Rv Remodel Before And After

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Rv Remodel Tip : Make Sure The Entire Family Is On Board

RV Renovation Before and After | 2006 Forest River Flagstaff Makeover

Make sure that everyone in your family unit is on board with the remodel and understands what is going on. We learned that this is extremely important.

We took the time to share with our children exactly what the plan was for each day of renovating. For the days when we were prepping and painting, we made sure they could stay at a friends house. We also made sure to include them in any activities that we could, and they ended up being great team players.

Even if you dont have kids, you need to be on the same page as your partner so that you can complete the project together and on time.

Yellow Sprinter Van Makeover: Before

Next up is Ringo, an eye-catching yellow Mercedes Sprinter van bought by climbing enthusiasts Charlie and Dale in 2019. Both van conversion novices, the pair scoured the web for resources before embarking on an extensive project to convert their automobile into a snug home. The ambitious pair tackled all the plumbing, wiring and insulation themselves, working through the cold, winter months to make the van liveable.

Renovate Countertop And Table

Probably one of the most common questions we get asked on Instagram is how did we refinish the countertop and didnt break the bank in the process.

Because I wanted a very special sink we allocated most of the kitchen budget towards that and the peel and stick subway tile.

This left us without the kind of money we would need in order to get a real butcher block counter.

So we put our thinking caps on and thought about using something different for the same look. After some research in our favorite stores, we found the perfect solution, this Ikea tabletop used for desks.

The only problem was that our counter was longer than the tabletop.

So we decided to also change the table in our dinette, this way we could use the remainder of that cut to finish the countertop.

It worked so perfectly! The seam is behind our stovetop, so I placed a basket on the back to cover the seam.

I am so happy with the way that the counter looks, they have worked perfectly even without any treatment on the top.

We considered doing a layer of poly sealer but decided to try and see how it went without it.

Below is a top view of the table in our dinette, this one was super simple, Kenny just cut it to size and switched the mechanism from the old table.

This way, it looks good, but its still functional in case we need to use the bed of the dinette.

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Rv Remodel Tip : Have A Plan And Inspiration

To make the process of renovating smoother, we created a plan before we started doing anything. We knew what colors we wanted and that we wanted shiplap and a barn door. In the end, having a plan saved us time, money, and some sanity.

Since Luis background is in construction, he was able to use his skills to make our renovation plan come to life. If you dont have the background or skills necessary to do all the work yourself, consider hiring a professional. If you cant afford to hire someone, give yourself extra time to learn how to achieve your renovation ideas, and dont be afraid to ask for help.

Colourful Dutchman Rv Revamp: Before

Beautiful Before and After RV Remodel. Kitchen and living area.

Sharing her progress , Maggie had her work cut out transforming the dingy, dated interior into a bright and functional family-friendly space. Faced with stained carpets, old-fashioned décor and some water damage, the fixtures were stripped out, parts of the interior were reframed and the roof was resealed with a rubber coating. With a structurally sound blank canvas, Maggie could then let her creativity run wild…

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Creating A Personal Space

Katie and Eric Nathey thought the kitchen in their 2008 Tiffin Open Road 32La was fine but didnt exactly match their style. So, they set out to remodel it and the rest of the interior to give the towable a more distinct look that fit their personalities. The result is an RV that is unlike any other. They now share tips on how to remodel your own camper on their Mountain Modern Life website.

Image Courtesy of Cami Graham

Rv Remodel Tip : Dont Skimp On Paint

We were nervous to paint our cabinets since theyre not made with real wood, and we werent sure if the paint would stick. We also had experience painting cabinets in the past and hadnt been thrilled with the end result.

The lesson learned here is to use a good primer on your cabinets and wallpaper along with high-quality paint. After a lot of research, we chose to use two coats of Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Primer. For paint, we chose HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams Showcase Interior because we learned that it sticks well to RV cabinets and other surfaces.

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Is It Hard To Remodel An Rv Camper

RV remodeling has become a Tiny House phenomena in the 21st century. But if you have the RV remodel itch, dont be afraid to scratch it. An RV remodel doesnt have to be difficult.

If you think you have to be Joanna Gaines to remodel your RV, think again. True, it can involve a complete gutting of your RV camper, but it doesnt have to.

There are so many DIYer RV Remodel tutorials and new products available to help. You may be surprised how easy you can transform an older RV into the cottage style tiny home youre dreaming about.

Wrapping Up Our Rv Makeover

Before and After RV RENOVATION – COMPLETE REMODEL From buying to WOW!!!

