in parks with close neighbors.

Better mobile home siding also provides pest control of sorts. An additional barrier from critters such as snakes, opossums, mice, and other small pests is never a bad thing!

Cracks and holes will be repaired during the installation process and the added layer of material will make your home a harder target to penetrate. Better siding may also help prevent moisture growth of mold, dust mites, and bacteria when installing with proper ventilation.

Colors And Styles Of Vinyl

2021 Mobile Home Siding Replacement Cost Calculator

Vinyl siding manufacturers offer up to 350 different colors so you can certainly find the color you want. The most popular style for mobile homes is dutch lap or clapboard.

The color combinations are vast and vinyl lasts for a very long time. Its color retention and fading issues are getting better with new technology, Georgia Pacific vinyl has a 25-year excessive fade warranty and a 50-year product warranty.

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How Do You Make An Old Mobile Home Look New

If the aluminum siding on your mobile home has dents, has pulled away from the home in portions, or is suffering from peeling paint, you can update the homes look with new siding. Because many types of siding material come pre-painted, completely transforming and updating a home can sometimes be as simple as removing the old aluminum and installing a new type of siding.

Great Replacements For Aluminum Siding On Your Mobile Home

Replacing metal siding on a mobile home is a great way to improve the look and value of your home. It also serves as an opportunity to further insulate the home if you live in a cold climate. Below are our top options for aluminum siding replacement. Well go over the specifics of each, as well as their typical cost.

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House Siding Cost Estimator

Before you undertake a siding project, you will want to have an estimate of its overall cost. The good news is that you don’t need a contractor to estimate your siding costs. All you need is a measuring tape, paper, pencil and a calculator. Here are the steps to take to estimate your siding cost:

  • Pick a side of your home and draw the walls that will receive siding on your sheet of paper. Break the diagram up into rectangles and triangles.

  • Measure the rectangles and triangles of your wall and write down the measurements on your drawing.

  • Repeat the above two steps until you have measured your entire house.

  • Add up all the rectangles and triangles and calculate their area.

  • Use the following formulas to get the area for your rectangles and triangles:

  • Area of rectangle = Height x Length

  • Area of Triangle = / 2

  • These formulas will work with any variation of rectangle or triangle.

  • Add the areas together to give you your house’s exterior square footage.

  • Add 10% to cover waste with gables, windows and typical errors.

  • Multiply the figure you came up with in step 5 by the siding cost per square foot. If you want to get even more specific, add in tax.

  • Before starting, make sure to calculate how much siding you need to avoid overspending or having extra materials.

    Styles And Design Of Cedar Siding

    Mobile Home siding repair. How to repair mobile home siding.

    Cedar siding comes in a variety of types and finishes. You can even use it in its rustic form. The material whitens with age. So all you need to do is apply a clear finish to ensure that it continues to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your house for years to come.

    You can go for kiln, air-dried, or oven-dried form of the material. Among these, oven-dried is more expensive because of its ability to remove moisture. This ensures that you dont have to worry about shifting and shrinking.

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    Price Of Vinyl Siding

    Non-insulated vinyl siding usually comes in 12 foot long panels that are 8-12 high. Mobile Home Parts Store sells vinyl siding in cases with 22 pieces that are 9 height x 121 in length for $236.00. Each case covers 200 square feet. Keep in mind that buying bulky or extra long products like vinyl siding from an online source will have a steep shipping cost. Here are the specs from the listing:

    To replace or install vinyl siding you will be looking at roughly $1.20 per sqft. Any price within 30 cents of this is fairly decent depending on location.

    Homeowners Complete Mobile Home Siding Guide

    Installing new mobile home siding instantly updates the look of your home, increases its value, and can increase your homes energy efficiency. Its a smart improvement project for older and newer manufactured homes.

    There are several mobile home siding options to choose from such as stone, wood, cedar, metal, and vinyl. Your choices are endless!

