Mobile Homes With Log Cabin Siding

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Ready For Site Preparation

ONE OF A KIND Mobile Home Unlike Anything You have Ever Seen!

This is when the rubber meets the road. When your Modular Log Cabin drawings are complete, you will receive copies of the drawings. These drawings are submitted to your local zoning office to enable you to obtain all the necessary building permits. Drawings can also be submitted to your local contractors to obtain quotes for your prefab cabin site preparation.

Customizing Your Modular Cabin

You may have a few ideas of what you definitely want from your cabin, and those features may or may not be included in the list of standard features for the floor plan model you choose. Some modular cabin manufacturers offer a variety of different customization options for you to consider. Here are some popular options:

  • Luxuries: Skylights, additional porches or decks, granite countertops, beautiful hardwood flooring, custom finishes, screened doors, pocket doors, built-in shelving
  • Efficiency: Solar panels, extra insulation, double-paned windows
  • Layout: Room orientation or size changes, added features, extra windows, larger bathrooms
  • Square footage: Higher ceilings, smaller overall cabin size with identical layout, add half bathroom
  • Exterior finishes: Roofing material changes, siding changes

If youre looking to save some money, you can opt for some customization changes that eliminate rather than add features, including:

Why Choose Our Prefab Cabins & Modular Log Homes

  • Completely Customizable We can take your ideas, combine them with our prefab log cabin models, and customize a floor plan that best suits your needs.
  • Saves Time Rather than waiting for a traditional builder to complete your new home over many months, we can have our modular log cabins delivered in just a few weeks.
  • State-approved & Inspected Our modular home builders license means that all of the inspections necessary for our modular log cabins are already done. You will not have to have a local inspector go through your building and inspect your framing, plumbing, and wiring. The only thing your local inspector will need to inspect will be your foundation and the attachment of your building to the foundation.
  • High Quality We strive to use the finest materials and hire excellent Amish carpenters to build each of our log cabinmodular homes. You will be impressed with the quality that these log cabinmodular homes have to offer.

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Silvercrest Athens Park 10

The Silvercrest Athens Park 10 is a park model home that will make you feel like youre back at summer camp. A sliding front door with transom windows leads off a small but pleasant covered porch thats just big enough for reading a book or sipping a beverage.

Natural wood accents are included throughout the Athens Park 10, including in its spacious eat-in kitchen. Its even got a charming breakfast nook.

The living room is integrated with the kitchen/dining area and includes loft storage, plus wooden wainscoting that complements the homes rural appeal. Built-in bunk beds are visible in the hallway, giving the home extra sleeping space that kids will love.

The bedrooms of the Athens Park are equipped with built-in wooden cabinets for ample storage, and its window design means that light flows naturally into the home.

Clayton Homes Low Country

Log Siding for Manufactured Homes Archives

The Clayton Homes Low Country takes the coziness of the cabin design and pairs it with a spacious and airy farmhouse cottage aesthetic. From the first glimpse of the Low Country, its clear that this home is designed for comfort and beauty, with numerous large windows and real cedar shake shingles.

Inside, the Low Countrys farmhouse style puts itself on full display with large built-in cabinets and a lofty beam ceiling that makes this small space feel roomy. Living room and kitchen are integrated for a living space that feels simultaneously contemporary and classic.

The Low Countrys bedroom is just the thing to make you feel at home, with its shiplap walls and traditional aesthetic, and a few farmhouse furniture accents will make it come alive in a comforting and exciting way.

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Modulog Siding Is 100% Real Cedar

For over 50 years Modulog has used only the finest Western Red Cedar in North America. This naturally beautiful and tall Cedar timber is grown in the lush forests of Western British Columbia as well as northern Washington and Idaho. Cedar grows clean and tall producing long runs of the finest cedar lumber in the world. Our cedar specification only allow for the highest quality of wood fiber, therefore we only use what is referred to as inland or interior fiber which can be seen in the tight growth rings in every board. At the factory, we assemble and manufacture our patented deluxe log ends which create an authentic log home look and feel. Each piece is hand touched and chosen for quality!

Aged Mobile Home Turned Rustic Cabin

A stunning real life example of how re-siding with TruLog can transform a mobile home is shown below.

Before re-siding, this mobile home stuck out of the beautiful surrounding environment like a sore thumb. The owners werent pleased with the aged, plain looking siding and were ready for a change. With the goal of wanting a rural cabin in the woods, they chose TruLog Canyon Red siding.

After completing the renovation this mobile home looks nothing like it did before. The Canyon Red siding is rich in tone but maintains a fairly natural look, just like youd see on a real timber log cabin. This finishing touch of this re-siding project was the addition of faux log ends extended out to mimic the look of real log construction.

Re-siding with TruLog will not only yield beautiful results, but it also will reduce maintenance costs for the owner, improve their mobile home and property value, and provide better quality insulation which will reduce energy costs for heating and cooling.

