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How Fast Is T

T-Mobile 5G Home Internet In-Depth Review and Set-Up Overview, with Speed Test, June 2022

T-Mobile is among the Americas most extensive and fastest mobile network providers with a 5G network. It now takes the crown when it comes to speed. According to multiple third-party reports based on the measurement of millions of customers’ devices, the upload and download speeds are extremely incredible. At the same time, the signal strength is more than what the rivals offer. The reports and insights on T-Mobile 5G speed measurements are based on real-life experiences as billions of devices are used by millions of users in America.

T-Mobile has been the leader in the 5G network coverage, but now it widens its lead when it comes to speed. Since Sprint became part of the T-Mobile widening the Un-carrier, the download speed has risen to around 300Mbps and could go up to 1Gbps peak speed. The Un-carrier 5 G’s capacity has now reached up to 1000 cities and towns in America, covering around 106 million people, which is almost 50x more than Verizon can cover.

How Fast Will T

T-Mobiles 5G network has the potential to hit 1,000 Mbps or faster, so long as it achieves benchmarks in building out its mid-band and millimeter-wave 5G infrastructure.

The company launched its first standalone 5G network in August 2020. Rather than rely on previously built 4G infrastructure, a standalone network incorporates brand-new systems architecture, allowing for greater network efficiency and precise signal targeting for your mobile device.

T-Mobile has also been rolling out more mid-band availability. Mid-band frequencies like 2.5 GHz have a greater capacity for carrying data, making them way faster than low-band 5G. Mid-band spectrum also doesnt have the extremely limited range of millimeter wave technology. Mid-band spectrum cant reach millimeter-wave speed, but it can still deliver really fast speeds at a distance of several miles.

Verizon 5g Home Internet Availability And Coverage Map

Verizon 5G Home Internet is currently available in select areas including:

Contract None

*Pricing per month plus taxes for length of contract. Additional fees and terms may apply. Pricing varies by location and availability. All prices subject to change at any time. May or may not be available based on service address. As of 03/30/22.

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Get Home Phone Service From Ooma For Just $999/mo

Limited-time offer subject to change. Qualifying Home Internet service required. Max 1/account. May not be combinable with other offers. Offer fulfilled by Ooma. Suggested retail price of $129.99. Activation of monthly service that includes Ooma Premier features for $9.99 per month plus applicable taxes and fees is required within 60 days of receipt of the Ooma Telo Air. If you do not activate your subscription within 60 days, or if you activate and subsequently cancel your Ooma service within 18 months of activation, you must, at your own expense, return the Ooma Telo Air device to Ooma in original condition, together with all parts and accessories, or pay $129.99. You authorize Ooma to collect any payment owed by you hereunder from your payment method, as provided in Ooma’s Terms and Conditions. See .

Ooma’s phone service does not include high-speed Internet or Broadband Service. Federal universal service charges, FCC regulatory fees, state and local taxes, fees and surcharges, and regulatory and compliance fees are billed monthly and subject to change. To determine the specific charges in your area, go to .

Want 5g Home Internet T


T-Mobile Home Internet is a home internet service thats available to millions of Americans in 49 states. It costs $50 a month and works on a fixed-wireless connection, delivering an average of around 100 Mbps speeds on 5G networks .

T-Mobile Home Internet emphasizes straightforwardness, challenging cable and fiber providers with a simple pricing model and relatively fast speeds. The monthly fee includes equipment and installation costs, so theres no hidden fees or seasonal price hikes. You also get unlimited data and you dont have to sign an annual contract.

This is still a relatively untested internet servicecable and fiber options are far more well-known and many customers will consider them a better bet. But its definitely worth trying out. And if you dont like it, you can just cancel without having to pay any fees.

Pro tip:

One major advantage of 5G residential internet is that you can get much faster speeds and lower lag. Use our How Much Internet Speed Do I Need? Tool to gauge how much firepower youll need over wireless Wi-Fi.

