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The Rv Service Model A Shock To New Rvers

2022 Entegra Cornerstone

For the millions of new RVers entering the market however, this is both shocking and unacceptable. These new road warriors have grown up in an always on, always accessible, 24-hour instant gratification era. They have been getting automobiles serviced for years, and any delay longer than a day or two is rare. To think that their RV, their brand-new RV, should have to sit for weeks, even months for a warranty repair is ludicrous. Yet, it happens. Every. Single. Day. Fortunately, there is hope on the horizon.

These tech savvy new RVers are also quick to head to Social Media and take on Big RV and their local RV dealer, a tactic that works when you get a bad burger or surly service from your barista, but has little effect in getting your RV back any sooner. Many of these dealers are too busy, too detached from their customer base, or too overwhelmed to do anything about it.

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    Why Is National Indoor Rv Centers The Best Place To Buy An Rv


    Unlike most motorhome dealers, we do not want a one-time customer who buys a coach and is never seen again. We take pride in the service we provide our NIRVC family members before, during, and after their purchase. We seek a life-long relationship with our customers and that’s why we call it a family and not a business.


    Before your purchase, one of our RV Lifestyle Specialists will provide you with all the information you could ever need to find the perfect coach for your life and your dreams. Providing you accurate trade-in information and competitive pricing should be the industry standard, so we’re doing it. Upon sale, our dedicated Pre-Delivery Inspection team performs a comprehensive 200 point inspection and a full interior and exterior cleaning. When you arrive to take possession of your new motorhome, you’ll receive a full walk-through tour of your purchase covering every bell and whistle it has to offer. If you do find any issues during your tour or once you’re on the road, our warranty certified expert technicians are there to help.


    When we say you’re joining the NIRVC family, we mean it. That’s why we host an annual Customer Appreciation Rally with giveaways, friendly competitions, spa treatments, discounted services, and much more to say thank you for trusting us to help you achieve your dreams. Visit our location nearest you and see the NIRVC difference for yourself.

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    Shaking Up The Rv Service Model

    Through a new program only available at NIRVC, Class A motorcoach maker Newmar, already a leader in quality coach manufacturing, is all-in with Brett and his team to shake up the RV service model. Now, when you bring your in-warranty Newmar motorhome into a National Indoor RV Center, they will fix your warranty repair issue during that first service event, if at all possible. No more waiting weeks for approval or additional weeks waiting on parts, no more back and forth, and no more finger pointing.

    Brett Davis Of National Indoor Rv Centers Has Had Enough

    National Indoor RV Centers

    We said earlier that, Many of these dealers are too busy, too detached from their customer base, or too overwhelmed to do anything about it. Brett Davis, the President and CEO of National Indoor RV Centers is none of those things. National Indoor RV Center is a unique group of indoor RV centers that offer top notch sales, service, collision, paint & body, as well as indoor storage options for your RV. They are also innovators in safety, recently releasing their Rettroband tire blowout protection product, and are the exclusive distributors of the Proteng Fire Suppression System.

    The growth and success of NIRVC is due in part to Bretts involvement in the day-to-day issues facing his staff and his customers. Recently, Brett took to the keyboard to connect with a broader RVing audience to learn even more about the issues they face. Rather than choosing a flitty and volatile platform like Facebook, Brett chose, an RVing forum known for its longevity, depth, and true value to the RVer.

    Much like Brian Clemons has done with his participation in the Forest River Forums, Brett and his team are reaching and helping customers directly, and getting valuable feedback from thoughtful RVers offering their comments, criticism, and kudos. Their participation in the forum has added fuel to the fire already burning at NIRVCenough is enough.

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    The Rv Service Problem

    The problem starts with an insatiable demand for RVs. RV manufacturers are churning out RVs as fast as they can make them and we all know what that meansquality control issues. Most RV dealers have discovered they are the quality control for your new RV. Hopefully they discover any issues before that RV is sold and hits the road. Much of the time they do not.

    After that shiny new RV gets its first shakedown trip, the new owner generally has a punch list of items that need to be tweaked, fixed, or replaced. The cheerful and understanding new RVer contacts their dealer to schedule those repairs and finds to their dismay that it may be several weeks before they can get it seen, and the repairs will take several weeks afterward to completeon the new RV they just bought. What? How is this possible? Why does it take so long, where is the bottleneck?

