Temporary Mobile Home Rental While Building

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RV Rental Housing is not your ordinary RV rental store. We listen to our customers needs and are constantly evolving to be the best in the industry. We order directly from the factory with custom features that our renters specifically ask for walk around beds, electric awnings, electric fireplaces and large TVs to name a few. We have the latest models of each type of RV. Since we are constantly ordering, we are on top of the list to receive the new years model first!!

We make temporary housing using RV travel trailers easy by having three great options for long term living. We clean, deliver, set up, level, hook up, arrange services, and support you while you are staying in our temporary onsite accommodations. After you are able to go back to your house we will come unhook it and pick it up.

Downsize To A Tiny House

Photo via @newfrontiertinyhomes

Give tiny homes a try! While minimalist living might not be your dream forever, a temporary tiny house or shipping container home could be great if youre looking for long-term affordable housing options.

Macy Miller of MiniMotives built a 196-square foot tiny home before upsizing to a 232-square foot design to make a bit more space for her growing family. Her advice for anyone thinking of tiny home livingwhether permanently or temporarilyis to start downsizing well before the move-in date.

Were trained to hang onto everything in case, Miller said. There is nothing that isnt replaceable, but you can be comfortable, happier even, with a lot less than you think you can.

Long Term Rv Rentals & Temporary Housing

Alright, lets talk about long term rentals. What does this mean? Most of the time, this is a scenario where you need a place to stay long term but you dont want to rent a hotel, you dont want to commute long miles every day and it doesnt make sense to go buy a temporary travel trailer. Right? Simple as this. Having the unit on location as a long term RV rental, is a great alternative to staying in a hotel or commuting daily for a long distance. You can have all of the amenities and necessitates youre accustomed to from your home or a hotel while renting an RV or travel trailer.

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Find Temporary Bliss With Landing

Finding temporary housing can be an added stressor on an already too-long to-do list. Make your temporary living situation easy with Landing.

Landing takes all of the worries out of finding temporary housing. We offer fully furnished apartments and short-term leases to ensure youre comfortable wherever you land. Plus we remove the need for application fees, security deposits, or additional months rent upfront so you can ease the strain on your wallet. Find your home away from home with Landing and browse our apartments today.

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Embrace Nature In A Tent

Portable Building

Photo via @absoluteout.official

If youre looking for cheap temporary housing, there are few options more budget-friendly than roughing it in a tent! While this lifestyle isnt for everyone, it can be great for those who love nature and adventure. This idea is also great for people who only need housing for a very short period.

For Richard and Laura Pawlowski of 2 Years in a Tent, temporarily living in a tent allowed them to camp in 15 national parks and get out of debt, as well as get physically healthier. We re-energized our life, both spiritually and financially, they said.

They suggest utilizing a roof-top carrier to store tools and equipment if you plan to turn your temporary living situation into a more permanent lifestyle. If youre a senior citizen, you can save even more money by going to national parks and monuments, as well as U.S. Forest Service campgrounds that offer up to half-off for seniors.

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Temporary Housing Solutions While Building A Home

Building or renovating a home can be disruptive to family life, and makes daily routine more challenging. When youre considering your options of where to live during this period, dont feel like you need to make do and move in with family or friends. Corporate Accommodations gives you a selection of temporary housing solutions that offer comfort and privacy. Our team of temporary housing specialists have over 16 years of experience, and can find the perfect place for you and your family.

Look Into Temporary Rental Homes

Search for single-family short-term rental homes if you want more space than an apartment or condo can provide. Corporate housing sites such as corporatehousing.com, CHBO, and vacation rental sites like Airbnb or VRBO allow you to filter your search results to find larger places to stay during a home renovation. You may even be able to find a pet-friendly home with a backyard that little ones the furry and human kinds alike can enjoy.

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View The Interior Of Our Temporary Housing Rv

* Dishes, Cutlery and Linen by request


The details on this site, including floor plans and specifications, are representative of an RV category and are intended as a guide. Every year, Nashville RV purchases current year models of motorhomes and travel trailers. Therefore, the details provided cannot guarantee exact specifications and layouts. While we try to accommodate our customers as best as we can, Nashville RV does reserve the right to substitute similar or higher-rated vehicles. We will, however, continue to offer the best available equipment for the category selected.

