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The Best Diesel Fuel Discount Card

How To Get Fuel At A Truck Stop (TSD Logistics Fuel Card) #rvlife

Open Roads is a discount fuel card for diesel only that uses an app to find discounts at participating commercial truck stops like Loves and Pilot.

This popular diesel fuel discount program issues you an EFS fuel card, a debit card tied to your bank account. The app will show you nearby truck stops that accept the card and the price.

The card is accepted in the commercial truck lanes, which the big rigs use. It does not work at the regular gas/diesel pumps for cars, so make sure your vehicle can take a high flow pump nozzle.

The savings can be significantly more than the 5% credit cards offer, and one of the best diesel deals you will find 50 to 60 cents savings per gallon is not uncommon.

NOTE: There is a fee for reimbursement and a transaction fee for each transaction. Even with the fees we regularly save a little over 10% using the Open Roads card.

Gas Station Loyalty Rewards Programs

Most major gas station chains offer a rewards club with a fuel discount program. By signing up for these programs, you can save money on fuel every time you fill up.

For example, Shells Fuel Rewards start at five cents per gallon and is available in most areas. ExxonMobils Rewards+ Program offers three cents off per gallon.

Signing up is usually quick and requires filling out a small form. Getting a discount is generally as simple as typing in your Alternate ID at the pump. It makes saving easy once you are signed up for all your favorite gas stations.

Who Can Apply For The Fuel Discount Card

Presently, the TSD fuel card program is open to anyone with a diesel-powered vehicle that can fill up in the truck lanes at the big truck stops.

And, its available to anyone with a US Bank Account with US currency. So the program is open to US and Canadian residents alike, as long as you have a US Bank account with a US Bank 9 digit Routing Number. The bank account must allow for ACH Withdrawals from a US based Company. These are the requirements for the TSD fuel program.

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When Should I Not Use The Tsd Card

Unfortunately, TSD isnt always the cheapest option. Since we travel full time, diesel is one of our larger expense items and we shop for the best price. To learn how much we spend on fuel annually and other questions you might have about full-time RV living, check out the Top 23 Questions We Get Asked.

On some occasions, weve chosen to skip the TSD network location for a local station with lower retail prices.

We use the GasBuddy app to check retail prices when researching our next fill-up. GasBuddy allows users to easily toggle between gasoline or diesel fuel and cash or credit pricing.

Before driving our motorhome into a new gas station, I always check the Google map satellite view to make sure we can easily get in and out. Below is a sample RV route for a nearby retail gas station using Google maps.

How Will I Know How Much I Saved

Tsd Logistics Fuel Card / RV Fuel Savings Program Options and Reviews ...

Each time you use the TSD EFS Fleet Card at a pump, youll receive an email from once the money has been drafted from your account. There is a PDF attachment that has a breakdown. Here is a sample of a Settlement Report.

A sample TSD Settlement Report

Youll see that our bank draft for this transaction was $237.41. With the two small fees TSD adds , the total amount is $249.94. But the draft amount is only $237.41. This means that the number we watch for is the $12.53 on the last line. Thats what we saved for that fill up. Weve seen this be as high as $40, about a year and half ago in Florida!

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Using The Open Roads App

The TSD Open Roads app is available on Android and Apple devices. This app is the recommended way to find the most current fuel discounts.

In our experience, TSD honors the app prices. Customer service credited our account for the difference when we were charged a non-discounted retail rate and sent them a screenshot of the app pricing.

TSD Open Roads provides an easy way to search for discounted rates near your current location or along your upcoming route.

From the map view, click on a pinpoint to see details for the location. In the location details, you can view driving directions, current prices, applicable fees and discounts.

How The Discount Fuel Card Works

When purchasing fuel, most fuel stations will allow you to use the card at the pump. Some may ask for additional identifying codes or ID such as your unit number, driver name or zip code. Other fuel stations may require you to go inside to pay with the fuel discount card .

Depending on credit, you may also be eligible to make a cash advance from your card. You may also be able to make other purchases, like DEF and other RV/truck-related products and services, like tires, and vehicle weigh-in. Although convenient to make additional purchases using your EFS card, discounts are usually only available on diesel fuel.

At the time of the purchase, the pump will be counting up at the regular pump price. The fuel discount will not show at the pump when fueling. After your purchase is completed, TSD logistics processes the payment. The discounts will soon show up in the app on your smart phone. Often showing within a couple hours of purchase.

