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Installing External Antennas To The T

TESTED! Arcadyan KVD21 T-Mobile 5G Home Internet New Gateway – Compared to Nokia

Before getting started, it’s always a good idea to run a couple of speed tests indoors from a device connected to your Gateway’s WiFi. The results will fluctuate a little, but this is the baseline you’re trying to improve.

Once you’ve tested your baseline internet speeds, you’re ready to install external antennas. The T-Mobile 5G Internet Gateway doesn’t have any external antenna ports, but it’s possible to access the internal ports and install adapters that allow you to connect antennas.

In the next section of this guide, we’ll show you how to open up your Gateway, connect adapters for external antennas, and close it back up.

Before you get started, you will need the following:

  • A small phillips-head screwdriver
  • A secure container to keep screws and small parts safe while you work
  • Tape for labeling cables. Painters tape works best.
  • Two or four U.FL to SMA-Female pigtail adapters
Important note:

Be careful not to damage your T-Mobile Home Internet Gateway while disassembling.

As part of your agreement with T-Mobile, you “borrow” this equipment from them. When you end your service, you’ll likely need to return the gateway to T-Mobile. If there’s damage to the device they are contractually able to charge you up to $370 in damage fees.

Waveform does not make any guarantees nor take any responsibility for damage caused to your unit when following these instructions. Please proceed at your own risk.

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On The Plus Side No Hidden Fees

One of the significant wins for T-Mobile Home Internet is its straightforwardness. There’s no pesky small print. ISPs are notorious for their hidden fees and trap pricing that tries to lure you in with enticing promo prices but then sticks you with a larger bill after those terms expire. That’s not the case here.

T-Mobile Home Internet features no data caps, so you don’t have to fear data overage fees. There’s no equipment fee for the Gateway device, so you don’t have to figure out an additional monthly cost to tack on to your regular bill. It also requires no annual service contracts, so you don’t have any early termination fees looming over your head. These are all appealing aspects of this service and make it very enticing to try T-Mobile Home Internet if it’s available in your area.

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Why External Antennas Are Critical For Improving Data Rates

There’s one big misconception about external antennas.

Most people think that external antennas primarily help you increase your data rates by increasing the signal strength.

But that’s not the case.

An increase in signal strength is actually probably the third most important way that external antennas help.

Here are the three main ways that external antennas help you increase your data rates:

1.They Improve Signal Quality

In 4G LTE and 5G networks, signal quality is measured as SINR or sometimes as RSRQ .

Improving signal quality has a huge impact on your data rates.

Higher data rates allow your hotspot to communicate using “higher order modulation schemes.” That means they can use the same wireless spectrum to send more data per second.

However, there’s one big caveat:

In order to improve your signal quality, you need to both aim and shield your outdoor antenna properly. We talk more about this in the next section.

2.They Allow You To Connect On More Bands

Hotspots like the T-Mobile 5G Internet Gateway support a feature called “carrier aggregation.”

Carrier aggregation allows the Gateway to connect on multiple cellular bands simultaneously.

The more bands you’re connected on, the greater the bandwidth, and the higher your data rates.

However, many of the higher frequency bands aren’t able to penetrate into buildings. Using external antennas allows you to access higher frequency bands, which are often less congested and offer higher speeds than lower frequency bands.

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Hands On With T

T-Mobile promises customers download speeds of at least 25 Mbps , and that some customers may see speeds of 100 Mbps or better. In a page on its site titled Open Internet, the company says 5G customers are experiencing average downloads between 37 and 110 Mbps, and upload speeds between 8 and 24 Mbps. For the most part, Im seeing better than that.

The carrier is charging $60 a month if you use autopay, $65 if not. The website is currently showing me a limited-time offer of $50 a month, for as long as you keep the service. You may or may not see the same offer at your location. Remarkably, T-Mobiles site promises No Price Hikes. Thats a pretty bold claim well see if it sticks.

There are no additional fees, such as rental of the 5G gateway, and no contracts. And, there are also no data caps. Hoover as much data as youd like.

