Single Wide Mobile Home Renovations

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Small Space Big Dreams


Finding out the overall cost for a remodel of a single wide mobile home can often be quite challenging. The final cost will heavily depend on the individuals personal vision and their interior finishing touches. However, it is crucial for a budget to be set and for a homeowner to stay inside of those budgetary constraints. The best part of remodeling a single wide mobile home is that there is typically smaller square footage, which allows for a smaller budget. Just because the space of a mobile home is typically smaller does not mean you cannot dream big and decorate.

Additionally, remodeling projects can be completed to different degrees when working on any budget. A complete gut of a single wide mobile home and full remodel job could cost upwards of $50,000 to $80,000. Thankfully, there are many ways to cut corners and to find more budget-friendly renovation options. There are some single wide mobile home renovations that can and have been done in all financial brackets. The scale of renovation is all dependent on the homeowners wants and needs for the home. It is important that he or she does their research in order to formulate exactly what they would like out of the remodel project and go from there.

Can I Remodel An Old Mobile Home Without A Building Permit

Friday, September 28, 2018

It depends on two things: 1) how extensive the remodeling is, and 2) what building department jurisdiction you are in. Although the original construction of a manufactured/mobile home is solely under the rules and supervision of HUD , except for local building and zoning regulations about placement on the site, once the home is installed any modifications or additions must comply with the building codes where it is located.

Most jurisdictions do not require that work such as painting, siding or skirting repair, or interior flooring installation have a building permit. Beyond that, each building department has a slightly different threshold past which a permit is necessary, but anything that alters the structure, such a re-roofing, window replacement, electrical, plumbing, heating/air conditioning, and the addition of a deck or site-built attached room requires a permit and inspection.

While you may have neighbors that mind their own business and are not inclined to call the local code enforcement officer about any construction work you do without a building permit, the short-term savings of the cost and aggravation of a permit and inspection is offset nowadays by the problem you may encounter on selling the home to a buyer that expects to see building permits on all of the homes improvements. Comments or questions to

Bathtubs And Shower Pans

As big parts of your bathroom, you should definitely consider your bathtub and shower pans if you decide to renovate. The cost will largely depend on whether you can install it yourself or need a contractor. However, bathtubs can be quite expensive whereas shower pans are relatively cheap. An alternative might be to simply create an impressive exterior wall for your bath using faux stone panels.

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Your Mobile Homes Roof And Eaves

Your mobile homes roof pitch can be an aesthetic and useful upgrade. By having a higher roof pitch, your mobile home will look more like a traditional house, and it helps rain and snow slide off more easily.

Site-built homes typically have wide eaves to help keep water away from the siding and windows they are usually 12 to 16 inches wide. Most mobile homes, on the other hand, have smaller eaves and gutters . Adding wider eaves in addition to a higher roof pitch can help the outside of your mobile home look more like a house.

Travis And Staci Greenlee Colorado

Single Wide Mobile Home Interiors

Staci talks about her remodel in her own words:

My husband and I recently purchased a foreclosed mobile home. We spent several months renovating it. My husband and I did all of the work ourselves. Projects included: Tape, texturing and painting all the walls, tearing out flooring and installing laminate and tile, resurfacing counter tops, new windows and front door. We have accomplished A LOT, but still have so much to do!

Front of house before.

I bought a 1970 Imperial this past fall. I was given a blank slate to play with. Lots of primer and paint and some imagination, I am loving this 14 x 60 ft. gem.

Kitchen before.

Kitchen after.

As you can see, I painted the kitchen yellow with white cabinets. That gave it a whole new look. Plus, taking down the overhead cabinets added light into the kitchen which was much needed. It also helped with banging my head on them. I bought a new skin for the fridge to cover the old rusted spots.

Bathroom before.

Bathroom after.

The bathroomwhich, by the way, has an apartment-size washer and dryer behind the doorjust needed some TLC. Nothing was changed except the color and some wainscot wallpaper and some sea glass and jewels glued to molding for a border.

Porch before.

Porch after.

Editors note: these prices reflect personal experience. Prices in your market may be different.

Living room before.

I hope you enjoyed my new home. Thanks for looking!

Karen Parker, Montana

Karen talks about her project in her own words:

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You Can Do Big Changes With A Small Budget

We needed to do this mobile home remodel quickly, so my brother and his wife could move in, and with a small budget, which I knew I could do. Even though my husband was getting really nervous about my growing to do list, I knew I could do it all inexpensively. The only expense I was worried about was the floor installation quote I got from Home Depot. Yikes! For the product and the installation it was around $10,000. Nope. That was not going to happen.