    Where Is The Rv Service Bottleneck

    Although in the current climate, parts availability is scarcer than in times past, this isnt where the problem lies. For some dealers, sufficient technical RV staff is a concern as well. Still, this isnt the primary issue. The real RV service bottleneck, at least with regard to new in-warranty service, is the warranty repair approval process.

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    Rv Service Tracking App And A Warranty Rating System Will Reshape The Industry

    RVers that have been around awhile know the ropes when it comes to RV service. Theyve learned that you try to delay service, particularly in-warranty service, at all costs during the camping season because it might be weeks or months before you get your RV back. These RVers become handy at fixing things themselves, or simply getting by without a particular feature of their RV until they have time to get it serviced. Sure, that awning or outdoor TV might not work, but its better than not having the RV available at all.

    Tom And Stacie Langland Rv Texas Y’all

    2022 American Dream

    Hey yâall! We are Native Texans and Full-Time RVers documenting the adventures, challenges, and joys of RV life as we travel across the Great State of Texas and North America. We love camping and hiking in State and National Parks, cooking outdoors, discovering history, visiting interesting and quirky places, and exploring small towns. Our goal is to live like a local everywhere we go and share those experiences with you! We value healthy living and believe itâs important to learn something new every day. In 2019, we became Registered RV Technicians and Certified RV Inspectors. Learn more about us!

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    Whats Different About National Indoor Rv Centers

    Visit any of the five NIRVC locations and youll find a completely different culture than youll see at most dealerships. In fact, dealership is almost a bad word at NIRVC, whose roots are in quality RV service and RV storage. The entire environment at a National Indoor Facility just feels different. From big things like a clean and orderly RV service shop to little things like spotless bathrooms and customer waiting areas, you get the sense that the entire staff is onboard with the same objective excellent customer service. Their goal is to deliver an automotive-like service experience to the RVer.

    In fact, those superior service and storage offerings led to the first National Indoor RV Center in the DFW area becoming a sales center as well. Customers that were storing their new RVs at that location were dismayed to find that under Texas franchise laws at that time, NIRVC could not perform in-warranty repairs for those customers because they did not sell those brands, or any other for that matter.

    The addition of becoming a sales center allowed NIRVC to increase its repair business, which now averages over 255,000 RV repairs each year. National Indoor RV Centers are able to offer an all-in-one solution for RV owners consisting of sales, service, collision repair, paint & body, and storage.

    Jenkins Heads Up National Indoor Rv Centers

    by RVBusiness | Feb 20, 2017

    Tadd Jenkins

    Former Jayco Inc. executive Tadd Jenkins has been named president of National Indoor RV Centers , a seven-year-old motorized RV dealership based in Lewisville, Texas, that is becoming known for its unique approach to service and storage at its suburban Dallas headquarters and at new outlets in Atlanta and Phoenix, according to NIRVC CEO Brett Davis.

    Davis described Jenkins, who last served as president of Jaycos Motorhome Group and its upscale Entegra Coach line, as a brand of his own, an individual who has forged relationships with hundreds of coach owners at shows and rallies over the years.

    Also joining NIRVCs management team is new COO Shaun Huxford, another Jayco alum who previously handled service and parts distribution centers for ABC Bus Companies Inc.

    Davis told the addition of Jenkins and Huxford, both of whom left Jayco in November during a management realignment at the Thor Industries Inc. subsidiary, will enable NIRVC to grow to the next level by adding at least one new store in 2017 and more down the road.

    Shaun Huxford

    A former active member of industry trade associations who still owns a Chevrolet dealership in Rigby, Idaho, Jenkins told he will make his first appearance under the NIRVC banner at this weeks Good Sam RV Super Show, Feb. 23-26 at Arizonas Phoenix International Raceway.

    Online Editor Dave Barbulesco contributed to this report.

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    Self Storage Unit Amenities

    Depending on what, where, and for how long you are storing, different features and amenities might be very important to have.

    For large or heavy furniture drive-up access and large access points may make moving and unloading much easier. If you are storing in humid locations, having it stored in a climate controlled storage unit may be ideal to prevent rust and corrosion. Traditional self storage facilities will allow flexible access during business hours, but Neighbor storage spaces may offer 24/7 or by appointment only access.