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Why I Decided To Drop Spectrum Internet

Ive been a long-time Spectrum Internet customer, even when it was previously known as Time Warner Cable. But having Spectrum internet isnt by choice it has long been the only option I have living in rural Garner, NC, situated just southeast of Raleigh. While AT& T Fiber and Google Fiber are available within 20 miles of my address, neither services my neighborhood. Given the regional internet monopolies around the country, Spectrum is still my only choice for high-speed cable/fiber internet.

But why did I decide to give Spectrum the boot? I was sick of having to jump through hoops yearly to keep my current service at a reasonable price. Ive been paying $69.99 for 400/20 internet, but every year Spectrum jacks the rate to $84.99. Then I have to call their customer service line and waste 45 mins of my day to get them to reduce the rate back to $69.99. Sure, its a once-a-year thing, but Ive been looking for an out.

A friend, who also just so happens to be stuck with Spectrum, asked me about other ISP options when it dawned on me that T-Mobile offers Home Internet at $50/month. I asked her to see if her address was eligible for service, and it was. She decided to take T-Mobile up on their two-week free trial offer and signed up for service.

At that moment, I asked myself: Could I also potentially ditch spectrum and go with a 5G wireless service as my primary link for home internet?

The Best External Antennas For The T

Using a MIMO antenna outside your building, pointed at the nearest tower, can help you get the fastest 4G LTE and 5G data rates possible.

The T-Mobile 5G Internet Gateway has four internal U.FL ports, which allow for a 4×4 MIMO antenna system to be connected to the device.

Since 4×4 MIMO offers superior performance and since a 2×2 MIMO antenna would require you to choose a pair of the four ports to use , we highly recommend a 4×4 MIMO antenna over a 2×2 MIMO antenna.

Accessing the antenna ports does require some disassembly and we recommend being careful: If you damage the device and then later return it, T-Mobile may charge you a damage fee. Our instructions below guide you through how to connect and test antennas without damaging the device.

We recommend two different 4×4 MIMO antenna options for use with the T-Mobile 5G Internet Gateway:

However, if you’re connecting on T-Mobile’s band 12 or band 71, then you’ll usually be able to use a 2×2 MIMO Antenna Kit and still get good enough performance at a much lower cost.

The 2×2 kit can actually be slightly more tricky to set up, as you’ll need to be careful about which antenna ports you connect to on the router. We’ll go into detail on this in our instructions below.

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Performance And Everyday Use

I used T-Mobiles 5G21-12W-A gateway for about three weeks, wirelessly connecting entertainment devices like the Xbox game console, plus my sons tablet and PC. Given how much theyre in use during summer vacation, I figured that they would be an excellent test of whether the T-Mobile signal remained constant. The signal dropped three times in that period, according to my kidsusually just a few seconds, but once for a bit longer.

T-Mobile mobile app allows you to keep tabs on your router at all times, but the functionality is somewhat lacking.

I also tested the speed, of course. With all devices disconnected, speeds ranged from a maximum of 180Mbps to about 120Mbps downstreamagain, on what T-Mobiles app considered to be a good signal, or three out of five bars. Upstream speeds, which matter if youre uploading video to YouTube or backing up files or photos to the cloud, reached just under 50Mbps, which is still much, much faster than the 14Mbps my cable provider, Comcast, offers, with its 400Mbps service plan. These tests were performed with a wireless client close to the router, with no other devices connected to the gateway.

Mentioned in this article

Are There Data Caps With T

New T-Mobile Home Internet Gateway KVD21 First Impressions from Customers.

No. T-Mobile Home Internet features unlimited data. Customers will not have any potential data overage fees or charges hanging over their heads. That said, T-Mobile Home Internet customers could find their service slowed in cases where the company prioritizes its mobile users over its fixed wireless customers.

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Positioning And Aiming Mimo Antennas

Positioning and aiming MIMO antennas well is crucial to getting the best performance to your T-Mobile 5G Internet Gateway, or indeed any other hotspot.

We’ve actually compiled a detailed instruction manual to accompany our own MIMO Antenna Kits, where we go into depth on the best ways to aim the antennas.

The goal is to find the best location and direction for the antenna, to maximize data rates to the T-Mobile Gateway. It can take a little patience, but can have a huge impact â itâs worth a bit of extra effort!

Connect your MIMO external antennas to your modified T-Mobile 5G Internet Gateway via the newly installed pigtail adapters, and go outside with your “test-rig”.