The lower cost of purchasing a mobile home and the option to put TruLog siding on it makes this type of project ideal for future homeowners that want to get that rustic cabin they want, without spending an arm and a leg or dealing with the faults of a real timber log cabin.

If you have a double wide mobile home, contact TruLog siding for more information on how you can transform your home into a log cabin lookalike.

TruLog Product Catalog

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Log Cabin Mobile And Modular Homes

Log cabin mobile and modular homes are high-end types of buildings that are built with high-quality materials and have different types of finishes to give them the perfect look.

These homes are easily transportable, making them the perfect home for people who like the outdoors. Theyre also one of the most environmentally friendly and energy-efficient types of building on earth.

These homes come in a number of designs which makes each one unique and interesting to view, which is great for homeowners who want something more than one design.

They can be built in a number of places, such as state parks, private property, or near lakes and rivers. Theyre also an excellent choice for people who enjoy boating or fishing because they can be easily transported from one area to the next.

One of the best features of these homes is that they can be easily dismantled, which makes them great for moving to different locations.

The home modules all fit together like a puzzle and, once removed, can fit into a large shipping container.

This makes them great for off-grid living, meaning that they can be powered with solar energy and batteries which can easily be recharged with solar power, which is a very efficient way to go.

The homes are also very versatile and can be used in a variety of ways. They can be used as a temporary home when planning a move or for fun camping trips.

A quick summary of the log cabin mobile and modular homes:

Pine Versus Cedar Siding

A 2 Story Modular Log Cabin Home Like You Have Never Seen Before!

Most of us are familiar with Pine wood because it is commonly used for many building purposes in residential and commercial markets. It is abundant, easy to work, and sustainable because many trees are grown and harvested on tree farms. Pine is strong, durable, and affordable compared to many other woods. It will look great on your double wide stained in your choice of colors or finished in a natural-looking clear coat.



Cedar, as well as Pine, is a great way to insulate your home because they protect from thermal heat loss. It is also resistant to decay, termites, and other insects. It is easy to work with and is attractive on the exterior of any building no matter the architectural style. More benefits are:

  • Cedar is stable and durable and will last for generations
  • It provides a rustic appearance like nothing else can
  • It is up to 50% less likely to warp or swell because of moisture penetration
  • Cutting down Cedar trees has a lower environmental impact than cutting down hardwood trees.

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Finding A Color Scheme You Love

Perhaps one of the most exciting aspects of designing log mobile homes is finding that perfect color to compliment your property. Just as there are a variety of different wood species and stains to choose from, you also have plenty of options if you opt for TruLog steel log siding.

TruLog offers six siding colors:

  • Canyon Red A rich, deep red shade with a countryside allure
  • Autumn Brown The classic medium brown that never grows old
  • Cedar A natural wood finish for modern log homes
  • Sable Ideal choice if you like cedar, but want a more attractively subdued shade
  • Red Cedar A warm, red-toned brown offers a touch of luxury
  • Colorado Pine Strong yellow-toned pine that pops

The perfect color isnt always the one that immediately calls your name. Dont forget to take into consideration that your landscape also plays a role. You want your home to be a color you love, but also one that works well into your surroundings, whether your home has a wooded backdrop, is surrounded by a lush green lawn and minimal landscaping, or is surrounded by bright, colorful flowers and plants.

Another important note to make is whether your community has restrictions on color. Some mobile home communities may only allow certain siding colors and some stricter ones might not even allow log siding to begin with. Before you start ordering materials and finding a contractor, speak with your community authority to ensure your idea aligns with their rules.

How To Install Log Siding

Now that you know about the different types of log siding lets discuss how to install them. The first step is to measure your home and determine the size of log siding that you need. Once you have the right size, you can begin to install the log siding.

  • Installing Log Cabin Paneling The easiest way to install log siding is with log cabin paneling. This type of log siding comes in different widths, so its easy to find the right size for your home. To install log cabin paneling, start by measuring the length and width of the area that you want to cover. Then, cut the log cabin paneling to size and install it using a hammer or screwdriver. Make sure that the logs are butted together tightly for a seamless look.
  • Installing Log Skirts If youre using log skirting, start by measuring the length and width of the area that you want to cover. Then, cut the log skirting to size and install it using a hammer or screwdriver. Make sure that the logs are butted together tightly for a seamless look.
  • Installing Log Trims If youre using log trim, start by measuring the length and width of the area that you want to cover. Then, cut the log trim to size and install it using a hammer or screwdriver. Make sure that the logs are butted together tightly for a seamless look.
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    Additional Remodeling Projects To Enhance Your Log Mobile Home

    Designing realistic log cabin mobile homes isnt just limited to adding new siding. You can further enhance your home with a few additional remodeling projects.

    The small cabin featured below is an excellent example of how a vibrant, dark green roof can really enhance brown siding. Green metal roofs are very appealing and worth considering if your mobile home could use a new roof, anyway. Replacing the roof is also beneficial for increasing the value of your home.