    National Indoor Rv Centers To Build Middle Tennessee Facility Creating 70 Jobs

    National Indoor RV Centers

    National Indoor RV Centers has partnered with Al. Neyer to develop, design and build its newest facility in Lebanon, Tenessee. This Middle Tennessee location will allow NIRVC to better serve the growing travel industry in the Southeast region. The project was a collaborative effort between the City of Lebanon, NIRVC, and Al. Neyer.


    From The Tennessean:

    Work is expected to start in December on a new 189,350 square foot building for a luxury motor coach services company in Lebanon that will create 70 jobs paying an average of $72,400 annually.

    Access will be from South Hartmann Drive and Murfreesboro Pike, according to Al. Neyer, a commercial real estate developer and design-builder that is developing, designing and constructing the building.

    The Lebanon facility will be used to store luxury motor coach vehicles for owners so they are ready to be used when needed, said Al. Neyer Nashville Market Leader Patrick Poole.

    Service and sales will also be conducted on the site.

    The facility is designed to be another step towards our goal of building a network of service centers in travel patterns of motorhome owners in order to fulfill our mission of simplifying the RV ownership experience a statement by National Indoor RV Centers President and CEO Brett Davis included.

    The future facility will be a destination for RV enthusiasts throughout the region, Lebanon Mayor Rick Bell said.

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    What Is National Indoor Rv Center

    National Indoor RV Center is a motorhome dealer. They sell all classes of motorhomes. In addition, they provide storage options, a service center, and they wash motorhomes. NIRVC is in five states: Texas, Georgia, Nevada, Tennessee, and Arizona.

    Keep in Mind:Considering storing your RV? Check out how much it costs to store an RV.

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    The Warranty Rating System

    The upcoming 2022 release of National Indoor RV Centers Warranty Rating System website is revolutionary as well, and is not without some resistance. Change comes hard, and when you add transparency to that change, it opens eyes. NIRVCs Warranty Rating System will likely be a catalyst for change in the RV industry. The Warranty Rating System will rate manufacturers and warranty providers on criteria such as Time to approval, Percentage of first-time approvals, and Average days per warranty repairjust to name a few.

    Moreover, NIRVC will make the small print on those warranty contents largerquite literally. Visitors to the Warranty Rating System website will be able to click and open the warranty contract and small print information that RVers typically skim over when they buy an RV. Presented in large easy to read type, complete with highlighted clauses that affect the customer, the Warranty Rating System will hold these providers feet to the proverbial Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act fire.

    Its been a long and expensive process to bring this system together for the benefit of RVers, but its consistent with the type of radical, customer-first thinking that has driven Brett and his team, and led to the success currently enjoyed by National Indoor RV Centers

    Our goal, our mission, has been from the very beginning to try and bring the automotive service experience to motorhomes.

    Brett Davis President and CEO of NIRVC on

    Is Buying From National Indoor Rv Center Worth It

    Luxury RV Video Tour – 2023 Newmar King Aire

    Buying from National Indoor RV Center is worth it. Theyre a one-stop shop that makes purchasing and servicing an RV a more seamless experience. If youre a first-time motorhome owner, working with a dealer that specializes in motorhomes is an excellent way to go.

    Let us know if you purchased an RV from NIRVC. We would love to hear about your experience!

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    Understand Your New Rv Before You Drive Away

    When you buy a new RV from National Indoor RV Centers youll leave the lot with a full understanding of your new RV. After a 223 point inspection and a lengthy and detailed walk-through, NIRVC provides the opportunity to spend a few nights camping on their full-hookup lot, at no additional cost.

    This gives you the opportunity to learn more about every new bell and whistle on your dream motorcoach, before you ever leave the lot. Each morning, youll go over your questions with your personally assigned delivery technician. The longer you stay, the more you learn. Youll leave NIRVC knowing your new motorcoach, not having to resort to frantic Social Media posts trying to figure out how to bring in the slides or flush the tank.

    Types Of Neighbor Storage Units

    Neighbor offers both traditional self storage facility units and peer-to-peer storage spaces.

    Residential storage spaces include sheds, garages, RV pads, basements, bedrooms, parking spaces, closets and other extra space while commercial spaces include warehouses and empty offices. This storage can be 50% cheaper than a traditional Richmond Hill self storage unit.

    When renting storage through Neighbor, you’ll get liability protection with our strict Terms of Service, automatic billing, Customer Success specialists and more.

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