Our camper was probably a sight to see when it rolled off the dealers lot in 1999. While nobody could predict what would happen when the year turned, it is easy to look back on our motorhome and see that some things were destined to need to be changed.

When we began listing the things we wanted to accomplish in our RV makeover we couldnt see all of the jobs and processes that it would take to reveal the new, second life of our full-time home on wheels.

But the further we wandered into the camper makeover the more we started to see the amazing potential a complete renovation would have on the camper.

We hope that this post has provided you with lots of great ideas and inspiration for how to makeover your RV while sticking to a budget or without having prior remodeling expertise.

Wed love to hear some positive feedback from you on what you like best about our camper makeover, answer any questions you have and, of course, hear how your RV renovation or makeover has gone! Leave us a comment or connect with us on social media to let us know!


No worries! We can help you get started on your RV remodel! From offering counsel and assistance in picking out the best RV to remodel to walking you through some of the major and minor tasks you may want to complete, we offer RV remodeling consultation to suit your needs!

Rates start at $50/half hour and consultation packages can be tailored to your wants and needs!

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Consider Spray Painting Fixtures

Before doing any other painting, you might want to consider spray painting any faucets, door handles, hinges… or even tubs and toilets! It’s easier to spray paint now rather than trying to mask your finished camper and spray paint these items later. I’ve successfully spray painted the kitchen faucet in this RV, and spray painted the tub, sink and toilet in my previous DIY RV renovation.

Ensure that anything you spray paint is cleaned and degreased before painting, and make sure to remove any hinges or handles off doors before painting for the best finish.

Transform To Scandinavian Design

Scandinavian design is identical with a clean and simple design. Remodel your RV kitchen to this design will be nice if you like the simple remodel design. You can change the color to white color and combine it with a grey or dark grey color. Then you can use paneling wood for the floor and the backsplash. To make it aesthetic, you can use a curtain, giving a different look for the kitchen.

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So How Do You Prep And Rv For Paint

The short answer is, it all depends on the kind of surfaces that you have and the condition of your walls and cabinets.

Most old RVs have either a mix of particleboard and real wood, wallpaper and some have peel-and-stick surfaces.

For all the real wood parts in our RV, we since we didnt want to have to sand like crazy, every single part of the cabinets of the RV.

As the name hints liquid sander its a liquid that helps remove all the gloss out of your surfaces, we used about 2 layers of that, and then we lightly sanded all the parts that were going to be exposed to a lot of wear just to be safe.

For all the particleboard parts, we sanded a layer off so that the primer would have a better surface to adhere to. We used a hand-held orbital sander that made the process so much faster than doing it manually!.

The sanding part, while annoying is super important to not skip over because if your primer doesnt adhere well, the paint will chip with any minor scuff.

We didnt remove the wallpaper on our walls because it was in very good condition, so removing it would have been more work for pretty much the same result.

So we decided to plain on top of it instead.

If you need to remove your wallpaper, Ive read good reviews about this wallpaper stripper and also this wallpaper streamer that uses only water, no chemicals.

For all plastic parts, I washed them with the same TPS substitute as I did the walls and used spray paint for plastic, taping around the edges.

Install Contact Paper Countertop

31 Stunning RV Interior Remodelling Ideas (With Pictures!)

Like peel & stick backsplash, using a peel & stick product to cover old countertops is a fun and effective DIY project in a camper remodel. I like to use this marble look contact paper to cover counters, and that’s exactly what I installed on the counter in our RV kitchen and coffee bar area. It’s lightweight, it’s easy to install, and it really lightens up the look of your camper.

Check out this post to see how to install marble contact paper on a countertop so that it looks great.

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Rv Kitchen Remodel Before And After Ideas

The kitchen is the center of life in our home. It will be the same on our RV too cooking outside the RV is nice. But, it would be good if we prepared the proper kitchen on our RV. Sometimes in the RV kitchen, we not only use the cook, but we eat our meal there because of the limited space we have. So we remodel our RV kitchen with a table and chair to eat on there too. Otherwise, creating a proper and convenient RV is an essential thing we need in this era of camping or adventure with a recreational vehicle.

Plan The Rv Renovation

The planning phase of your RV renovation can seem like such a not important thing to focus on, but if you are working on a budget, planning your priorities and where you want to splurge is super important to keep the renovation organized and account for everything you will need to purchase.

There are so many steps I recommend in order to plan the look of your RV so that you achieve exactly what you have in mind, spending as little as possible.

