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Door Hinges Vinyl Storm Door

installing full size sliding door in a manufactured home. (double wide)
  • 30 x 78 Outswing Door Right Hinge – Slot$374.85
  • 30 x 80 Outswing Door Right Hinge – Slot$374.85
  • 32 x 72 Outswing Door Right Hinge – Slot$374.85
  • 32 x 74 Outswing Door Right Hinge – Slot$374.85
  • 32 x 78 Outswing Door Right Hinge – Slot$374.85
  • Pacific Mobile Home Supply is your source for all those hard-to-find parts for manufactured homes and mobile homes. We are your Mobile Home and Manufactured Housing specialists. Serving Dealers, Contractors and Homeowners throughout the Northwest.

  • How To Measure The Mobile Home Door Frame

    The first starting point is to measure the gap as if the door does not exist you measure the width and the height.

    You measure inside the frame because frame sizes can differ depending on the style and the manufacturer.

    You measure the space the door will fill rather than the door this rule applies to both interior and exterior doors.

    You measure the opening from inside the house for an outward swinging door. When you have this first rough measurement, check if you have a standard door size .

    You typically add a half-inch all around for a combination door to adjust for the wooden frame that accompanies the combination door.

    Mobile home doors are typically a half-inch shorter and a half-inch narrower than the gap available for them. This allowance gives easy fitting without the damaging process of hammering it into place and damaging your walls.

    A further helpful measurement for selecting a replacement mobile home door is the jamb size the thickness of the door space.

    You find a 4 jamb size in older mobile homes, but modern ones are 6 or possibly 6.5 thick.

    The door wont fill the entire jamb size, but structurally and for the appearance, you dont want a door that is too thick or too thin for the available opening.

    Mobile doors come in 2 variations in width and height. The door opening is a rough measurement to select the correct size.

    A non-standard door built to order is expensive compared with the standard range.

    Replacing The Door Frame

    External mobile home doors are a complete unit of the frame and pre-hung doors. When you replace your mobile home exterior door, you nearly always replace the frame.

    The interior door frames install identically to traditional house door frames. Typically, you replace the door and not the door frame.

    If you need to upgrade the door frame, you can buy a standard unit.

    Before you can fit the new door frame, you need to:

    • Remove the old door frame by carefully removing the screws.
    • Gently lever out the door frame, avoid damage to the walls.
    • Remove old putty and sealant.
    • Apply new putty tape .
    • Push the new frame into place and screw it to fix it permanently in place.

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    Where Do You Buy And How Much Does It Cost

    You can buy your mobile home doors and accessories from all the usual outlets:

    • In-person at a hardware store or retail outlet.
    • Online or by phone from a specialist mobile parts supplier.
    • Shopping platforms like Amazon and eBay.
    • Commission a carpenter or manufacturer to build to order.

    You can also pick up used doors you can easily cut down wooden ones to create an economical replacement door, and someone remodeling or scrapping a mobile home may have a decent quality used door to sell.

    Depending on your budget and design choices, you can shop around and spend under $100 or spend upwards of $1,000.

    How To Install A Sliding Glass Door

    Mobile Home Sliding Glass Door Screen Doors

    This article was co-authored by James Mansfield. James Mansfield is a Construction and Design Specialist and the CEO of WestVillage General Contracting, a high-end and luxury design/build firm in New York City. James specializes in apartment, bathroom, and kitchen remodeling as well as fine cabinetry, lighting, paint, and wallpaper. James has developed a proprietary system of construction called the Luxury Build Method that hinges on a skilled team, respected partnerships, and clear, transparent communication. WestVillage GC has completed more than 500 commercial and residential projects in New York with designers such as David Scott Interiors and Fox Nahem, Kelly Behun. WestVillage GC is also a preferred contractor for Related buildings including Hudson Yards.There are 13 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewed 55,435 times.

    Homeowners often install sliding glass doors in order to let in sunlight, or to give them easy access to a patio or backyard. Its most efficient to install a sliding glass door in an area from which a large front doorlike a set of French doorshas been removed. You can install your own sliding glass doors over a period of a few hours. Ask a friend or family member to help you, since the glass doors themselves are heavy and awkward to move.