My sister-in-laws father, who is a contractor offered to help, but things came up and the more I thought about it I knew I could do it myself. At least in my head I could. Not sure if my knees and back could do it, but I figured Id give it a shot. So, my brother and I did the floor ourselves and ended up saving thousands of dollars! The flooring itself was around $2000. So we saved around $8000. WOW!

So, the lesson here is to look into what is involved in your home improvement project before you hire it out. This flooring was pretty easy to install, aches and pains aside.

Here is a rundown of the projects I did and how I did them. I havent added up all the expenses but Im sure the whole project was under $3000. Wait to you see what a difference it made. Here are the details of the mobile home remodel before and after.

Need A New Vision For Your Home

Check out the winners of our Mobile Home Makeover Contest!

If youve ever thought about remodeling your mobile home, you know how exciting it is to dream. But with all those walls, floors, windows, and fixtures staring back at you, it gets overwhelming. How do you get past this? Where do you start?

Actually, planning your mobile home makeover is easier than you might think. All it takes is a little inspiration from some amazing remodeling pictures. Once you see what other people have done to transform their homes, you have something to work with. You can file away a look that appeals to you, or you can make a mental note NOT to copy someones style. Either way, looking at other beautiful makeovers will help you figure out your own project.

At Mobile Home Parts Store, we love the DIY spirit. We love to see people taking charge of their homes and changing them for the better. To celebrate these everyday interior designers, we held our first-ever Mobile Home Makeover Contest in July, 2016.*

The results were stunning. We received many high-quality entries, and we judged them very carefully. No doubt about itpeople are creating beautiful remodeled mobile homes all over this great country of ours.

So what are you waiting for? Let these beautiful projects inspire you. Maybe its time to start that renovation you always dreamed of.

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Remodeling A Mobile Home:

Lets firstly go over one of the most asked questions, can you remodel a mobile home? Is remodeling a mobile home worth it? Absolutely! The answer is yes. Before purchasing your dream mobile home you are indeed given the choice to choose the features, colors, and all of the design options you have in mind but of course even after the purchase you still can change your mind and remodel nearly everything. How to remodel a mobile home? Let us walk you through it quickly.

Remodeling a home isnt just for real estate. Yours manufactured home and you can benefit from a thoughtfully decided on and well-planned remodel. There are also many valid reasons why you could and should consider remodeling a mobile home into a house you wished. Old mobile home remodel is always a great idea. We all need that change!Some of the reasons people go for remodeling and search for mobile home remodeling tips are to:

  • Repurpose a room
  • Change it to a Green House eco friendly
  • Pump/drainage issues

If you decide on starting the remodel it is always a good idea to save some money and do cool mobile home remodels from head to toe. Sometimes people start remodeling then they are forced to leave it behind because of budget issues. Always have your mobile home remodel budget in mind. You might wonder how much it costs to remodel a mobile home? This is a question only you can answer.

Single Wide Mobile Home Remodel Ideas: Update Upgrade Add Space

Mobile Home Makeover | Starting a DIY Single Wide Remodel!!

by bryceadminMay 17, 2019Blog, DIY, Remodeling

There are so many reasons to renovate your mobile home that you might be left asking yourself, why not? You can add value to your house, modernize it and make it feel much more spacious.

But what changes should you make? With so many possibilities it can be challenging to narrow down which projects youre going to tackle. It can help to decide on your goals first and then how you plan to achieve them.

Youre about to find out what some of the top single wide mobile home remodel ideas are. We are going to look at how you can renovate your home to update, upgrade and add space to your house.

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Excellent Exterior And Intimate Interior

This next home is a great example of remodeling and updating a single wide.

Adding an accent to only one end of your homes exterior is a great way to add appeal and still keep within a budget.

Below, you can see the updated kitchen. The owner used several popular kitchen materials such as a mosaic tiled back-splash, white cottage styled cabinetry, dark laminated wood floors, and stainless steel appliances.

New windows, painted paneling, laminated flooring, and wide trim combined together to create a modern and welcoming living room in this single wide.

The bathroom carries some of the same stylish features as the kitchen. Making one material work for two or more spaces is a great way to reduce your remodeling costs.

Furniture Appliances And Its Features:

There is one thing that can cost your money, that is furniture appliances. Without its furnishings home looks dont good. if you spend more money on furniture It will make your home look great.

Yes, if you have less budget then upgrading these furniture appliances will greatly help you. Paint on your furniture and renovations make your furniture new but they couldnt be same as the new one.