Disaster Relief Or Temporary Military Move

16×52 Shed to Home DIY couple wins $500 from United Portable Buildings!

Lets see, some other scenarios could be acts of nature. As I already mentioned, you might have lost your home to a tragic event such as a fire, earthquake, flood, or something similar. What about if youre just moving here temporarily, or youre in the military. We have a lot of military bases here in Colorado Springs. Many troops are moving here and just need a place temporarily until theyre able to find their own living arrangements. Maybe youre moving here for just a short time and youre only staying here for a month to get your bearings and find a place to live afterwards. Thats another great reason to do a long-term RV rental.

Great rates and discounts the longer you rent

So let me just make sure I specify this, there are some big discounts with long term rentals. Although, in the summer time it can be a little bit more challenging to offer a long term RV rental or major discounts because it is our high season in Colorado and thats when were extremely busy. So, if there is an RV thats sitting a whole lot during the summer time then we can certainly knock that price down, provide the temporary housing and take care of your needs.

You may need to cover basic electricity and water connections

3, 6, 9, 12, yearly or month to month RV rentals

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Monthly Travel Trailer Rentals

Even though everyone loves being on vacation. The fact is RVs are not only for the vacationer. Krenek RV has a selecting of temporary Housing inventory custom-designed for the long term renter in mind. Amenities including home size refrigerator, washer/dryer, elevated ceilings, and 2 private bedrooms are the touches that make our customers choose our travel trailers. Our professional and friendly staff is what keeps our customers happy they chose us.

Whether the travel trailer is being placed at your residential property, an RV Park or a remote jobsite we pay attention to every detail to make sure you are taken care of from start to finish. In the quoting process, we perform a consultation to choose the right travel trailer for your needs. We ask the right questions in advance to ensure that the delivery and set up process is a breeze and you are not in for any surprises. We have technicians who take the time to explain how to use the travel trailer. It doesnt matter if this is your first time in an RV or you have been around them for years. Customer care is our top priority and we will make sure you feel comfortable using the RV throughout the entire rental.

Why Hire Self Build Accommodation From Ndoe Caravans

  • A fantastic range of rental caravans to suit your specific needs
  • We set-up the statics and offer siting services to get your unit or units safely in place
  • Transportation to and from the property, including at end of lease
  • Affordable rental costs, beating hotels, B& Bs and other accommodation types
  • Flexible short and long term leases available

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We Thank You Very Much

Once we made contact with you, it was very quick and the trailer was here! From parking the trailer to setting up the utilities all aspects of the job were efficient and professional. It was a beautiful, clean and had everything necessary to house us temporarily while home was rebuilt. There were a couple ofWe thank you very much!

Temporary Residential Property Need More Room For Your Holidays

Luxury VIP Trailer Rentals

One scenario is, youre building on your property, remodeling your house, or maybe your house got destroyed in some kind of horrible event, a fire, earthquake, flood or something else tragic. You might need disaster relief. Well, a great alternative is renting an RV long term which you can use until your house or property is finished being built and or remodeled.

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Will You Still Need To Use Self Storage

Whether you need to use self storage whilst you relocate to your static will depend on:

  • Your access to storage in your main home
  • The size of your chosen static for temporary accommodation

Having a caravan on location can mean you can move your possessions around and enjoy extra storage, however it really depends on the scale of renovation works taking place on the main property. Once youve picked a caravan of a certain size, you can assess the space you may need to book for self storage.

Not Enough Room At Your Property

Set up at an RV Park

Our goal is to offer our customers a pleasant temporary housing experience from beginning to end. This process begins with selecting the rental that perfectly meets your individual needs and delivering it to your desired location. All units include touches from home like electric awnings, flat-screen televisions, microwave, oven/stove, residential-size refrigerators, and well laid out floor plans with private bedrooms.