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Are There Data Caps With T

No. T-Mobile Home Internet features unlimited data. Customers will not have any potential data overage fees or charges hanging over their heads. That said, T-Mobile Home Internet customers could find their service slowed in cases where the company prioritizes its mobile users over its fixed wireless customers.

Misconceptions About Fixed Wireless

Fixed wireless is not satellite

While fixed wireless broadcasts from terrestrial towers, satellite Internet broadcasts from earth orbit. Satellites birds eye view translates to wide coverage, but the extra distance creates higher latency.

Fixed wireless is not mobile

Mobile coverage operates like a giant Wi-Fi bubble coverage is broadcast from towers, and any device within range can connect. Fixed wireless operates more like an invisible wire connecting two locations coverage is broadcast from towers in a straight line to a specific customer.

Fixed wireless is not Wi-Fi

Fixed wireless provides a direct point-to-point connection, requiring line-of-sight between the access point and reception device. Unlike Wi-Fi, fixed wireless cannot pass through or around minor barriers.

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What Kind Of Speeds Can I Expect

Perhaps the only downside to these 5G Home Internet plans, is that you dont really know how good the download and upload speeds are going to be. And if they are going to be constant or not. T-Mobile says that 5G Home Internet customers will see average download speeds in excess of 100Mbps. Honestly, thats not very fast for $50/month. Its almost worthwhile to use AT& Ts Fiber service instead.

Typical download speeds are 35-115Mbps. So this is not for those that work from home, or do a lot of online gaming. Upload speeds are typically between 6-23Mbps.

How Do You Get T

NEW T-Mobile 5G Home Internet | Will It work on the Go?

To get on T-Mobiles 5G network, you need a 5G phone or 5G mobile hotspot along with a T-Mobile cellular plan.

All of T-Mobiles unlimited-data phone plans allow you to access the 5G network. On any T-Mobile unlimited plan, you get access to the companys 4G LTE network by default. You can also get on 5G service when youre in range of the new service.

View Plans

*Percentage of time users connect to 5G during phone use

T-Mobiles 5G network delivers average download speeds of 150 Mbps.1 Thats a whole lot faster than the speeds of its rivalsand way better than what you can get on any 4G connection too.

How fast is your phone data?

Not sure what kind of speeds youre getting with your cellular plan? Take our speed test to see if youd benefit from a 5G boost.

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What Is Fixed Wireless 5g

5G home internet falls under the umbrella of fixed wireless, which is when an internet connection is sent from a fixed antenna to a nearby cellular tower. Currently, fixed wireless internet primarily exists through a 4G network and is mostly used in rural areas. However, more and more cellphone carriers are now launching 5G home internet service around the country.

So What Is 5g Home Internet

5G stands for fifth generation, and it refers to the newest standard of wireless technology. Compared to past generations, 5G allows data to transfer from a source to its destination quicker and with fewer delays. This network can be applied to both cellphones, which is what most people think of when they hear 5G, and home internet.

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How We Evaluate Internet Providers

We evaluate broadband providers in four categories: affordability, performance, value and customer satisfaction. Each category contains multiple sub-factors, all of which are weighted differently to impact the providers overall score.

For each sub-factor, we score all providers on a continuous scale of 1 to 5, relative to the industry as a whole. Because the average download speed in America is currently 180 Mbps, for example, we assigned all plans with download speeds between 100 and 299 Mbps a score between 3 and 4. Xfinitys 200 Mbps plan received a 3.50 score for download speed, while Spectrums 400 Mbps plan got a 4.16.

We only considered standardized data points in our scoring system. More abstract data like consistency of service and brand reputation is still part of our analysis, but we opted to let our writers address them in the context of each review.

Six months of Disney bundle One year of Disney bundle, unlimited cloud storage

*For existing customers with a Verizon mobile plan of $30/mo. or greater.*Pricing per month plus taxes for length of contract. Additional fees and terms may apply. Pricing varies by location and availability. All prices subject to change at any time. May or may not be available based on service address. As of 03/30/22.

