What Is The Speed Of T Mobile Home Internet

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Contracts And Additional Fees

T-Mobiles NEW High-Speed Internet Gateway Unboxed and Set Up

T-Mobile advertises a flat rate of $50 per month with no annual contracts, data caps or hidden fees.

Based on the information provided on T-Mobiles website, you can rest assured that an annual contract isnt required. Instead, youll simply pay for your home internet service each month. You have the option to cancel at any time without early termination fees.

When it comes to other hidden fees and taxes, I read through T-Mobiles Home Internet FAQ page for more information. Heres what I found:

Most T-Mobile Home Internet customers are on tax-inclusive voice plans or have Home Internet as the only lines on their account. This means that regulatory fees are included in the price of Home Internet. Customers on a tax-exclusive voice plan will pay regulatory fees on top of the $50 after autopay rate.

In addition to including taxes and fees for qualified accounts, you wont have to worry about equipment rental fees with T-Mobile 5G Home Internet. Youll get a 5G Gateway device that combines the capabilities of a router and modem to use at no extra cost youll just have to return it when you cancel your service.

You can install the Gateway device yourself for free, which means you wont have to pay any setup fees or installation charges. According to T-Mobiles website, the process is easy and takes as little as 15 minutes.

Are There Data Caps With T

No. T-Mobile Home Internet features unlimited data. Customers will not have any potential data overage fees or charges hanging over their heads. That said, T-Mobile Home Internet customers could find their service slowed in cases where the company prioritizes its mobile users over its fixed wireless customers.

Who Is Home Internet Lite For

Were launching T-Mobile Home Internet Lite because we know there is demand for a better option especially for those in rural and underserved areas where Satellite and DSL are the only options. People are fed up with their internet providers and T-Mobile Home Internet Lite is our solution for those who are currently not yet able to sign up for the unlimited Home Internet plan.

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How Is 5g Home Internet Eligibility Determined

T-Mobile Home Internet eligibility is determined at the household level. Household eligibility is based off network capacity, which is expanding all the time, but can also change as more customers join T-Mobile Home Internet. For homes that arent yet eligible for our unlimited Home Internet service, well offer Home Internet Lite, plans with a data bucket that starts at $50/month with AutoPay for 100GB. Once Home Internet Lite customers become eligible for our unlimited Home Internet service, they can upgrade their service at no extra cost.

Final Thoughts: Should You Switch To T


Whether you live in a rural area without standard internet options or youre looking to save on your monthly bill by switching to a fixed wireless service, T-Mobile 5G Home Internet may be a great fit for you.

To get started,see whats available at your address. Then, begin comparing prices and download speeds among those plans.

If youre thinking about trying out T-Mobile 5G Home internet, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is T-Mobile 5G Home Internet available in your area?
  • Can you get by with slower data speeds?
  • Have you compared plan prices available in your area?

If you can answer yes to each of these questions, T-Mobile 5G Home Internet may be worth considering. Keep in mind that a fixed wireless service like this will offer slower data speeds on average than standard internet plans, but if its the best/only deal available at your address it could be the perfect plan.

If you do have access to T-Mobile 5G Home Internet but you arent quite sure about it yet, know that you cantry it out for 15 days with a money-back guarantee. To do this, sign up for the service and simply cancel within 15 days of activation. Once you cancel the service and return the gateway device, youll receive your money back according to T-Mobile. You can check out the full details on T-Mobiles website.

Have you ever used T-Mobile 5G Home Internet? Tell us about your experience in the Clark.com Community!

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Ping And Vpns: Some Concerns

If you need low, consistent pings, this service is not for you.

With the Google and Cloudflare domain name servers, every day I sent some pings that took over 100ms. Pings to were generally around the 30ms range pings to varied more. Pings to the nearest Ookla server were between 10 and 20ms.

The chart below shows my pings to and over a six-week period. You can see that most pings were below 30ms, but there were a number of pings specifically to in the 120180ms range.

The 2030ms pings are what I expect from a network that combines 5G and 4G. This is as good as you’re going to get with this technology. My connection stood up to hours of Zoom and Google Meet video calling each day without noticeable lag or problems. However, if you rely on sub-10ms pings for gaming or high-frequency trading, no system with a 4G wireless element will be sufficient you’ll need something more like my Verizon Fios connection. Future 5G networks should be able to get down to 35ms ping times using standalone 5G and network slicing, but those technologies aren’t available to the public yet.

Router Lacks Advanced Features

One complaint about the T-Mobile Wi-Fi Gateway is that it lacks some of the advanced features youll find on many higher end wireless routers. You can choose between 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks, but there are no clear parental controls, port forwarding or VPN options. That said, you are able to disconnect devices from the Gateway, and even schedule them to disconnect automatically at certain times.

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How Many Plans Does T

The plan offerings from T-Mobiles home internet are quite simple: they only offer one plan. On the one hand that makes plan selection simple and avoids confusion with data limits and download speeds. On the other hand, that makes how fast your service will be more of a variable depending on where you live.