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Monthly Travel Trailer Rentals + Delivery Set

Family RV has a wide selection of temporary housing inventory available with our long term renters in mind. One bedroom, Two bedroom and bunkbed models. Our professional and friendly staff is what keeps our customers coming back.We ask the questions up front to ensure you are being taken care of from start to finish. Trailers may be placed on your residential property, an RV Park or a remote jobsite none the less we offer delivery & setup to ease the process. We have technicians available to take the time to do an instructional walkthrough with you on site or at our location prior to delivery. First timer, no worries our rental agents are here to assist through the entire rental period. We are just one phone call away! Our travel trailer rentals start as low as $45 .00 per day for our One Bedrooms! Availability is limited so contact us today and our expert team will help you through the entire process of choosing the right RV or Travel Trailer for your long term rental needs. We’ll help you decide on a size, amenities, features and optional add-on rental items that will make your long term RV rental experience as enjoyable and easy as it can be. Email us today at Chrystal@fmailyrv.com or you can use the Form Below for

Invest In An Airstream

Derksen Portable Buildings Shed to Home Conversion by Enterprise SuperCenter

Photo via @currentlywandering

Maybe a tiny home on wheels isnt ideal for your situation. Consider upgrading to an Airstream! This is a cool temporary housing solution that also allows you to get in on the van life trend without sacrificing space or amenities.

This extra room is why the Curren Family chose an Airstream when they decided they wanted to spend more time exploring and adventuring as a family. We find that the cost of living on the road is similar to living in a house, said Jess Curren. Instead of paying a mortgage, we have campground fees, higher gas, and more expensive groceries.

While any children along for the ride will have to let go of typical extracurriculars like soccer and dance, they can trade them in for activities like whitewater rafting and visiting one-of-a-kind museums!

Photo via @followthesol

Love the idea of living on the road but dont have the skills or budget to invest in a tiny home on wheels or an Airstream? Maybe you only need your temporary home for a couple weeks? Opt for a camper van!

Malea and Raphaël Harmel of Follow the Sol have found a more permanent housing solution in their 1985 Volkwagen Vanagon Westfalia camper van. By living the van life, its easy to stop in the middle of nowherefor example, in front of a deserted beach, surrounded only by the ocean and coconut trees, they said.

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Temporary And Permanent Modular Buildings For Rent Or Sale

As a leader in the modular building industry, we take pride in our end-to-end project solutions. With over 40 years of exceptional service and expertise, we are committed to matching the right product with each customer. Whether you are looking for a commercial or education building, our supply of modular and prefab buildings are available to lease or to own across the United States. Your project is our commitment!

Mobile Modular provides custom prefab buildings for commercial and education solutions such as mobile offices, portable classrooms, restrooms and more. We also provide blast resistant modules for rent, lease or sale.

Industries Served by Mobile Modular

Our extensive inventory of commercial modular buildings serves major industries such as education, construction, healthcare, government, commercial, retail, industrial and petrochemical.

Benefits Of Static Caravans For Self Build Projects

We stock a wide range of modern static caravans suitable for self builders, construction staff, road gangs, and for anyone living on site during building works. Living on site and renting static caravans offer a wide range of benefits:

  • Reduced accommodation costs caravan accommodation is much cheaper than hotels, B& Bs or brick and mortarproperties and will suit more budgets
  • Increased site security youre on location during the self build project which will deter criminals as the site will obviously be occupied day and night
  • Reduced stress and admin you can keep an eye on building progress, take deliveries as normal and have no need to change your address
  • Comfortable living and quality family life modern static caravans have all the mod cons of home and most offer open plan living, meaning your family can spend time together without having to change your normal routine too much during construction
  • Easy exit strategy as youve rented rather than bought you can keep the static caravan as long as you need it and then have it collected and removed when your construction project is complete

Find out about the many other advantages in our guide The Benefits Of Static Caravans For Self Build Projects.

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Went Above And Beyond The Call

After I was displaced by a home fire, the team at ETH moved quickly to provide me with temporary housing for the duration of the rebuild. They went above and beyond the call by customizing the interior of the trailer to accommodate my wheelchair and special sleeping needs, and also built a custom ramp soWent above and beyond the call

Stay With Friends And Family

Restroom Trailer Rental, Construction Sites, Moon Portable Restrooms

Help! I need a place to stay ASAP! If thats you, local friends and family could be your best bet. Maybe you were planning to live in your home during construction, but the project has taken an unexpected turn that makes it unsafe for you and your family to stay. Or maybe you planned to stay in your current home until you built your new one, but now you need to sell your current home and fast.

If funds or location prevent you from finding the right fit for temporary housing during renovation or construction, you have options! Ask your family, friends, or neighbors if you can stay with them until your home is safe again. Or, at least until you can arrange for something more permanent .

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