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    Other Mobile Home Door Locks

    You can opt for a smart lock to turn your deadbolt lock into a keyless lock or as a standalone keyless lock. Most of these locks are as straightforward to fit as a deadbolt and offer the backup option of a manual key.

    You can choose between a pushbutton or a Wi-Fi solution for keyless entry to your mobile home.

    A lower-tech security measure is the inner chain system that restricts the door opening so unwanted visitors cant push their way into your mobile home when you answer the door.

    These install easily with a few screws to hold them in place.

    Installing An Interior Door

    If the frame is in good repair, you can frequently remove the door and replace it with a new one the door attaches to the frame with the hinges.

    When you buy an interior mobile home door, it comes without the necessary hardware you can purchase new or recover and reuse the hardware from the current door if it is suitable.

    As a minimum, you need a handle and hinges. If you are replacing a bathroom or toilet door, you need a privacy lock as part of the fittings.

    If the interior door frame is in poor condition or you want an upgrade, you can buy a mobile home door frame or have a carpenter create and fit a door frame for you complete with hinge slots and door closures.

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    Mobile Home Sliding Glass Door

    Give yourself easy access to your yard with our mobile home sliding glass door. The insulated 5/8 insulated glass keeps your home at the optimal temperature. The two sliding back doors are on lubricated steel rollers mounted with ball bearing so you can effortlessly open and close the doors. The two versions are as follows:

    • XO: From outside looking in, left panel slides, right panel is stationary.
    • OX: From outside looking in, right panel slides, left panel is stationary.

    Our sliding patio door is made to withstand extreme weather since it is made from heavy duty fine seal weather strip to reduce air, water, dust, and noise infiltration. This door is easy to install in your home since the full length lip on lock jamb acts as a lock strike and doesnt require adjustments. Order these sliding glass doors for mobile homes to enjoy a wide open view of your yard.

    Beautiful Mobile Home Patio & French Doors

    Mobile Home Patio Door Fix

    If you recently purchased a new mobile home or own one that has never been remodeled, you may be disappointed by the standard hinged doors. These doors can be very small, and they dont provide you with much light, which can prevent you from experiencing the joy of bright, sunny days from inside your home. The solution to this problem is to purchase and install mobile home replacement doors. Mobile home patio doors are a great option, and theyre available in two primary categories: exterior French doors and sliding glass doors.

    French doors for mobile homes are elegant and classy, and when they open outward to a beautiful patio and a stunning landscape, it makes them even better. These doors will add value to your mobile home, and they will provide you with many years of service. Our French doors are double sealed and come with preinstalled weather stripping. Theyre also scratch and dent resistant and can withstand winds of up to 140 mph.

    If French doors are not your style, you may opt for a mobile home sliding glass door. We have both aluminum and vinyl sliding glass patio doors that are affordably priced and feature adjustable rollers.

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    Can The Required Egress Doors In A Mobile/manufactured Home Be Sliding Glass

    Wednesday, May 4, 2022

    Yes, the two required emergency egress doors in a manufactured/mobile home can be sliding glass. But exterior sliding glass doors must “be constructed in accordance with 24 CFR 3280.403 the ‘Standard for Windows and Sliding Glass Doors Used in Manufactured Homes,” and provide a “minimum 28-inch wide by 72-inch high clear opening.” There are also several other egress door requirements at 24 CFR 3280.105 that you can review at our article How many exterior exit doors are required for a mobile/manufactured home?

    The difference between egress door requirements for a stick-built home and a manufactured home is that the International Residential Code requires only one egress door and it must be a swinging door, while the HUD code mandates two egress doors that can be either swinging or sliding. Comments or questions to

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    Installing A Screen Door

    A screen door typically comes as part of a combination storm door and screen door unit.

    If your screen door is worn or damaged, you can remove that door and replace it with a new screen door.

    These doors come in standard sizes to match your storm door, but they are more difficult to source, and you need to go to a specialist mobile home parts supplier.