Of course, this is just how we did things, there is no right or wrong way to approach a project! If you dont like list-making, that is totally ok =]

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Ready To Tackle Your Own Rv Remodel

Hopefully, we have inspired you to move forward with your own RV remodel. Whether youre a new RV owner, an aspiring one, or have owned your rig for a while but are afraid of remodeling , I can assure you that once you are done, it will be totally worth it.

We couldnt be happier with how our home on wheels turned out and were grateful to say goodbye to the brown-on-brown. Now our RV truly feels like our home and matches our personalities and style.

Always remember your own unique taste and needs. The most important element of any RV remodel is that youre happy with the end result.

Lessons Learned From Our Rv Remodel

RV Renovation Before and After – Amazing and DIY !

Two kids, 30 days, and a pandemic. Heres what we learned while remodeling our toy hauler, and some tips for your own rig renovation.

My fiance Luis and I purchased our Heartland Edge Toy Hauler in 2016. It was a new-to-us RV that we chose to call home. The floor plan was perfect for our family of four , but the dark interior made our space feel too small. We dreamed about a much lighter and inviting interior.

For years, we were too nervous about renovation nightmares and regrets to remodel our RV. Then, right before we celebrated the four-year anniversary of becoming full-time RVers, the COVID-19 pandemic threw a curveball at our travel plans.

Our friends in Michigan allowed us to moochdock in their driveway until quarantine restrictions were lifted. During this time, Luis helped transform our friends home with a makeover and it inspired us to finally invest in our own remodel.

In just 30 days, we entirely remodeled our fifth wheel RV. Between parenting, spray painting fiascos, and staying up until 4 a.m. covering every nook and cranny, we learned a lot of lessons in this short timeframe.

Here are the biggest RV remodel lessons we learned, so you can avoid making the same mistakes when renovating your own camper.

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Rv Remodels Before And After No3

Comfort is key when it comes to designing living spaces. And if you have an RV and tend to be on the go, then your space has to be comfortable, otherwise you’d just feel miserable all the time.

By just replacing the old and well-used sofa seen in the before picture, the entire place can be made to feel much more of a lounging area. A leveled-out bed style surface is much better to relax on. It can also hold more cushions that only add to the comfort.

The RV makeover is completed by changing the wooden doors with white, doors. Also adding some color here and there to help give it a more modern feel and break up the monotony of white.

Renovating A Fedex Truck

Collectively known as The Wandering Woods, Justin and Betsy took a retired FedEx truck and turned it into a camper van. The duo replaced the shelving units and spartan interior with a warmer, more functional space designed to support their nomadic lifestyle. The RV features a small kitchen, a built-in bench, and a spacious sleeping area lofted over built-in dressers. In other words, everything you need for life on the road.

Image Courtesy of Charley Low and Dale Comely

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Reviving A Vintage Rv

At Vintage Revivals, Mandi and Court Gubler share tips and tricks for any number of DIY projects, including RV renovations. In the case of this reclamation effort, they managed to keep the retro design of the original tiny trailer while giving it a thoroughly modern makeover. These before-and-after photos show how improved lighting and a brighter color scheme can improve a space.

Image Courtesy of Tawny and Mke McVay

How Long Does It Take To Renovate An Rv

Remodeled Campers Before And After Renovation 42

This RV took me a couple of summers to renovate off-and-on. If you were doing this full time, I think you could renovated a camper in less than a month. I wanted to putter away at it, and I did it in three stages. The first was the main room, then I worked on the bunk room, and finally I renovated the main bedroom and bathroom area.

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Fedex Van Conversion: After

The kitchen area is fitted with a two-burner hob, a handy oven and a deep sink with an electric water pump. The top drawer of the bed pulls out to create extra counter space and can also function as a dining table. The van boasts all kinds of secret storage spaces, with the bench lifting up to reveal a refrigerator and laundry hamper, while a full-height closet opens out next to the bed.

Kids Room In The Bunk House Of The Rv

When I saw this room for the first time I was like.ew. The wallpaper and dark wood looks so drab to me. But thats just because I have a different style than the Wolf Pack designers. We did a lot to this space.

This process began by ripping out the queen sized bed that was in here. Then we removed the dark valances. We painted every cabinet and wall. I also refinished the hardware on the cabinets to be a rose gold color. Alex, my husband, build custom bunk beds in the cove space between the closets.

Here is the before picture

I did keep the carpet and the grey window treatments. They seemed to fit after all the painting was complete! I added the kids clothes, books, and toy kitchen filled with toys! I bought new pillows and bedding. I added a couple of simple decor pieces and kept it minimal!

After renovation photo

Watch the whole process here:

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