What Is Lte Home Internet

How To Get Even Faster Speeds With Your T-Mobile Home Internet Gateway

LTE home internet is a new type of ISP that delivers an internet connection through cell phone networks. Although not as fast as fiber or cable, LTE internet is much less expensive to install than other types of internet and offers more data and lower latency than satellite internet. Using existing cellular towers, LTE internet delivers ample internet speeds for streaming, video conferencing, email, browsing, online shopping, and most other online activities.4,5

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Do I Get A Discount For Being A T

Unfortunately, no. T-Mobile does not offer a discount for existing T-Mobile subscribers. This is good news if youre on AT& T or Verizon and want to get T-Mobile 5G Home Internet. But bad news for existing T-Mobile subscribers that wanted to save even more.

You can sign up for T-Mobile 5G Home Internet online, or via a T-Mobile store.

Speed Test At The Supermarket

  • Upload speed: 12.0 Mbps

Its normal to expect data speeds to dip in more congested areas, but lets find out how much T-Mobile is affected in a crowded supermarket. Few areas are more crowded than my local Trader Joes on a weekday afternoon.

Yikes! T-Mobiles data speeds dropped by more than 50% while galavanting around Trader Joes. In other words, it can take twice as long to pull things up on the internet in a congested network with T-Mobile. Compare the YouTube test we performed at Trader Joes versus the one we performed at home.

Embeddable Script

Its only the difference of a second or two, but that buffering wheel completes three whole revolutions before starting the stream, whereas the at-home test took a single wheel spin before starting. Lower data speeds add up the longer you stream, and youll likely reach a point where your video plays faster than your phone can download the data. In other words, youll reach a point where a video will stop playing, and youll need to wait for buffering.

Slower data speeds in congested areas can be especially annoying when you quickly need to look something up to settle an argument, or you need to look up a location on your GPS app while at a crowded stop light, and it takes forever.

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Speed Test From A Hike

  • Upload speed: 26.6 Mbps

The supermarket test wasnt a great look for T-Mobiles data speeds, but now lets test it while hiking in the wilderness. You never know if you might need to use your GPS app deep in the woods, or call a Lyft to pick you up when you get lost.

T-Mobiles data speeds took a significant hit when going off the grid. Its not quite as bad as it looked in a crowded supermarket, but its still a huge dip compared to the data speeds you can expect at home. Granted, 33.4 Mbps is still plenty of download speed to call a Lyft or check your GPS, but it can take longer than it would compared to other wireless services.

Though T-Mobiles download speeds have been very up and down, T-Mobiles upload speeds have consistently been impressive. The more upload speed you have, the more quickly you can post your own Instagram stories and TikToks.

Despite the lower data speeds, T-Mobile still performs quite well in the streaming department. Our YouTube test took a second or two longer to load than T-Mobile did at home, but it still pulled up a video surprisingly quickly.

Embeddable Script

How Much Does It Cost

My Review: T

Unlike Verizon, T-Mobile offers a single plan for its 5G Home Internet service. Its going to cost you $50 per month. Theres no equipment fees, no data caps and no contracts included. Just a straight up $50 per month plus whatever applicable taxes and fees which will vary by State.

If you decide not to use autopay, itll be $55 per month. Not a huge difference, but if you really want to save money, then autopay is the way to do it.

This is actually very competitive with the traditional home internet services. For example, AT& T offers gigabit fiber for $70/month in a lot of areas. Which is going to be a lot faster, but maybe not $20 faster.

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Helpful But Not Revolutionary

As far as our testing can determine, T-Mobile fulfills its promise of delivering at least 25Mbps internet connectivity for $60 per month with no contracts and easy setup. The US ISP market is so fragmented that whether this is a good buy depends very much on where you live. In most cases, assuming good signal on band 41, the data speed from T-Mobile Home Internet will likely be better than DSL and equivalent to cable. It won’t be as good as fiber, but if fiber isn’t in your area or in your budget, that comparison doesn’t matter.

The one big downside is that the Nokia modem T-Mobile uses isn’t great. It lacks many common router options, my first one was mysteriously defective, and many other customers have complained about it on forums.

Americans need broadband choice, and T-Mobile is bringing it. If you’re used to very stable wired ISP performance, the fluctuations of wireless will be a bit weird, but they never got in the way of my Zoom calling or Netflix streaming. Dedicated gamers and heavy VPN users should stick with fiber whenever possible, but if you just need to send emails, stream movies or TV, and make video calls, this is a highly viable option.

  • No contract and simple pricing
  • Easy self-installation

G Home Internet Comparison Wrap

With T-Mobile and Verizon both working hard on compelling 5G home internet service, consumers benefit with affordable pricing, free trials, no contracts, and more.

Hopefully, with the launch of more C-band 5G coverage this year, well see AT& T officially enter the 5G home internet space which will bring more choice and competition.