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    Mobile Home Sliding Patio Doors in 2020

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    Replace Glass Door Rollers

    This is another tough job that only the handiest of do-it-yourselfers will want to attempt. Not only are patio doors heavy, but there is also the potential for breaking the tempered safety glass unit in your door, thus turning a $15 repair into a $185 repair, or more! But, for those of you who think youre up to it, doing your own patio door rollers is an option. Good luck!First, remove the screen door. If youre lucky, you will have a patio door that allows you to remove your inside slider on the patio door to the inside, or outside slider to the outside, without having to remove the fixed panel of your door. If that is the case, you can skip the next few paragraphs and move to the section below that addresses the actual disassembly of your door for roller replacement. But, most doors will require that you remove the fixed panel of the door in order to remove the moving panel. This applies only to aluminum patio doors. Every vinyl patio door that Ive ever seen allows you to remove the sliding panel to the inside, as the fixed side frame is not removable. Got any friends that could help you out? This is much easier if done with a helper.


    Installing A Storm Door

    Most mobile homes have a combination front and back door with an outward swinging storm door and an inward swinging interior door.

    If your mobile home has one inward swinging exterior door, then the original storm door is missing.

    You can buy a replacement storm door for your mobile home and hang it on the current door frame.

    There are two types LH and RH depending on which side the hinges hang.

    The door faceplate screws onto the existing door frame, and to finish it add a rubber weatherstrip around the frame.

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    If Your Sliding Glass Door Is Sticking There Is An Easy Solution A Phone Call Away From The Pro Glass Door Team At Mobile Screen And Glass Watch Our Video To See How We Can Make Your Door Work Like New Again

    WARNING!!! All installation instructions and demonstrations are intended for professionals trained in this type of work. Mobile Screen and Glass strongly recommends the use of a licensed contractor to perform any of these projects. Ignorance of required safety equipment, as well as safety codes concerning these installations, could result in severe injuries to those persons performing these installations, as well as those operating the repaired product!

    Installing An Exterior Door

    Mobile Minute – Replacing Sliding Door Rollers

    Your mobile home deck needs to be low enough to give you access to the bottom screws of the existing door.

    If the deck is too high, unless you have super DIY skills, it is probably best to call in a professional.

    Steps for removing the old door:

    • Remove all the screws holding your door in place.
    • Gently maneuver the old mobile home door away from the house.
    • Dont be tempted to use excessive force or give it a sharp tug you may break bits of your siding or warp the structure, both of which are more expensive to repair.

    Like a window, the door frame for your exterior door stays in place with putty:

    • Check the opening and remove any old putty or calking use a gentle scraping action.
    • The most straightforward way to apply new putty is with putty tape. Warm the tape roll before applying because that makes it easier to use.
    • Apply the tape around the opening and remove the paper covering.

    Now you can push your new door into place. It would be best if you kept the door as level as possible .

    To hold the door in place:

    • Put three screws into the frame at waist level on each side of the door.
    • Use the builders level and check everything is straight.
    • Continue driving screws into the frame above and below the holding screws dont overtighten, or you risk damaging the aluminum frame.

    When the door is in place, never loosen the screws. The screws keep the door in place until you are ready to replace it.

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    Installing A Sliding Door

    In theory, a keen home improver can flawlessly install a sliding door you need top and bottom running rails, and the job is straightforward.

    In practice, a professional will do the job quickly, align everything so it runs smoothly, and give you a warranty for future issues.

    Typically, the sliding doors for an exterior fitting come with a frame and involve one stationary glass door and a second glass door that slides behind it to open the door.

    This type of sliding door is twice the width of your standard exterior door and necessitates increasing the door opening space by cutting into your wall.

    Before cutting into your mobile home walls to install a glass sliding exterior door, check with your local building regulations for how you can have this upgrade certified under the HUD code to maintain the resale value of your property.

    The process of installing an exterior sliding door is more complicated because you need to preserve your sidings.

    If you plan to replace or upgrade your sidings as part of your mobile home remodeling, schedule the exterior door upgrade for the same time.

    Interior sliding doors tend to be less complicated as they can slide into an open position on the wall. You may consider enclosing this in a pocket to ensure no one places furniture or other objects impeding the door opening.

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