Payment will come directly out of your bank account like a debit card the next business day. Regardless of where you fill at, the debit will be from TSD logistics. You will also receive an email confirming the purchase and showing you the discount received. The emails have detailed spreadsheets attached.

Keep in mind when looking in the app, it is showing the gross discount on fuel. The actual saving will be 90% of what you see, as TSD logistics keeps 10% of the cost saving per gallon.

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Why Every Rver Needs The Tsd Fuel Card

Driving a diesel RV can stretch your budget, but the TSD Fuel Card can save you hundreds of dollars on your next RV excursion.

One of the most expensive parts of RVing is fuel. And for those RVs that use diesel fuel, the price tag is usually even higher.

But, the TSD Fuel Card allows diesel RV drivers to take advantage of trucking gas prices.

Lets see how.

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Effectively the way it works is that the TSD has pre-negotiated rates with different fueling stations. If they have a $0.30/gallon discount with a Loves station, they pass 90% of the savings to you and keep 10% of the savings for themselves. So you get a $0.27/gallon discount. You can learn more about how the card works by clicking HERE.

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Tip: Save hundreds of dollars on your next RV trip. This is Why Every RVer Needs the TSD Fuel

Mike K

Tuesday 27th of July 2021

If you own a diesel RV or truck this free card will save you $ !


Tuesday 27th of July 2021

Best discount I see is $0.16 per gallon. nothing remotely approaching $0.40. Am i missing something?

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Application Process For The Tsd Diesel Fuel Card For Rv Owners

To sign up for the TSD fuel program, apply online. If you apply using our link, well receive a fuel credit after youve spent $500 in fuel. This costs you nothing.

Be sure to complete the application fully to prevent processing delays. Email fuel@tsdinc.com for your application status or if you have problems with the online application form.

The card is issued by EFS but the program is managed by TSD Logistics. Consider this relationship like a Citibank credit card issued by VISA. Cardholders have a relationship with Citibank but VISA processes the payments.

Allow 3-4 weeks to receive your new fuel card. For a $20 fee, application processing can be expedited. For an additional $50 fee, your new card can be overnighted via FedEx.

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Get The Efs Card Control App

On your smart phone, download the EFS Card Control App for 24 hour access to the latest fuel prices, and your cards activity. Enter your card number and pin. This app will keep track of all of your EFS charges and show you estimated prices after discount for all locations close to you that accept EFS.

Follow the setup instructions to connect your new EFS fuel card account with the app. If you have any issues at all, call the EFS customer service number shown on the letter. We found them to be very helpful and accommodating in completing the setup and getting started using the app.

This app allows you to track all of your transactions. Remember that fuel discounts shown in the app are the gross discount. You will receive 90% of that discount on fuel after TSD Logistics retains their 10%.

The app also has a handy price locator function. This provides you with their rates at any location along your route, so you can plan your fills in advance and maximize your savings.

How To Use The Tsd Fuel Card And App

Tsd Logistics Fuel Card / RV Fuel Savings Program Options and Reviews ...

Apply for the program through the TSD Logistics website. They will request your social security number, a bank account number, and a routing number. Youll get your card in the mail. Then you can download the TSD Open Roads app to find participating truck stops and travel centers.

You must use the commercial truck lanes to pump your diesel fuel. Insert the EFS card into the pump. In three to five days, the charge will hit your bank account. You can track your savings on the Open Roads app, as well as through an app called EFS. Its as easy as that.

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How The Tsd Diesel Discount Fuel Card For Rv Owners Works

TSD Logistics uses the buying power of its large client base to negotiate fuel discounts with truck stops and fuel stations. As more RVers join this program and TSD fuel purchases increase, the bargaining power of TSD will grow. More RVers using a TSD fuel card will mean even better fuel savings.

Think of it like Walmart. Suppliers are willing to sell the same product to Walmart at a lower price because they know Walmart can sell millions of more units than a local mom and pops shop. The increased volume means even with lower revenue per unit, the companys total revenue will be much greater than without Walmart.

How Does The Fuel Discount Program Work

  • You apply for your discount fuel card online. Once approved, TSD Logistics mails you an EFS card with a letter to walk you through the steps to activate.
  • You download the EFS Card Control app on your smart phone, and connect it with your card.
  • Use the apps Price Locator feature to find fuel stops along your route. These show as location pins in black or green. Green pins indicate the best fuel price in your selected map area.
  • You pull into the truck line in the back of the store and insert your EFS card into the fuel pump.
  • A prompt may show to ask for specific information that verifies you as the owner. You enter the correct information and pump your diesel fuel.
  • The transaction appears in your EFS Card Control app, showing the number of gallons, price per gallon charged, and the total discount received. Keep in mind that 10% of this discount amount will be retained by TSD Logistics.
  • The next day TSD Logistics will draft the money from your bank account. You will receive an email showing you the details of the transaction and fees from.