At this point, if youre unhappy with your broadband provider, doing a risk-free trial with T-Mobile or Verizons 5G home internet is easy, and you can even try it out alongside your existing internet.

Its hard to say if theres a clear winner between T-Mobile and Verizon. T-Mobile gets points for greater availability and a lifetime price lock. And Verizon is ahead with a cheaper price for bundlers and faster overall speeds.

But if you already have one of the carriers for your phone plan, it makes sense to do a trial with that one first.

Check out if T-Mobile or Verizons 5G home internet is available in your area.

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Pricing Deals & Perks

T-Mobile Home Internet costs $50 a month when you set up autopay. Taxes and fees are included in that price.

There are no contracts with the service. You can cancel at any time.

The $50 a month price for T-Mobile Home Internet is available whether you have a T-Mobile phone plan or not. But there are additional savings for T-Mobile wireless customers.

When you add home internet to a Magenta MAX family plan, the price drops from $50 to $30 per month for internet service.

For a single line, the Magenta MAX wireless plan is $85 a month. It becomes a better value for families. Magenta MAX also features several streaming perks, including Netflix.

In addition to that deal, T-Mobile began offering two other perks in May 2022:

  • 50% off YouTube TV for 12 months requires home internet and Magenta MAX wireless plan
  • $50 off any streaming device requires home internet and a voice plan

These two perks are available for a limited time. Check T-Mobiles website to verify the latest offers before you sign up.

Other Lte Internet Providers

T-Mobile Home Internet Speed Test May 2022

If T-Mobile isnt available in your area yet, you may still be able to reap the benefits of LTE home internet through another provider, such as Verizon, UbiFi, Ladybug Wireless, or Wahoo. A few of these LTE home internet services are portable, which means you can take it with you in a truck or RV for internet on the go. Otherslike T-Mobileonly work in a fixed location .

The chart below compares T-Mobile Home Internet with other LTE home internet services.

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How Does This Work

t-mobile.com/ooma, you will follow the link to Ooma.com. At Ooma, you will automatically have the Ooma Telo Air added to your cart. You will need to enter all of your personal details and payment information. Once your order is placed, you will receive a shipping confirmation and billing begins once you receive and activate your Ooma Telo Air device. Your Ooma Telo Air device will include a set-up guide to assist in your device set-up process on Oomas Premier plan for a cost of $9.99 per month . If you cancel Ooma Premier service before 18 months , return device to Ooma within 60 days or pay $129.99.

Get Home Phone Service From Ooma For Just $999/mo

Limited-time offer subject to change. Qualifying Home Internet service required. Max 1/account. May not be combinable with other offers. Offer fulfilled by Ooma. Suggested retail price of $129.99. Activation of monthly service that includes Ooma Premier features for $9.99 per month plus applicable taxes and fees is required within 60 days of receipt of the Ooma Telo Air. If you do not activate your subscription within 60 days, or if you activate and subsequently cancel your Ooma service within 18 months of activation, you must, at your own expense, return the Ooma Telo Air device to Ooma in original condition, together with all parts and accessories, or pay $129.99. You authorize Ooma to collect any payment owed by you hereunder from your payment method, as provided in Ooma’s Terms and Conditions. See .

Ooma’s phone service does not include high-speed Internet or Broadband Service. Federal universal service charges, FCC regulatory fees, state and local taxes, fees and surcharges, and regulatory and compliance fees are billed monthly and subject to change. To determine the specific charges in your area, go to .

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You Cant Take It On The Go

The T-Mobile Gateway has a 5,000 mAh battery, which might lead you to believe its designed for mobile use. But unfortunately, Wi-Fi and Ethernet are disabled while using the battery.

Heres what a T-Mobile rep told us: The gateway may be used on battery power during setup to help you find a location with the best signal strength, but it is not designed to support a Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection on battery power only.

It is still much easier to move around than a traditional modem/router combo. If youre going to be working in another room of the house, for example, you can simply unplug the power adapter and take it wherever you need.

If I Move Can I Take My Wifi Gateway With Me


Yes, customers are required to call T-Mobile prior to moving to confirm that their Wifi Gateway will work at their new address. If T-Mobile Home Internet service is available at the new address, you can use it as soon as you move in. If a customer moves without notifying T-Mobile, they may not be eligible for service. Please call 1-844-275-9310 to set up a change of address.

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Where Can You Get T

Whenever we start talking about any ISP, it’s always good to begin by answering the fundamental question: Can I get this service? T-Mobile Home Internet is currently available to over 40 million households in over 40 states. That makes it the most widely available 5G home internet service in the US. By comparison, Verizon’s 5G Home Internet service has rolled out in approximately 900 markets but is available to around 30 million homes. In the meantime, T-Mobile is open to signups in over 600 cities, but more households, many within rural areas.

To explore a complete list of the available cities and towns, refer to this T-Mobile Home Internet PDF.

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