Rv Water Damage Wall Repair

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How To Repair Travel Trailer Walls

RV Renovation//Water Damage Slide Wall Repair

Being a travel trailer owner is a rewarding and enlightening experience for you and your family. The weekend retreats and vacations will create lasting memories that bind your family in love and fellowship. What happens if the beloved travel trailer begins to fall apart?

How do you repair travel trailer walls? You can repair travel trailer interior walls yourself, in six easy steps. The supplies needed are minimal, and youll save money in the long run:

  • Clear Carpet and Paneling
  • Circumvent Obstructions like Wiring or Plumbing
  • Seal to Keep Out Moisture
  • Replace the Walls if Necessary
  • Sand the Repaired Area
  • While invasive, repairing the walls inside your travel trailer is a straightforward job that any person with the time and tools can tackle. Keep reading for an all-out blitz on the ways to repair your ailing travel trailer walls.

    The Thing Needs To Evaluate In Your Water Damage:

    RV slide out can be found easily found after having the guidance of the article. This damage repair can be sure if this includes labor, but it is very costly to be quite involved. Some shops they are offerings their customer fair and honest evaluation of this water damage. And ensure to make a realistic recommendation for repair. By having RV slide-out water damage, you can easily contact them to repair any time. They will let your RV new again to roaming with adventure to travel the city street and enjoy your day.

    It Started On What Seemed Like A Regular Day

    Isnt that how it always goes? Youre enjoying the lovely Fall weather in your new-to-you RV and you decide to pull up the carpet. Sure, it was in your long-term plans to rid yourself of that disgusting beige textile, but today is just so perfect you want to get started right away.

    The Wilcoxes smiling brilliantly, completely ignorant of the tragedy about to strike their household.

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    Choosing Your Replacement Material For Larger Holes Or Damage

    You might assume that you would just go out and select the same, exact material that was damaged and replace it with that. However, when it comes to interior wall paneling in RVs, the options are nearly endless.

    Theres also the possibility that you are remodeling and fixing the hole as a catalyst or that you just want to go with an entirely different design altogether as you patch the hole.

    There are also a lot of great ideas for using other materials to patch a hole and take advantage of that material as it is installed on top of the original. Whatever you choose to do, you still have to choose a material and go with it.

    The first thing that you should doespecially if the hole is rather smallis purchase a section of plywood to insert into the wall before you cover it with the final paneling. If any of the insulation can be salvaged, do so as well, but the plywood will be more than enough for small repairs.

    Most RV panels will run for around $30 for a 4 x 8 section and the price differences between materials are largely negligible. Just remember to take your time with it and pick something out that works for you. Its going to last for a while, after all.

    Dry It Out Immediately

    Water Damage &  Repairs

    If the water damaged area is still damp, air it out immediately. If you dont mold will begin to grow. Remove any floor mats that will prevent the area from drying out. If the water damage is beneath the sink, remove everything there, including removable drawers. The idea here is we want the area to dry out. If you have a wet/dry shop vacuum handy, this will speed up the process.

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    What Are Rv Walls Made Of

    With a typical RV wall, you have three layers: The external shell, the center , and the interior wall. Unlike house walls, RV walls are compressed together far more tightly, which saves room.

    Unlike repairing walls within your home, you wont have to worry about whether or not the wall is load-bearingtheyre notand the repair process is generally well within most budgets and fairly simple to do.

    The exterior wall makes up the largest part of load-bearing material and is typically rigid, whether its a Winnebago or an Airstream. Throughout the industry, there are usually three different types of inner materials.

    Each one of these is easily replaceable and relatively cheap, even if you need a good amount of any one of them.

    Check For Soft Spots In The Floor Near Sinks Windows Toilet And Shower

    When you walk through the RV, check for soft spots all over, but most notably around areas like sinks, the shower, and the toilet. Check the floors for weak spots under and around all windows and slideouts.

    A soft spot on an RV floor or wall feels spongy or bouncy. It might feel like it sinks under you. In severe cases, your foot can go through the floor entirely, so use caution. If you find a soft spot, avoid stepping on it with your full weight.

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    What Is Between The Interior And Exterior Walls Of An Rv

    Many RV manufacturers, like Jayco, build their sidewalls to be strong, lightweight, and well insulated. The latest technologies in building material and processes have created RV exterior walls to be strong and insulating. Materials like Azdel have thermal and sound insulating properties.

    Exterior walls and insulation now go through a bonding process using extreme weight, heat, and glue to bond them together. This process creates an airtight seal thats lightweight and strong. Its then laminated to give these materials years of integrity.

    The aluminum or wood frame fits behind these bonded pieces. The frame itself has openings cut strategically to fit things like:

    • Electrical wires
    • Audio/Video cabling
    • Various other components

    To learn even more about RV exterior wall insulation check out our article called Travel Trailer and RV Insulation Guide: R-Values Explained. And to learn about all the different ways RVs are built see our article called RV Construction Methods: Which Is Best?