What Did The T

two maps

Sprint customers accounts have been rolled into T-Mobile accounts. You access your account online through T-Mobiles website, and all of Sprints brick-and-mortar stores are now T-Mobile stores. You may also notice a decline in data speed if you have an older Sprint phone, since T-Mobile is requisitioning part of Sprints spectrum for 5G.3

You may reach a point when youll need to upgrade to a new phone or planespecially if you want to upgrade to T-Mobiles 5G network. For more information, head to T-Mobiles page about the Sprint merger.

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How Much Does It Cost

Unlike Verizon, T-Mobile offers a single plan for its 5G Home Internet service. Its going to cost you $50 per month. Theres no equipment fees, no data caps and no contracts included. Just a straight up $50 per month plus whatever applicable taxes and fees which will vary by State.

If you decide not to use autopay, itll be $55 per month. Not a huge difference, but if you really want to save money, then autopay is the way to do it.

This is actually very competitive with the traditional home internet services. For example, AT& T offers gigabit fiber for $70/month in a lot of areas. Which is going to be a lot faster, but maybe not $20 faster.

What About Sprint Customers

Sprint has now been rebranded as T-Mobile, but Sprint customers will continue to use the Sprint network for now. Sprint customers will be brought to the T-Mobile network in time, but it has yet to announce a date when that could happen.

New 5G phones purchased for Sprint plans can now use T-Mobile’s 5G network as long as they support it. However, that means that Sprint customers with an older Sprint-specific 5G phone like the Galaxy S10 5G will get kicked back to LTE since the Sprint version doesn’t work with T-Mobile’s network. Sprint’s coverage maps don’t even show 5G anymore.

The biggest 5G network

T-Mobile is building a nationwide 5G network on low-band and mid-band spectrum. It isn’t charging customers anymore to get on it. With T-Mobile, all you need is the phone and coverage to get 5G.

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How Is 5g Different Than Cable Or Fiber Internet

The primary difference between 5G and other types of broadband is that 5G uses wireless signals to connect you to the internet, while cable and fiber rely on a wired infrastructure. Each internet type has its own strengths and weaknesses, but in general, the quality of your 5G home internet connection will depend on your proximity to your providers cell towers or nodes. Fortunately, none of the major 5G internet providers require a contract, so you can try them for a month without committing long-term.

Where Can You Get T

T-Mobile 5G Coverage Map

Whenever we start talking about any ISP, it’s always good to begin by answering the fundamental question: Can I get this service? T-Mobile Home Internet is available to over 40 million households across the country. That makes it the most widely available 5G home internet service in the US. By comparison, Verizon’s 5G Home Internet service has rolled out in approximately 900 markets but is available to around 30 million homes. In the meantime, T-Mobile is open to signups in over 600 cities, but more households, many within rural areas.

To explore a complete list of the available cities and towns, refer to this T-Mobile Home Internet PDF.

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Where Is 5g Available

5G is available mostly in select parts of large cities and towns across the country. But 5G networks are expanding every day, including into some rural areas and smaller markets. Within the next few years, it will likely be readily available nationwide. It may even be an option for home internet on par with cable and fiber internet.

The Technology: How It Works

Because customer locations are stationary, fixed wireless connections can be focussed think of how a magnifying glass channels light making the beam much stronger than an omnidirectional broadcast such as AM/FM radio.

Directional connections on the lower end of the radio spectrum can rival DSL and cable. Broadcasting over higher-frequency microwave and EHF bands boosts the signal strength even more, achieving gigabit speeds comparable to fiber when properly implemented.

Its not just small-time Internet providers that are excited about fixed wireless. Access to EHF frequencies has led big companies like Google and Facebook to invest in developing their own fixed wireless technologies and networks.

Ambitious startups like Starry Internet plan to actively compete with major ISPs using fixed wireless technology.

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Whats The Difference Between 5g Mobile And 5g Home Internet

There are two ways of connecting to the 5G network: through cellular service and through fixed wireless . With 5G cellular service, customers must purchase a mobile device that is capable of receiving 5G radio waves. With fixed wireless providers, this is usually done through an antenna on top of ones home that must be in line of sight to a base station with another antenna, in addition to a small modem inside the house.

