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Shopping For A Good Rv Mattress: Does Your Sleeping Style Matter

Costco Serene Foam Mattress/RV Short Queen

The short answer is yes.

Picking a mattress that does not work for ones favorite sleeping position can lead to some unpleasant consequences.

For instance, lying on an overly stiff mattress will cause the body to kind of crush against the surface, which can lead to painful pressure points. Additionally, when the protruding body parts dont sink in, the spine cannot remain in a healthy, neutral position.

Or, sleeping on a very soft mattress will allow too much sinkage for the heavier body parts. This, in its turn, will cause the spine to curve. As a result, tension can accumulate in some of its parts, leading to pain.

Therefore, to maintain a proper sleep posture, users need to pick RV mattresses based on their preferred sleeping style.

Here are the most common ones, plus mattress firmness recommendations:

Rv King Mattress Size

RV king mattress size is the biggest if you have a huge RV to take your whole family on a trip, then an RV king mattress is the best choice. RV king size dimensions measure 72 inches wide and 75 inches long, and 72 inches wide and 80 inches long. You can travel with your partner and kids as well. It can effortlessly accommodate a couple with a kid or four kids. Some RVs have a pop-up that offers an adaptation of two king-size mattresses, enabling a full-house family picnic.

Rv Mattress Sizes Can Be Different

Before you jump on a brand new mattress for your RV, you’re going to have to take a look at the size of mattress in your vehicle. The issue is that many are uncommon sizes and not all of the normal at-home mattresses will fit. So, before you read further, do a measurement of your RV mattress and if it is a common size: Twin , Twin-XL , Full , Queen , King , or Cal King . If it isn’t, then you’ll need something that is specially made for your RV’s unique size.

For some of the best rated RV size mattresses available.

If you do have a standard size, then read on…the below recommendations are for you. Some additional things to consider are the weight of the mattress and the profile. If it is too thick, it might not look quite right. Also, if it weighs too much, it may be an added gas hog for your unit.

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The 10 Best Rv Mattresses Short Queen To Buy In 2022

by Chris Coleman is reader supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

No matter how much you want to enjoy sleeping on huge mattresses in an RV, its not possible. The scarcity of space inside a trailer is a huge problem. So, getting a mattress with the proper size is crucial to get a comfy sleep at night while camping. An RV short queen mattress is usually the top choice for campers living in an average-sized motorhome.

Several brands offer this size, so it is not difficult at all to find one for your RV. However, to get the best RV mattress short queen, having a complete grasp on its basics is quite necessary. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you understand how to tell which model is a match for your vehicle and your needs.


Best Price Mattress Memory Foam Short Queen Mattress

[TOP 8] Best RV Short Queen Mattress Reviews In 2021

Why We Love It:

As it employs top-level memory foam made to relieve pressure points, Best Price Mattress Memory Foam Short Queen Mattress optimizes comfort and lets you get the rest you desire. Considering its superb breathability, the mattress of Best Price Mattress excels at keeping heat from being trapped as people sleep. That is why Best Price Mattress Memory Foam Short Queen Mattress is a good buy for RVers that wish to stay cool all night long. Furthermore, the Best Price Mattress mattress comes at an economical price that everyone could accept.

In the case that you have health concerns, you would be glad to know that Best Price Mattress Memory Foam Short Queen Mattress meets all regulations set out by CertiPUR-US about content, emission, durability Hence, the mattress from Best Price Mattress is widely deemed to be an outstanding short queen camper mattress for RVers that look for healthy sleep. Besides that, by offering a 10-year limited warranty, Best Price Mattress allows enthusiasts of RVing that choose its short queen memory foam mattress to have peace of mind while traveling.

As its foam limits motion transfer, Best Price Mattress Memory Foam Short Queen Mattress is well-received by RVers that tend to have sleeping companions. Overall, once you grab the Best Price Mattress mattress, your loved ones should barely notice your bedtime tumbling and tossing


  • Odors could stick around for months
  • A few mattresses expand awkwardly

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Determine Your Rv Mattress Size

The first step to buying a replacement travel trailer mattress is to figure out what size you need to order.