    Removing The Old Panels

    RV Wall Repair // Part 2 of Water Damage

    This isnt a difficult task and can usually be done in around ten or fifteen minutes. The tools that you will need are:

    • Heavy-duty scraper

    Dont forget to pick up the section of plywood either. You wont need it if the replacement panel is thick enough, however, its often difficult to find replacement panel material that comes out exactly as it should be in terms of thickness.

    As far as removing the old panel is concerned, almost all RVs are designed with the interior walls entirely comprised of panels and its only a matter of removing them by systematically going through with a hammer and prying out the nails/staples along the border until the panel is free.

    Often, a sturdy scraper will come in handy to wedge between panels to aid in prying the desired panel out. Once its clear, go about the business of making sure all of the staples or nails are completely removed.

    Once thats done, remove any wall studs that have sustained damage, along with any residual insulation. Grab your tape measure and get a precise measurement of every corner, cranny, elbow, and odd space so that you can get a perfect fit with the new, replacement panel.

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    Don’t Purchase An Rv Without Doing The Proper Research Or You Will Pay

    Now, it seems silly to even have to say you shouldn’t buy an RV right before going on a major trip. But then again, that’s exactly what we did.

    We didn’t know anything about RVs, and we certainly didn’t do the proper research. We ended up paying dearly for that in the form of a ruined trip and expensive repairs.

    There are a lot of great and easily accessible resources online, from RV forums to Facebook groups to YouTube videos.

    Before you even start looking into specific models, take some time to learn about RVs and the lifestyle in general.

    If we’d done this, we would’ve discovered that the reality of owning an RV doesn’t always match up with the picture-perfect shots that we saw on social media.

    Can You Hang Things On Interior Rv Walls

    Your home on wheels isnt complete without your family photos, decor enhancing art pieces, and functional storage hacks. Hanging things on your interior RV walls has become its own artform within the RV community. You need something to secure your hung items that will withstand the punishment of the road but wont destroy your walls.

    Using nails or screws creates holes in the RV wall paneling. Interior walls are too thin to support any weight. The last thing you want is to nail into an electrical line or create a hole in a water pipe.

    Using products like adhesive plastic hooks and/or velcro with a glue backing have the strength to accommodate travel. These methods have the added bonus of hiding or blending in with your decor since they come in a variety of colors. The best part about them is the ability to move your hanging items around to keep your functional and aesthetic space fresh.

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    Reflections On Repairing Water Damage In Your Rv

    When asked, Ed rates this project a 7 or 8 on the Average Mans Ability Scale.

    He quotes If you have a clue about construction, go for it. If you have no mechanical ability, pay someone else or burn your rig to the ground, whichevers cheaper. RV water damage repair aint nothin to mess with.

    Overall, this was an obnoxious experience. I cant really say it taught us to be patient or some other Disney Princess moral. Yes, my husband learned a lot but honestly, just ugh. !!!!

    RV water damage repair is a family affair

    Did you make it to the end? Have you ever had to conduct RV water damage repair? Or anything like it? Let me know. Lets cry together.

    There Will Be A Lot Of Ongoing Maintenance Costs But Never Skip Out On The Important Ones

    Costly RV Mistake to Avoid

    It costs a lot to maintain an RV, which you need to do to prevent even bigger issues down the line.

    Depending on where you live, you may need to winterize it when the weather gets colder. And if you don’t, you just might have to replace your entire plumbing system, as a friend of ours had to do.

    You also need to check things like seals, valves, brakes, and fluids on a regular basis, and every season, you also have to change your RV’s oil filters and maintain your waste-water system.

    Unless you’re mechanically inclined, you’ll need to take the RV in somewhere for regular servicing, which is going to cost you, but it’s definitely not optional.

    And all that doesn’t even factor in the amount of gas you’ll need once you’re on the road. That’s why it’s so important to know what you’re getting into before the initial purchase and to have a clear vision of what your budget needs to be after the fact.

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    How To Repair Rv Walls

    Motorhome or RV owners usually take great pride and joy in them. They Appreciate the whole experience of having a mobile home. And those who do the proper maintenance, hardly ever run into problems. This is the best approach, as it is an essential process that will ensure that your RV will run smoothly for a long period of time.

    However, even with all the care possible, aging and other factors will at some point erupt a leak in your RV.

    Water damage in walls is worst. It can lead to several problems including health issues.

    Make Sure To Look Up The Actual Ages Of The Tires

    Don’t be fooled by tires that look OK. Ask how many miles they’ve been driven and check the actual age the four-digit code right after the DOT label on the sidewalls is the week and year the tire was made.

    As a general rule of thumb, RV tires should be replaced after five years.

    Had we checked the date, we would’ve realized that the tires were more than 10 years old. Instead, we discovered that the hard way by having two blowouts in two days.