Current Promotions And Special Offers

How to read SMS on T
  • Free professional installation While installing a 5G home internet connection can be done without professional assistance, Verizon is currently offering free professional installation for all customers. For those living in a larger home, a Wi-Fi extender may also be installed in your home free of charge to ensure adequate Wi-Fi coverage.
  • Streaming accessory: New customers get a free Stream TV device when they subscribe to Verizon 5G Home.
  • Contract buyout: Verizon will pay up to $500 in early termination fees from your previous provider when you switch to 5G Home.

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The Most Important Differences Between 5g Mobile And 5g Home Internet:

Portability: 5G mobile is portable and 5G home internet is limited to the home.

Equipment: 5G mobile requires a compatible 5G mobile device to connect to 5G through a cellular tower. 5G home internet requires a modem that connects devices in the house to the 5G network.

Reliability: Since 5G mobile requires widespread coverage because it is portable, it is less likely to have consistent speeds than 5G home internet, which never changes location. Even in ones home, a fixed wireless connection is more likely to receive a better signal than a mobile connection.

Data caps: In addition to being less reliable and receiving an inferior signal, 5G mobile is generally not a good replacement for home Wi-Fi because its plans tend to have data caps. Most 5G home internet providers, on the other hand, offer unlimited data.

What Fixed Wireless Looks Like

Fixed wireless broadband is a method of delivering Internet connection to consumers over the airwaves.

Similar to DSL and cable Internet, fixed wireless is a last mile technology that bridges the relatively short gap between the mainstream Internet backbone and consumer residences.

While DSL and cable bridge this gap using wired phone and television connections, fixed wireless accomplishes the same outcome by broadcasting the connection via radio waves from an access point to reception dishes at consumer residences.

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On The Plus Side No Hidden Fees

One of the significant wins for T-Mobile Home Internet is its straightforwardness. There’s no pesky small print. ISPs are notorious for their hidden fees and trap pricing that tries to lure you in with enticing promo prices but then sticks you with a larger bill after those terms expire. That’s not the case here.

T-Mobile Home Internet features no data caps, so you don’t have to fear data overage fees. There’s no equipment fee for the Gateway device, so you don’t have to figure out an additional monthly cost to tack on to your regular bill. It also requires no annual service contracts, so you don’t have any early termination fees looming over your head. These are all appealing aspects of this service and make it very enticing to try T-Mobile Home Internet if it’s available in your area.

Where At& t Has 5g

3 Months Later Review T-Mobile Home 5G Internet Review

AT& T certainly has a very impressive list of cities with available 5G coverage. AT& T has launched the majority of its 5G network for business use. AT& T started with millimeter-wave and has also launched its nationwide 5G network based on its 850MHz spectrum and DSS in some areas. AT& T’s network is one of the fastest overall, thanks to its excellent LTE network speeds, and it’s quickly catching up to T-Mobile with its sub-6 5G.

AT& T has 5G coverage for 255 million people with additional mmWave capacity in parts of 42 cities across the country. This has surpassed the goal of 40 in 2021, and AT& T expects to add even more before the end of the year. AT& T has also launched a C-band network with coverage in eight cities with more to follow.

AT& T uses DSS to share portions of the spectrum currently only used for LTE with its 5G network in some areas. This will allow towers to use spectrum as needed and provide a smooth transition to 5G without taking portions of LTE fully offline.

If you want to access 5G, you’ll need one of AT& T’s unlimited plans. While there will likely be some improvement over LTE using this 850MHz 5G, it’s not going to hit the super-fast speeds we’ve seen with mmWave. Still, the 850MHz deployment should have better coverage than mmWave and be faster than 4G LTE.

Prepaid AT& T MVNO Cricket Wireless also now supports nationwide 5G on all of its plans. So if you’re looking for a cheap way to try out AT& T’s 5G, Cricket is a great option.

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