Most people will measure the mattress. You can do this if youre in a hurry.

However, the most accurate way to do it is to measure the dimensions of the surface the mattress rests on. Usually the mattress is placed on ply-wood or some type of similar surface.

There are two reasons why this is more accurate. The first being that your rv mattress may not be the same size as it was when the RV was built. This can be due to fluctuations in temperature during off-season storage or from exposure to UV light if the RV was kept uncovered during storage.

In addition, RV mattresses are made by both humans and machines. If you take 10 out of stock, you will get a slight variation in size. If you measure the RV mattress instead of the surface it lies on, it may lead you to believe that you need a custom mattress size. Dont worry, measuring is easy!

Wondering if a standard size can fit? Read our article Can You Put a Regular Mattress in an RV.

The most common RV mattresses are in the shape of a rectangle.

Here are the most common sizes:

Best Rv Mattress Short Queen Comparison Chart

LUCID 10 Inch Memory Foam Medium-Plush – Gel Infusion Hypoallergenic… $$$$ Dimensions: 60 x 75 InchesThickness: 10 Inches
8 inch RV Memory Foam Mattress, Short Queen, Made in The USA, CertiPur $$$$ Dimensions: 60 x 75 InchesThickness: 8 Inches
Live and Sleep Resort Classic – RV Short Queen Memory Foam Mattress -… $579.95 Dimensions: 60 x 75 InchesThickness: 10 Inches
Zinus 6 Inch Foam and Spring RV Mattress / Short Queen Size for RVs,… $$$$ Dimensions: 60 x 74 InchesThickness: 6 Inches
Zinus Deluxe Memory Foam 8 Inch RV / Camper / Trailer / Truck Mattress,… $$$$ Dimensions: 60 x 74 InchesThickness: 8 Inches
DynastyMattress 10-Inch CoolBreeze Gel Memory Foam Mattress for RV, Camper,… $$$$ Dimensions: 60 x 75 InchesThickness: 10 Inches
Best Price Mattress 6″ Signature Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress, Short… $$$$ Dimensions: 59 x 74 InchesThickness: 6 Inches
ZINUS 6 Inch Green Tea Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress / Cooling Gel Foam… $$$$ Dimensions: 60 x 74 InchesThickness: 6 Inches
Zinus 6 Inch Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress / CertiPUR-US Certified /… $$$$ Dimensions: 60 x 74 InchesThickness: 6 Inches
ZINUS 10 Inch Ultima Memory Foam Mattress / Short Queen Size for RVs,… $$$$ Dimensions: 60 x 74 InchesThickness: 10 Inches See Latest Price

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What Size Is A Camper Queen Mattress

A camper queen mattress usually measures 60 x 75. Compared to regular queen mattresses, which measure 60 x 80, camper queens are five inches shorter. This is because campers are compact environments where space is sparse, so every inch matters!

Some modern RVs come with regular queen-size platforms that can fit a standard queen mattress. This is usually found on newer, larger, and more luxury-oriented RVs. To be sure what size of mattress you should get for your camper, take careful measurements of all your sleeping platforms.

Dont just measure the bed, too make sure to measure the distance from the platform bed to the ceiling. Youll want to do this because mattresses come in varying degrees of thickness. You wont want to buy a mattress that is so thick that itll leave you with very little space between your bed and the campers ceiling, as this will make for an uncomfortable and claustrophobic sleeping experience!

The Best Rv Mattresses

RV Mattress Upgrade. Keeping it comfortable and Affordable

The Sleep Foundation and Bob Vila agree on the Brooklyn Wanderlust Memory Foam mattress as the best overall RV mattress. The Brooklyn Wanderlust offers 22 sizes with five thickness options ranging from 6 inches to 14 inches and firmness ratings from three to five in the thickest offerings and seven to nine in the thinnest mattresses.