    This guide will help you determine the best siding option for your home by covering the most popular mobile home siding materials, looking at the pros and cons, and comparing their prices. We will also provide installation help and advice on hiring the best siding installers.


  • Summary for Mobile Home Siding Guide
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    Pros And Cons Of Fiber Cement

    One of the major cons for manufactured homeowners is the weight. Fiber cement board weighs close to 300 pounds per 100 square feet so that may be an issue if you ever need to move the home.

    Usually, fiber cement siding has a 50-year warranty with the baked on finish warranty having a 10-15 year warranty against fade and color reduction.

    How Much Does It Cost To Put Vinyl Siding On A Double Wide Mobile Home

    2021 Mobile Home Siding Replacement Cost Calculator

    Assuming your trailers outside walls are 10 feet high, youll have 140-square-foot trailer ends and 700-square-foot sides, for a total of 1,680 square feet. The cost to put in new vinyl siding on a 14 x 70 trailer cost ranges, at the time of publication, would start just above $3,000 and climb to $12,000 or more.

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    How To Estimate Siding Costs

    You can use an online siding calculator or estimate what it might cost to reside your home by doing some careful measuring yourself. If you have the blueprints from your house, you can figure out the exterior square footage quite nicely from those instead.

  • Divide each exterior side of the house into rectangles, squares, and triangles. The largest square or rectangle will be from the foundation up to the roof, while triangles will mostly be from dormer or triangle roof areas.
  • Area of Siding Calculator
  • Add all the numbers of all the calculated areas together to get the total area that needs to be resided.
  • Divide that number by 100. The result is the number of squares you will need to reside your house.
  • Add 5% more siding to account for waste.
  • Siding is sold on a per square basis where each square is 100 square feet. Calculating will help determine how much siding youll need, but there are also the supporting aspects of installing the siding. For example, when installing vinyl siding, you will need starter strips, J-channel trim, under sill trim, and utility trim. Youll also need the insulation wrap and the tape to secure that wrap, and nails to put up the panels of vinyl siding.

    Now that you have a rough estimate of your home’s siding needs, let’s compare different materials and pricing for your siding job.

    How To Clean Vinyl Siding

    In most cases, the need to clean vinyl siding is because of the growth of mold or mildew on the surface of the vinyl. Its very possible to create affordable, homemade vinyl siding cleaners out of varying mixes of water and vinegar, bleach, or laundry detergent. No matter which option you select to work on your siding, remember to rinse off any residual solution before it dries.

    It is possible to use power washers as part of your cleaning regime, and some of the commercial options available for cleaning your vinyl siding are designed for use with power washers, but it is important to use caution when looking to fast-track the task of cleaning your siding. Check with the manufacturer of the siding if it is okay to use a power washer.

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    Mobile Home Siding Best Types Replacement & Repair How To

    Increasing the curb appeal, improving the return on investment and protection from the elements are just some of the benefits of mobile home siding. And while todays mobile home siding is designed to last longer than before, theres still bound to be times when it will need to be repaired and instances where the siding will have reached its functional shelf life. This post is designed to educate mobile home owners on the various types of mobile home siding, how to select the right siding and how to install it.

    Cost Of Mobile Home Skirting

    How to Replace Damaged Vinyl Siding

    The cost of mobile home skirting depends on the material being used, the amount of prep work required to ready the site for skirting installation and the amount of skirting a mobile home requires. Professionals determine the amount of skirting needed by measuring the linear feet around the perimeter of the mobile home and multiplying that by the average height of the mobile home from the ground. Some specialists charge by the hour, and others charge a standard rate based on experience with the work. Full-service handyman Bill Britton of Bryan, Texas, shared the following project cost examples:

    • Skirting installation for an average single wide mobile home: $3,000

    • This price includes labor and materials.

    • Costs can increase if a mobile home is on a hill because the skirting would then need to be custom cut to fit the slope and some materials will likely be wasted.

    • This price is for vinyl skirting.