Note: There is now a NEW app called the TSD Open Roads app. Download here from and

So how much is our discount fuel card saving us?

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Tsd Open Roads Efs Fleet Card

The first thing to know is that this is a diesel only program. When it comes to gasoline, this wont be of value to you yet. This means that the fuel card will apply to larger RV owners or those towing with a diesel truck. Its worth noting, however, that you really dont even have to have an RV. We tell our non-RV friends with diesel trucks they should sign up!

With the TSD Open Roads EFS Fleet card, they split some of the savings with you. You save, they make a little to keep the program running. Its a good relationship!

Why Is This Program Such A Big Deal

How to Use Truck Stop Pumps to Buy RV Diesel | TSD Logistics

Fuel discounts with this program are far beyond what we have ever seen before in our more than five years of full time RVing. The most common fuel discount cards we have seen are the Good Sam membership card and the Good Sam credit card offering fuel discounts between $0.03 to $0.10 cents per gallon. And while thats better than nothing, we never found either of them worth getting too excited about. Especially as fuel prices can be inflated at the locations where those programs apply.

However, all that changed for us when we applied for and started using our new TSD/EFS discount fuel card program.

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What If You Have A Gasoline Rv

If you dont have a diesel RV, youll miss out on TSD fuel card discounts. But there are other ways to save money on unleaded fuel.

Check out GasBuddys website, where you can apply for a free membership. Youll receive a GasBuddy card you can use at any of more than 150,000 gas stations in North America. You can automatically save 5 cents per gallon at participating gas stations. Then download the GasBuddy app to discover special savings of up to 25 cents per gallon. GasBuddy can also help you find the cheapest nearby gas.

Local large grocery chains may also offer fuel discounts. If you accumulate points with those stores, you can use the points to save money on fuel.

Fill #: Love’s At Fernley Nevada

Just 10 days later, we pumped 89.28 gallons into our tank for a pump total of $245.66. This was actually made up of two consecutive transactions as we accidentally bumped the fuel nozzle holder with the camera, which stopped the flow. So we had to start over.

The second time, we also selected the cash advance option for $100. Our pump price showed $3.349 and we were charged $2.752 per gallon. As you will see in the receipt/app screenshot below. This is a discount of $0.597 per gallon.

So our total fuel saving that day came to $53.35. Subtract the 10% fee of $0.597/gal = $5.33 for TSD Logistics. This meant we netted a savings of $48.02 for 89.28 gallons.

Not quite as much as we saved on our first fill, but still very impressive!

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How Does Tsd Get Paid

TSD isnt providing this service for free but their pricing is very transparent. They get paid by keeping a 10% cut of the negotiated savings. Dont worry, even with the fees, the prices are often cheaper than other options.

TSD Diesel Fuel Discount Card Fees

Some stores charge a $0.65 transaction fee. We expect this every time so its a pleasant surprise when a store doesnt charge this fee. The OpenRoads app lists the exact fees for each location.

Out-of-network stations charge a $1 transaction fee. Pilot and FlyingJ are the national chains weve found are out of network. Out-of-network stations offer no fuel discounts.

TSD gets paid by keeping 10% of the negotiated savings. They do not collect any additional fees to use the program.

If the posted price is $3.00 per gallon but the negotiated rate is $2.50 per gallon, then TSD keeps $0.05 per gallon or 10% of the savings. In this example, youll still pay $0.45 less per gallon than the posted retail price.

Card Settlement: Paying For Rv Diesel Fuel

Carlock, Illinois â RV Sun Birds

Within moments of pumping fuel, you can review transaction details on the EFS Card Control app. You will also receive transaction details via email within a few days. Both sources include gallons purchased, retail rate, discounts and offsetting fees.

Check the transaction details for accuracy as soon as possible. If charges are not aligned to the app prices, contact TSD immediately. Weve had great experiences with their customer service.

Purchases made using your TSD fuel card will be debited from your bank account within 5 business days of the transaction. We typically see the transaction posted to our bank account within 2 business days.

If your bank account is charged an incorrect amount, contact TSD immediately to resolve the issue.

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