Bob Vilas pick for Best Bang For The Buck is the Best Price Mattress six-inch memory foam mattress. This particular RV mattress is available in six sizes, including twin, twin XL, full, short queen, queen, and king, and five thicknesses from 6 inches to 14 inches.

However, the Sleep Foundation chose a different RV mattress for its Best Value pick. In fact, its the Bear Trek RV mattress thats the Best Value if youre shopping for a mattress for your RV. The Bear Trek memory foam mattress offers three size options, including RV bunk, RV queen, and RV king, with seven thickness options.

What if youre after a more luxurious RV bed? Bob Vila rates the Brooklyn Aurora hybrid mattress as the most luxurious RV mattress. This mattress features a top layer of 1.5-inch thick proprietary CopperFlex foam, which is designed to relieve pressure points by conforming to the body. Additionally, the Brooklyn Aurora comes in 10 sizes and soft, medium, or firm options.

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Lucid Short Queen Memory Foam Mattress Best Of The Best

Why This Is The Best

Designed to provide enthusiasts of RVing a good nights sleep in typical camping conditions, Lucid Short Queen Memory Foam Mattress never fails to please. Utilizing a dual-layer design, the mattress of Lucid features well-ventilated gel-infused memory on top and high-density base foam at the bottom. Because of that, Lucid Short Queen Memory Foam Mattress both conforms to the body of sleepers and relieves pressure points. Naturally, the Lucid short queen mattress is deemed to be the best RV mattress short queen at its price range.

For temperature regulation and moisture control, Lucid gives its short queen mattress a superb cover made from breathable Tencel fabric. Due to the inclusion of the cover, Lucid Short Queen Memory Foam Mattress allows people to sleep soundly all night long regardless of outside weather. In addition to that, being compressed, rolled, and shipped in a box, the Lucid mattresses could be set up in a blink of an eye. Once you manage to get Lucid Short Queen Memory Foam Mattress to your bed, all you need to do is to cut open the packaging.

To show confidence in the performance of its RV short queen mattress, Lucid offers RVers a 10-year warranty that covers an assortment of manufacturing defects. So in the case that you look for a mattress that brings peace of mind, Lucid Short Queen Memory Foam Mattress is definitely for you.


Why Its An Editors Choice


Live & Sleep Resort Classic Short Queen Mattress

Why Its An Editors Choice:

Capable of delivering premium-grade comfort, Live & Sleep Resort Classic Short Queen Mattress helps RVers rest and relax at the end of a long day. Thanks to the incorporation of ventilated memory foam, the Live & Sleep mattress breathes well so you dont have to worry about waking up in the morning soaked in sweats. The cover of the mattress is designed to boost airflows around the bed as well. Hence, Live & Sleep Resort Classic Short Queen Mattress is the best RV mattress short queen that hot sleepers could get.

Instead of chemicals, Live & Sleep controls the physical properties of its production mattresses by pressure. Using advanced packaging techniques, the Live & Sleep mattress features reduced carbon emission compared to the average mattresses for recreational vehicles. Because of that, lots of eco-conscious enthusiasts of RVing think highly of Live & Sleep Resort Classic Short Queen Mattress. The reassuring 20-year warranty that comes with the mattress puts its users at ease too.

One interesting thing about Live & Sleep Resort Classic Short Queen Mattress is that its made to suit adjustable bases. Flexible and versatile, the RV mattress from Live & Sleep boasts sublime support even if its bent time and again.


  • A couple of mattresses expand unevenly

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What Types Of Rv Mattresses Are Available

Common mattress types include foam, latex, hybrid, innerspring, and airbeds. Though any mattress type will technically work in your RV, some are much better suited than others. Due to the size and weight constrictions of an RV, a foam mattress is usually best. This type of mattress is lightweight, making it ideal for spaces that require lifting the mattress overhead. Foam models also help you avoid adding too much weight to the RV. That being said, there are benefits and drawbacks to each type of mattress, which we will break down here.