    Mobile home windows often are very plain in design, but instead of buying brand new windows, you can beautify the ones you already have. Featured below is a lovely countryside home with added shutters and trim. The shutters have cute bear and moose silhouettes, though if you prefer a more traditional approach, plain shutters work perfectly, as well.

    Adding wood trim on windows and door frames really gives a log cabin mobile home a finished look and ties it all together. You can add dark trim to make these exterior features pop against the siding or you could go an extra step, as these homeowners did, by adding a lighter colored paint for contrast.

    Log cabin mobile homes can look just as beautiful as a traditional log home. Not only will you have gained a new classically attractive, inviting exterior, but you will also still have all of the mobility and flexibility you love about owning a mobile home.

    TruLog Product Catalog

    Know The Codes For Log Siding

    Meadow Valley Log Home by using siding customer converted mobile home ...

    Before you decide to renovate with log-like siding, its important to understand any relevant codes. If you live in a designated mobile home or manufactured home area, there may be specific regulations about the types of exteriors youre allowed to apply you may also have to adhere to local residential building regulations depending on the extent of work being done, or if other renovations are occurring in conjunction with the siding.

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    Check Out Your Log Siding Prices

    If youre looking for the cheapest wood on the planet, youre in the wrong spot. If youre looking for high-quality, custom-cut wood thats been kiln dried to perfection, get a cost estimate. Were competitive, but care more about delivering quality products that last the test of time with as little maintenance as possible, are easy to install with nary a scrap pile as evidence it ever happened.

    Weve only spent a few days during the past few decades considering competing with places that have no problem pushing warped wood thats been tossed around like kindling for months or years with no regard to moisture. We care about wood. We have perfected the process. If that means something to you, give us a call.

    The Cabin By Clayton Homes

    For those seeking a full-sized manufactured home with cabin elements, The Cabin by Clayton Homes is an outstanding choice. This stylish home integrates cabin design features into a modern manufactured home, creating a beautiful dwelling that looks just as good in the suburbs as it does in the country.

    The Cabins architecture includes a wide-open living room/dining room/kitchen area with faux stone accents, beautiful integrated cabinetry and a large island counter that seats three.

    Bedrooms in the Cabin also feature a distinctive blend of the rustic and the new. Shabby chic furniture is an ideal choice for the Cabin. Its weathered look pairs perfectly with the Cabins old-school design.

    The Cabins bathrooms are equally stunning, with a doorless shower in the master suite and attractive countertops and wooden cabinets throughout.

    The five homes weve talked about today all represent some of the manufactured home industrys finest, but some homeowners also choose to create their own log cabin paradise by replacing their manufactured homes siding with wood siding or cabin-style vinyl siding. Use our mobile home siding guide to learn about the benefits of these siding types and how to install them.

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    Log Cabin Pros And Cons


    Solid log homes are still being built as authentic reproductions of days gone by. However, it is an ever-increasing battle to meet the modern energy requirements when using solid log construction. In fact, special exemptions are being granted by some building codes in an effort to keep solid log construction from going extinct. Using traditional framing techniques allows Cozy Cabins to insulate wall cavities just like any other house and create a continuous windbreak on the outside of the wall to avoid drafts. The log siding on the exterior and pine interior finish only furthers the insulating properties of the wall. And if you want even more? Ask us about closed cell spray foam.


    With solid log construction, door and window operation can be affected as the logs age and settle. To combat this issue, many builders allow an intentional void above the windows and doors. In an age where we are adamant about blocking every draft, this is not a good practice. Using traditional framing ensures that there will be no settling, and our method of attaching the log siding allows natural movement of the wood without creating any problems.


    Although solid log homes of todays age are very customizable, it all comes at a high price. Custom electrical and plumbing is easy with our framed walls and does not require costly drilling and notching of logs. This allows our floor plans to be completely flexible without concerns about costs or fixture locations.


    Log Cabin Modular Home

    ESCAPE TO THE MOUNTAINS in this Modular Log Cabin Home!

    Located in the Endless Mountains, Pennsylvania, we have a strong connection to the great outdoors as do many of our customers. Whether youre well off the beaten path, or simply living in a more rural area, a Log Cabin Modular Home may be the perfect choice for you. Our modular log cabins come with a full set of engineered drawings and floor plans that have been approved by your state and local building inspectors. Through the course of the construction of your Kintner modular log cabin, a building inspector, inspects your log cabin before it is delivered to you.

    Below are a just a few of the log cabin floor plans our customers have designed. Its important to note that any of our floor plans can be made into log cabins.

    You are NOT limited to a certain style or a certain layout.

    In many areas a modular log cabin also includes some structural and building changes to meet all building and energy codes including using 2×6 stud walls as opposed to 2×4, increased insulation in the floor, walls, and ceiling.

    Above all, our focus is on providing Pennsylvania and New York customers with quality modular homes and professional services before, during and after their purchase. From pre-construction planning through our in-house service department, ease and comfort is achieved by our talented team members. The entire team is committed to building a better house and enhancing your building experience. You are not just buying a house you are buying a Kintner Log Cabin Modular Home.

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