    Not only did we put our lives in danger, but since we had a schedule to keep, we ended up paying top dollar to replace four wheels on short notice.

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    Issues With Seal Or Sealant

    Windows and other seals such as on the slides can also experience leaks when it rains. You also need to maintain the seals on your windows and slides re-apply sealant periodically to ensure you dont get leaks.

    It is important to stay on top of this regular maintenance so you dont end up with a leaky window or slide in the middle of a downpour. There is only so much you can do at the moment in this situation.

    If your slides are leaking during a hard rain, consider retracting it until the storm stops and then assess the cause of the leak to fix it.

    Learn About Mainline And Lateral Grouting

    RV Water Damage Repair

    Chemical grouting is a low cost alternative to complete rehabilitation of pipelines. It is the best and most economical method for battling infiltration of sewer systems. Sewer Technologies can help eliminate infiltration at joints, laterals, or cracks using chemical grouting procedures.

    For the repair of joints a packer is pulled through the sewer line, stopping at each joint or crack. A pressure test will then be performed. If the pressure test passes the packer will move to the next joint or crack. If it fails the test, Urethane grout will be injected. These chemical grouting processes are televised and recorded by a CCTV camera truck on site. Before and After videos are provided on DVD or USB.

    Laterals When repairing lateral connections a lateral packer is winched through the sewer line until the packer is lined up with the infiltrated connection. The end elements on the packer are inflated at the lateral to 35 psi, and then a Urethane grout is injected. The chemical grout forms a watertight, protective gasket on the outside of the pipe, sealing the infiltrated area.

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    Can I Remove Rv Interior Walls

    Before you call forth your inner Ty Pennington with that 30-pound sledgehammer, removing RV interior walls is more of a surgical procedure than an all-out massive assault. Your RV walls are only a couple of inches thick and have a lot of utility essentials running through them. If you swing too hard, you could punch straight through the other side.

    Flat crowbars or nail pullers are the best tools for removing the glued RV interior wall panels. Before you begin, research your particular coachs design so you know where the various wires and pipes exist. Your next step is to disconnect everything from the wall paneling.

    . This includes:

    • Window valances
    • Dinette table brackets

    For safety, we recommend personal protective equipment such as work gloves, eye protection, and dust masks. Youll want to avoid splinters, dust, and any potential contaminants you may find in the walls. Even if you keep up on your preventive maintenance, mold and mildew are sneaky.

    How You Dry Out A Leaking Rv

    Most of them didnt know about the dry out RV procedure, which is the foremost requirement of water damage repair. Here is the solution for them to know about dry out-

    > > Using dehumidifier keeping inside the RV by which running can help the dry out the floor.

    > > By using a fan inside the RV.

    > > You must have the proper ventilation.

    > > For underbelly drying, use a blower.

    A wet vacuum cleaner or absorbent Can do> > .

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    What Are Interior Walls Made Of

    Depending on when and where the camper was built, the walls could be made of several different materials. The walls inside the trailer are going to be made of something readily available and easily worked on. They provide attributes crucial for a safe and comfortable camp.

    Here are some examples of those attributes:

    • Soundproofing: Camping can be a noisy environment if the campground is full of generators or lively campers up late having a good time. Having walls provides a barrier between you and the unwanted noise of others. Keeping the noise inside is another benefit.
    • Looks: Having walls increases the looks of the camper. A significant part of having interior walls is they provide some needed color to the inside. Dressing up the walls is just as important as maintaining the structure of the travel trailer. Paint and wallpaper are popular choices and improve resell value.
    • Insulation: If camping in colder environments is, a possibility having walls will keep the cold air at bay while giving a place to hide from the warm temperatures. Keep in mind that extreme temperatures arent going to be stopped by walls. If theres a space between the walls, you can add extra insulation, just like in the home.

    Walls for the travel trailer could be made from several different materials ranging from woods to fiberglass, and in higher priced trailers, carbon fiber walls are available. Whatever the material, the tools around the home or local department store should be able to work with it.

    Professionals That Can Provide Service At Any Time Of The Day

    Replacing Water Damaged Camper Walls. See how we did it at ...

    There are now many competent contractors in Ontario that provide drain repair services. However, not all can be readily available to offer the service at any time of the day.

    A damaged or clogged up water pipe line cannot wait for business hours. The repair has to occur right away. It is necessary that you find professionals that can peovide these services at any time of the day.

    From a regular bathtub, kitchen area sink to storm drain pipes, it will always be convenient knowing the repair company can always arrive right away.

    An experienced plumber can deal with any drain repair, leak or obstruction. It is essential that the Ontario contractor you choose has many years of experience.

    There are some drain repairs that require special equipment and machines. Specifically when some important parts of the pipes or drain are damaged. All the training, skills and competence will show in the work.

    A great team can quickly deal with any type of drain repair. Be it a residential or industrial drain repair, a skilled company in Ontario can do efficient and quality work.

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