The Sedona Deluxe Rv Mattress

The 10 Best RV Mattresses Short Queen To Buy in 2021

The Sedona RV Mattress

  • Great option for those who like a slightly firm mattress
  • Free shipping within the 48 states

Manufactured by USA-based Mattress Insider, a leader in affordable, high-quality RV mattresses, the Sedona RV Short Queen deluxe mattress is our best in budget pick. Starting at just $199, this mattress offers a LOT for the price tag.

As a budget-friendly option, we found that the Sedona was surprisingly comfortable as compared to some of the higher-priced models, and outperformed cheap non-USA made RV mattresses by a mile.

Although its not the best fit for everyone , we feel like it is a great all-around short queen that is worth consideration.

The Ultimate in Pressure Relief and Support

The Sedona features a deluxe firm core, utilizing a proprietary foam blend to provide a firm, supportive feel. Ideal back sleepers, this mattress is perfect for those who find the plush melting into the mattress feel a bit too soft.

Contouring and Supportive

No mattress from Mattress Insider would be complete without the use of rapid recovery foam, uniquely engineered to quickly adapt to changing positions and movements in bed, virtually eliminating that stuck in place feeling common with traditional or cheap foam.

Organic Cotton Cover

Highly Customizable

CertiPUR US® Certified Foam

The Sedona, by contrast, uses organic materials and CertiPUR US® Certified Foam guaranteed free from harsh chemicals, ozone depleters, and heavy metals.

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Warranty And Trial Periods

Well-made quality RV mattresses will usually come with some sort of warranty, typically lasting between 5 and 10 years.

And while a longer warranty is always better, its also important to make sure that the warranty is backed by the manufacturer and not just the retailer.

Its also important to read the fine print carefully.

As many mattress warranties are limited warranties, which have clauses in the warranty that allow the company to deny the claim if they deem the problem to be an issue of customer abuse.

In addition, its also worth pointing out that, some companies even offer a trial period that will let you try the mattress out for a certain amount of time, usually 30 days.

And will provide a money-back guarantee if youre not completely satisfied with the mattress.

Why You Should Replace Your Rv Mattress

Are you the proud owner of a new recreational vehicle?

If youve had the opportunity to take your new RV out for a long journey to see the sights and sounds of mother nature, you may have found it hard to get a good nights rest with the RV mattress that comes included with the vehicle. To make matters more frustrating, many brick and mortar mattress retailers do not stock sizes that are compatible with recreational vehicles.

For many RV companies, additional accessories such as the included mattress are an afterthought, and are often made with inferior materials to keep costs low. As such, many travellers may find it difficult to enjoy a proper nights rest while going on long journeys in their RVs. Replacing your included RV mattress with a custom RV mattress from a reputable mattress manufacturer is an easy fix to the issue of restless nights.

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Will Queen Sheets Fit A Short Queen Mattress

Regular queen sheets will fit fine on a short queen mattress unless the mattress is very thin. In that case, you will end up with baggy sheets. If you find any excess sheets at the head or foot of your bed, simply tuck the excess under the mattress and youre good to go. Our GhostBed RV mattress has a 10-inch profile, making this problem less of a concern. Additionally, our 2 GhostGrip band will ensure your sheets stay on securely, all night long.

Variations Such As Short Narrow Bunk And Rounded Edges Are Available

Why we “upgraded” to a RV Queen Short Mattress.
Variations such as short, narrow, bunk, and rounded edges are available!
Made in the USAInstead of sitting unused in a warehouse, all of our RV mattresses are made to order in our state-of-the-art mattress factory in Denver, CO. This allows us to guarantee consistent, on-time deliveries while we provide our customers with long-lasting, factory-fresh mattresses that ensure a superior nights sleep from any destination along the open road.

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