  • Mobile home exterior makeover, including upgraded skirting installation: $14,000

  • 750 square feet of faux stone skirting: $7,000 for skirting materials only

  • This job included framing out a support wall of treated lumber and treated plywood as well as a concrete block base for the skirting. It also required some trench work around the home.
  • Labor and additional materials: $7,000

  • This cost was for removing and hauling away the old skirting and siding, replacing rotted trim around the mobile home, repairing and replacing bad siding, and a full paint job of the mobile home and its trim.
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    Siding Types And Weather

    When planning a new siding installation project, one of the first steps is choosing the type of siding that suits the style of your home. The second step is to ensure it can withstand the seasonal climate of your area. Factors to consider is the homes proximity to salty ocean air, year-round average temperatures, humidity, wind, rain, and the frequency of exposure to inclement and severe weather such as blizzards, ice storms, tornadoes, and hurricanes.

    As with any home improvement project, if you want it done right, hiring a licensed siding contractor is your best option. Do your research on the types of materials available, choose the one that is best suited for your area, get any permits necessary, and let a licensed siding contractor take care of the rest.

    Alternative Siding Cost Comparison

    Comparing siding materials is an important component of your project. Here’s a look at siding options you’ve never considered or maybe aren’t sure about.

    Brick siding costs about $18,000 but can run as little as $10,000 or up to $75,000 . Homeowners enjoy its aesthetic and durability. It requires little to no maintenance, but easily heats up, so it may not be the best choice if you live in a hot climate.

    Stone veneer siding costs approximately $105,000. There are many similarities between this material and brick, and stone can last a lot longer than most other types of siding. While it’s durable, it’s also heavy and expensive. It’s important that it’s installed correctly to avoid issues like cracking and collapse.

    Log siding costs an average of $14,000. People enjoy the look of full logs without the extra labor of a full log cabin, and the right material can raise your property value. On the downside, this option needs regular treatment and maintenance to protect from water, insect and mold damage.

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    Why Consider The Weight Of New Siding

    Weight is an important consideration for manufactured homes simply due to the way they are built. It doesnt mean your home is inferior or poorly constructed it simply means that it was designed so precisely that it can travel down a highway at 55 mph and still be as structurally sound as any site-built home.

    If there is a chance that your home will be moved after the new siding has been installed the weight of the material will need to be considered carefully and additional reinforcement may be needed. Even if your home will never be moved again it is still important to understand that the home was built in such a way that additional weight could cause structural issues down the road so keeping the weight of the materials in mind is smart.

    Aluminum Siding For Mobile Homes

    Pin on Before and After Log Siding

    Aluminum siding is among the oldest siding materials, still preferred by a lot of people for their mobile homes. Its popularity can be attributed to its lightweight and longevity.

    • Its lightweight and hence easier to install
    • Its insect-proof
    • Its durable as you dont have to worry about it melting
    • Its an energy-efficient option

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    Benefits Of New Mobile Home Siding

    The main benefits of installing new siding to your manufactured home are increased energy efficiency, better curb-appeal, and protection against the elements.

    New siding can give you a high return on investment. Siding replacement has landed in the top 10 investments for homeowners for several years in a row.

    New siding is a high return on investment improvement meaning the money you spend on it can be recouped two ways: lower energy bills and resell value.

    House Wraps Vapor Barriers Exterior Sheathing And Backer Board

    If you are replacing your mobile homes siding it is highly recommended to take the opportunity to replace or install the vapor barrier, sheathing, backer board, and insulation.

    Siding isnt weatherproof so it needs a second line of defense to keep water from damaging your home.

    When replacing a mobile homes siding homeowners probably want to add or replace house wrap, vapor barrier, exterior sheathing, or backer board. Thats an added cost depending on your design and location. These products, when installed correctly, can increase your homes lifespan and comfort for just a bit more money and hassle. Plus, the added costs of these replacements can be easily recouped with lower energy bills and a healthier, more studier home.

    The added costs of these replacements can be easily recouped with lower energy bills and a healthier, more studier home.

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