You can furnish your home with a variety of furniture items, such as Sofas, Chairs, Ottomans, Sid, Coffee, Tables, Desks, Consoles, and Lamps.

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Determine Your Budget Before Anything Else

Maybe you already own the home, and maybe you dont. Either way, you need to figure out exactly what your budget will be at the outset. This way, you wont buy the wrong home, and you wont be left with a halfway finished project. To get the most bang for your buck, knowing what you can spend before hand will save you lots of headache, anxiety and stress during the process.

First determine:

  • Is the home going to be in a park?
  • Will the home be on its own land?


In several cases, weve had these given to us by both parks and / or the owners of the home. Other times, weve paid $1,000 to about $4,000 for these homes. To most people these homes look like a teardown. They often have water damage, electrical issues, missing HVAC, bad plumbing and NO AESTHETICS!

We will attest to you that these can still be good homes. If were going to use the homes as a rental, we will invest up to about $7,000 to bring them up to rentable condition. As such, we have less than $10,000 invested and net of the park rent, we clear cashflow of about $350 per month. That is $4,200 cash on cash return for about a $10,000 investment. A whopping 42% annual return.


In this case, the entry price is going to be much higher. In our area, we are able to find old mobile homes on their own lots for around $30,000 to $40,000. The value in the lot itself is around $35,000.

Before starting, you should do your research for your area and know the following:

Spruce Street: Money Back In 3 Months

Advantage Single Wide Living Room and Kitchen

Damarice : “I just closed on my first deal and am really excited about closing within 30 days of purchase!

We purchased this house for $500 and put in about $1,000 in paint, flooring, and building a 3rd bedroom. Based on the terms of the deal. We will hopefully make our money back in 3 months.”

“Some of the lessons I learned and will implement going forward:

  • Importance of setting expectation with sellers when purchasing a mobile home, they must move out all of their stuff . If they don’t do it, don’t be afraid to walk away until it gets done!
  • Give your handyman a specific list of what you expect to get done with a timeline and don’t pay until you verify it is fully completed.”

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A Word On Making Any Renovation

Be careful before spending lots of money on renovations. Many will give you a return on investment, but others dont. But, if you are going to make a renovation to the home the QUALITY of that renovation is what makes all the difference on your return.

Let me share a story!

We once bought a double wide home in a park for renovating and flipping. This home was a double-wide, about 1,400sf, 3 beds and 2 baths. It had full awnings on both sides and a nicely done storage room. It was built in the late 1980s, everything was original, and everything was very tired. It was filthy and needed pretty much everything. We paid $4,000 for the house.

At the same time, another house flipper we know bought a double wide home down the street from ours. It was 1,800sf and 4 bedrooms. It was about the same age as ours. This home had been heavily modified inside and the modified floor plan was awful. Our friend spent $8,000 to acquire this home.

We did our normal rehab routine on this home as described in this post. We did not replace the windows, but did pretty much everything else. We spent about $16,000 on the project not including the cost of the home. It took us about 30 days to get it done. Our total investment in the home was $22,000. When we put it on the market, we had a cash buyer within a week and sold the home for $37,000. A profit of $15,000.

You Are Gonna Love These 15 Mobile Home Remodels

We know it can be a bit overwhelming to look through the 680 articles here on Mobile Home Living so we like to create lists like this that are easy to digest and fun to look at.

These 15 mobile home remodels will certainly inspire you when you are ready to tackle your own mobile home remodeling project.

Dont forget to check out our for awesome mobile home decor and improvement ideas.

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Do General Contractors Offer Remote Or Virtual Services

General contractors perform manual work and typically need to be present to complete their projects. However, if you come across a profile that states the contractor is offering remote services, ask what those services include. You can also ask if they can perform a consultation via video call and if they can do the job while following guidelines from the CDC and local agencies.

Cost Of Building Single Wide Mobile Home

1978 Single Wide Mobile Home Renovation Before and After | Mobile Home Tour

The nature of humans is changed over the years, and now they dont think twice to fulfill their dreams. Owning a caravan has become common nowadays for rich and middle-income people. Hence, individuals can make this type of house in different types of places.

In the following table, we mention the average cost range to build a single wide mobile home.

Name of the place
Park $80,000 to $90,000

In the above table, we mention the price for only constructing it. Many other related things will be added with this like the value of land, lease cost, and so on. Subsequently, the price of land will be different according to the locations. For instance, the value of the land in California will be many times higher than in Arizona.

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