With each location and direction you try, run a couple speed tests, and make a note of the results. Here are all the locations and directions where we recommend testing your MIMO antenna:

Where to test your signal

Pro tip: Donât just go to the highest point of the roof! While signal is generally stronger the higher you go, thereâs also often more interference. Weâve found itâs often better to mount the antenna on the side of the building where the structure can shield the antennas from interference.

Once you’ve found the position which gets you the highest data rates to the T-Mobile Gateway, that’s where you’ll want to install the MIMO antenna. Go ahead and mount the antenna, run cables inside, connect everything up, and enjoy superior data rates!

Understanding The Lcd Screen

The gateway’s LCD is located on the front of the device. The LCD serves as a dashboard where you can quickly obtain information of the following types:

  • Connection
  • Language Settings

Press left or right arrow on the LCD panel with your finger to move between screens. The position of the illuminated dot on the bottom of the screen indicates where you are in the screen sequence.

  • The gateway displays up to five bars, indicating signal strength.
  • The number of bars shown represents the strength of the gateway’s current connection to the cellular network.
  • An ‘X’ indicates the gateway is not connected to the cellular network.

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Where Can You Get T

Whenever we start talking about any ISP, it’s always good to begin by answering the fundamental question: Can I get this service? T-Mobile Home Internet is currently available to over 40 million households in over 40 states. That makes it the most widely available 5G home internet service in the US. By comparison, Verizon’s 5G Home Internet service has rolled out in approximately 900 markets but is available to around 30 million homes. In the meantime, T-Mobile is open to signups in over 600 cities, but more households, many within rural areas.

To explore a complete list of the available cities and towns, refer to this T-Mobile Home Internet PDF.

Key Mobile Internet Related Considerations:

  • T-Mobile Home Internet has a new 5G Gateway option – the Fast 5688W
  • The Fast 5688W supports T-Mobile’s 5G and LTE frequencies
  • The Fast 5688W has two Ethernet LAN ports, but does not have external antenna ports

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Report: Is This The New T

As more and more homes start getting internet, T-Mobile has done its part to make this transition possible. One way they are doing so is by introducing the T-Mobile Home Internet Gateway. And today, were looking at what could be the new device.

The T-Mo Reportoriginally shared the photo of the possible device after it was sent to a few stores. And as they reported, its possible that the display units could arrive early. There are also instructions to keep these devices stored in the back until they are officially revealed.

If this is indeed the device, it looks like a complete redesign from the current Nokia device. Other than the T-Mobile logo placed in front, theres no mention of another brand so its unclear if this is from another manufacturer.

The new device has moved its screen to the front instead of the top. It also has three navigation buttons, which means that it has moved on from touch input. The screen also appears larger and rectangular instead of the circle design that can be found on the current model.

While theres no official word yet from T-Mobile that this is the new Home Internet Gateway device, the report cant help but believe that it is. As of now, though, the device is being kept in storage until it is officially revealed. Well know for sure once T-Mobile says something about the mysterious device soon.

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Supply Concerns Ease As T

T-Mobile is now selling fixed wireless access equipment from Arcadyan, a move that T-Mobile says is partly designed to shore up supplies amid shortages experienced by its initial FWA vendor, Nokia.

“Because demand for T-Mobile Home Internet has consistently been so high, we’ve increased the number of 5G gateways we offer customers. Adding additional gateways to our portfolio helps us ensure that we can maintain the inventory needed to keep up with interest in our Home Internet service,” T-Mobile wrote in response to questions from Light Reading. “Both of our 5G gateways offer the same key features and great experience, including standard Wi-Fi, multiple home network , and connection to T-Mobile’s massive 5G network. Customers will receive the first device available, based on inventory levels at the time they sign up.”

When T-Mobile first launched its FWA business more than a year ago, company officials reported difficulty getting enough chips to supply demand. “We know there will be a little more demand initially than we can serve,” T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert said at the time. “Thanks for your excitement and your patience.”

The shortages specifically involved Nokia’s gateway, which is an FWA router box that sits inside customers’ homes and offices. So, it was no surprise that T-Mobile added Arcadyan to its gateway vendor lineup earlier this year, as some reports indicated it would.

Strong growth

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